Firstly I would like to thank every single person who reviewed this fiction, especially those who tried to review every chapter. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you. I hope you stick around for my next story!

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I have decided this fiction needs a soundtrack.


— A Harry/Draco Veela fan fiction.


01. SilverchairFreak

Yeah I'm a freak.

If only I could be as cool as you.

Theme tune to Harry's life. He doesn't have a very high opinion of himself, does he?


02. Three Days GraceDrown

Once I had the world and now I got no one

If I needed someone to control me, if I needed some one to hold me down,

I would change my direction and save myself before I drown.

This one is for Draco and his parents. Their fear and regret and anger over having to spend a year living with Voldemort, and then face the trials and questioning at the hands of the Ministry afterwards.


03. Smile Empty SoulWho I Am

No one knows the way I feel

The part of me I have to fight

Buried somewhere deep beneath my skin.

Again, this is for Harry. It's more to do with the fact that Harry has to fight against Voldemort and himself, because Voldemort is a part of him now.


04. NickelbackHero

Someone told me love could all save us,

But how can that be? Look what love gave us.

A world full of killing, and blood spilling,

That will never change, and they save that a hero can save us.

For Harry. Pretty self explanatory.


05. Scouting For GirlsHeartbeat

Doing all I can do just to be close to you.

Every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat.

This one is for how Draco feels about his mate. Then later, how he thought his heart was breaking when Harry 'died'. I think it's a cute song.


06. Ne-YoStop This World

I'm light as a feather tonight, cause I can't feel the ground.

Someone let me down. I've never felt so high as I do now.

It's too good to be true. I don't deserve you.

More romance for Harry and Draco!


07. ParamoreI Caught Myself

Don't know what I want but I know it's not you

Now when I caught myself I had to stop myself

From saying something that I should have never thought of you

I knew – I know in my heart it's not you.

This one is for Harry finally realizing he doesn't want nor love Ginny, despite the fact that she remains delusional for the rest of the fiction.


08. TraptHeadstrong

Back off I'll take you on, headstrong to take on anyone

I know that you are wrong. This is not where you belong.

Harry is pissed off with Voldemort. He already has beaten the Dark Lord, but Voldemort is still ruining his life and it makes Harry angry.


09. Emilie AutumnMisery Loves Company

Do I need you? Yes and no. Do I want you? Maybe so.

You're getting warm, you're getting warm, you're getting warmer.

Did you plan this, all along? Did you care that it was wrong?

Who's getting warmer now that I'm gone?

This is for all of the people who love Harry, when they shouldn't. Because Harry belongs to Draco!


10. Drowning PoolBodies Hit The Floor

Return, what for? Can't take much more.

Nothing wrong with me, nothing wrong with me, nothing wrong with me

Something's got to give, something's got to give, something's got to give

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Battle music for all of the fight scenes… that admittedly could be a lot more detailed.


11. Don WilliamsDesperately

Desperately, loving you desperately.

When you're not here with me I get a little bit crazy.

Again, this is for Harry and Draco, and their disastrous physical relationship. Though sex has nothing to do with the song.


12. Tim McGrawLive Like You Were Dying

I asked him when it sank in if this might really be the real end

And how's it hit you when you get this kind of news

And what'd you do?

He said I went skydiving. I went rocky mountain climbing.

When Harry learns he has to die, he wonders about how much time he really has left to spend with Draco.


13. Alkaline TrioDeathbed

They tried everything but it was no use

They tried everything and everyone but you.

Draco can't resurrect Harry. Harry will wake up in his own time, but they don't know that and can't understand why Draco didn't die with him. The song is about someone who was dumped, and 'died' of heartbreak. Only his ex-girlfriend could bring him back to life.


14. Fiona Apple - If We Kissed

I've never been defenceless I can't even make sense of this. What would happen if we kissed?

Would your tongue slip pass my lips?

This is for Harry and Draco's reunion scene.


If anyone else has a song they think will fit, I'd love to hear from them. Let me know the song, and the scene or chapter the song would go with. It's great to hear other peoples opinions about things. Bye, everybody. Bye, Doctor Nick.