Hurray for a change of world! Okay, this is my first Devil May Cry fic and its definately a Dante/Nero one. I love that pairing. I still like Vergil/Dante but Dante/Nero is something I feel i can enjoy more, if only slightly more.

Hope you like it. xxx

Devil's Lust.

Dante didn't move as he heard the door to his shop crash open, the distinctive smell of rain washing over him sharply before the door was slammed shut.

"You break that and you'll replace it, kid." The half-devil warned.

Nero scowled, his rain-soaked hair sticking to his face as he snapped, "How'd you know it was me?"

"Two words: temper tantrum." Dante smirked, removing the magazine from his face with a disinterested yawn, lowering his legs from the desk and stretching like a cat before giving Nero his full attention, smirk still in place at the younger's indignant glare.

"Fuck you." He spat.

"Whatever floats your boat, but keep your dreams to yourself, kid." Dante baited the younger one, itching for a reaction.

Surprisingly, Nero didn't bite. He just shot Dante another glare before moving to the elder's couch and flopping down on his stomach unceremoniously, a frustrated groan escaping him as he dug his human hand into the couch, keeping Devil Bringer at his side so as not to damage the worn furniture anymore.

Dante raised an eyebrow at the display. Standing from his seat he moved over to the couch, dropping down with only slightly more grace than Nero had used on the couch. With his back against the couch and his head near Nero's so he could better hear the younger demon slayer he tried again. "Seriously, kiddo, why are you so depressed?"

Nero wondered what exactly had possessed him to come to Dante for help. In truth, Dante was probably the only one who could help but that didn't make the prospect of actually asking the elder any less… humiliating.

Turning his head slightly he was surprised to see Dante so close. He hadn't even heard the elder move. He froze for a moment, fascinated by Dante's eyes which bore into his own. They were similar only in colour to his own. Dante's had a fire, a burning passion that glowed from the inside as if allowing a peek at his mind, a passion and ferocity that Nero lacked. He was hot-tempered, he knew that. But it wasn't a passion; it was just a deep-seated anger at everything.

Blushing, he looked away after realizing he still hadn't answered Dante and was instead admiring him… while the other was looking.

"Kyrie kicked me out…" Nero breathed, the pain of being abandoned by the only person he considered family still not quite bearable. Dante's eyes widened, knowing how much that meant to the brat but he didn't say anything, knowing Nero wasn't finished. "I… I-I can't b-blame her for it either…" He choked back the tears of guilt that burnt in his eyes and throat, aching for release but he wouldn't let them. Not in front of Dante. "I-… I n-never m-meant-… it w-was an a-accident!"

Dante frowned, turning to his side so he could better see Nero, whose eyes were clamped shut; he cocked his head to the side. "What was an accident?"

Nero opened his mouth to reply but all that came out was a strangled sob. Firmly shutting his mouth again he turned with his back to the back of the couch and curled on himself. Dante was reminded of a child… of himself as a child… how he would often hide in a similar way in his room after Vergil had been particularly cruel to him. His throat tightened at seeing the proud, brash kid reduced to tears.

Tentatively he knelt over the couch and placed a firm hand on Nero's shoulder, his face solemn and drawn as he gave what awkward reassurance he could. Nero kept his eyes closed as his frame shook with the sobs that would heed no deterrence and escaped him, showing his weakness to the one man he tried so hard to impress. Surprised as he felt Dante's hand on him he gripped hold of it tightly, as if it was his only anchor to the world. Giving the offered hand a sharp tug Dante overbalanced and fell on Nero, the younger holding onto him tightly and pressing his face against Dante's leather clad chest, calming slightly at the familiar scent of the elder half-devil.

More than a little uncomfortable but not quite disliking the situation as much as he knew he should Dante returned the embrace by wrapping his arms around Nero's shoulders and head, cradling the younger man just as firmly, providing what support he could.

"Its okay, Nero." Dante whispered softly. "Devil's can cry too, it's okay to cry."

Barely registering the fact Dante had called him 'Nero' rather than 'kid' Nero felt his exhaustion from traveling all the way from Fortuna to see Dante and then the immense effort of halting his tears catch up with him, his body lacking the energy to cry now that it was okay he just slipped unconscious in the elder's strong arms, his grip falling slack and Dante brushing back the white hair on his brow to smile faintly at the closed eyes.

"Or go to sleep, whatever works for you." Dante braced himself then lifted Nero's limp form into his arms bridal style. Carrying Nero upstairs he tucked the younger into his bed, removing his boots and coat but not going further. He went to leave, taking a last look at the boy in his bed and found himself strangely fond of the sight, the little man so much like himself wrapped up in his bed like an angel Dante had chained down from heaven. His eyes fell on the boy's clawed hand and the 'angel' was wiped from his mind. Nero was angelic to look at but fuck he packed a punch.

Running a hand through his white hair distractedly Dante went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch.


Nero groaned as the light from the window fell onto his face. He had a pounding headache and couldn't remember falling asleep. He was also increasingly aware of the fact that his bed was not this soft. Why wasn't he in his bed?

…oh yes, Kyrie had kicked him out…

Frowning, chasing away his tears with the more pressing matter of identifying where he was he sat up. Looking around he didn't recognize any of it, not the bed, the room… nothing. Then his eyes fell on a haphazardly discarded red coat that he new very well.

"Dante…" Nero murmured, rubbing his face wearily as the memories of the previous night came back to him. He'd come to Dante for help and collapsed in tears like a total girl before he even told Dante what was wrong. "Dante's room…" He added as if to confirm where he was. Dante must have put him there to sleep. It was a double bed and Nero had to check that the other male wasn't in the bed with him because he just wouldn't put it past Dante.

Satisfied he was alone and had spent the night alone he tiredly got up and took off his second jacket, adding it to his coat and shoes which Dante had placed on a chair rather neatly for him. Comfortable in his state of undress he went downstairs.

Looking about the shop front his mouth opened in surprise when he saw Dante lying on the couch, his chest bare, leather shirt lying on the floor, the torso rising and falling with his breaths, his eyes closed and hair a mess. Nero felt his recently uncontrollable libido twinge. Wincing he looked away and nearly jumped out of his skin when a voice cut through the silence.

"It's rude to stare, kid." Nero's head shot round to see Dante watching him, only one eye open. "But in your case, I'll make an exception."

What the hell did that mean? Nero wondered as Dante grudgingly woke himself up and got off the couch, snatching up his leather shirt and tugging it on. Curiously following the elder into the kitchen Nero took the time to properly look around. He'd never been in Dante's shop/home before. In all honesty, Nero felt the place suited Dante. It had a homey charm to it despite its obvious disrepair.

"Cold pizza do?" Dante asked.

Nero raised a quizzical eyebrow. "Huh?"

"For breakfast?'

"Mm? Oh, yeah. Sure."

Dante wordlessly handed Nero a slice of cold pizza and then led them back to the front where the couch and Dante's desk were because Dante didn't have a kitchen table. Dante setting down at the desk with Nero lying out on the couch they ate in an awkward silence. Awkward because Nero knew and was waiting for the inevitable question Dante would ask him and Dante was pondering whether he should ask at all.

But, being the guy he was he didn't ponder for long.

"So… you gonna tell me what's up yet?" Nero winced even though he'd been expecting it.

Swallowing the last of his pizza Nero peered over at Dante, worriedly holding eye contact as he asked, "C-can I trust you?"

Considering the question Dante sighed. "Kid, do I look like Lady?" Nero didn't respond and Dante sighed again. "Yeah, kid, you can trust me." He paused then amended. "You can trust me not to tell anyone else that you don't want me to. You'll have to be more specific about anything else."

Not even expecting that much Nero smiled gratefully at Dante. It was a small smile but it was there and so unexpected Dante felt himself intrigued by it, liking the sight of it.

Taking a shaky breath Nero looked away. "A-after that last battle… when we went our separate ways… I-I told Kyrie how I felt." Dante nodded to encourage Nero but the kid seemed to struggle within himself, unsure to continue. The elder wanted to tell Nero he could tell him in his own time but he was just too damn curious. "W-well, she said she felt the same… so we kinda got together."

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Dante frowned.

"Yeah… but…" Nero buried his hands in his face, careful with his demon hand so he didn't scratch himself. "Dante, something's wrong with me!" He cried out.

Shocked, the demon slayer rose and approached Nero, much like he had the previous night. Nero breathed in deeply, the smell of the couch surrounding him. It smelled like Dante. He wanted to bury himself in that smell; it seemed to calm him for some unknown reason. Dante hunched down and watched Nero carefully, his eyes studying the intricate carvings on the demonic hand covering the right side of the boy's face. "What makes you say that?"

"I tried to… you know, make love to Kyrie." He took another shaky breath. "And the first time it was great but…" He turned to look firmly at Dante. "I hurt her, Dante. Every time after that I only lost control more and more and the more I tried to stop I-I…" Covering his face again he let out a howl of frustration.

"Hey, hey, kid, shush…" Dante's tone was surprisingly patient, his voice low and soft. All that was missing was his hand patting Nero's head but Dante resisted. He doubted the kid would appreciate that. "What do you mean you lost control?"

"My arm… my demonic side… i-it just…" Nero sighed. "When the demons were around I could vent my frustrations and anger out on them, keeping control of my arm. But now… now that they're gone it's taking over whenever I try to have sex with Kyrie." Nero closed his eyes. "She's an innocent, a gentle person. She can't take it when I'm rough like that… I never meant to hurt her." He shuddered. "God, I swore I'd never hurt her and now she hates me."

Dante shook his head. "Kid, the two of you are real close. There's no way she'd hate you for that. She'll forgive you; you just surprised her is all. She just needs to collect herself."

"But how can I ever go back to her like this?!" Nero demanded.

Dante tapped his chin thoughtfully. "You say venting it kept you from losing control, right?" Nero nodded. "Then let's get you to vent."

"And how do we- mffmm?!" The rest of Nero's words were swallowed by Dante as he gripped the front of the younger man's top and forcefully pulled him into a harsh and not at all gentle kiss.

It was invasive, demanding, hot and passionate. Everything sinful and beautiful at once and it made Nero's eyes widen with shock, longing, lust and need, his demonic hand latching onto Dante's arm and digging deep tracks where the claws were, his human hand fisting the elder's hair as Dante lifted onto the couch and over Nero, both hands slipping under the offensive top.

Tearing their lips apart Nero arched his back off the soft, worn cushions as Dante began to harshly rub at his nipples, circling them and then painfully tugging at them until Nero couldn't help the needy breaths and wanton moaning, grinding his crotch against Dante's urgently. "Ngh… D-Dante! I-I…" Dante silenced him with another breathtaking kiss, rocking against him heavily, their leather trousers becoming painfully tight.

"I promise I won't hurt you, kid." Dante promised placing a light kiss on Nero's brow before skillfully removing Nero's pants before the younger could even argue. "Mm, commando… I like it." Dante grinned wolfishly down at Nero's thoroughly flushed and panting form, his lower half bare for him to see. Lifting Nero up slightly he divested the last article of clothing, Nero's top, to the floor and returned his full attention to Nero's aching member.

Swollen and leaking it stood demandingly upwards; Nero's slight bucking of his hips indicating he wanted Dante to touch him. Obligingly, Dante ran a cursory finger over the tip, playing with the slit and smearing the precum over his fingers before bringing them to his lips, making sure Nero was watching as he drew them into his own mouth, tasting Nero on his tongue and moaning freely. Nero blushed instantly, writhing at the erotic sight and feeling dirty for enjoying it but at the same time loving that feeling. Dante was a half-devil; it was only right that sex with him felt delightfully sinful and consuming.

Sex… with Dante…

Nero didn't have time to ponder the sudden realization of what he had been swept up into as Dante dove down and swallowed Nero in on go, his nose nuzzling the younger's hair at the base of his length and a hand massaging Nero's balls firmly.

Throwing back his head and screaming out his delight Nero clutched at Dante's shoulder with his clawed hand, creating more marks that bled freely while his other hand wound its way into Dante's hair again, thrusting lightly into the willing mouth and loving the way Dante's moans vibrated around him and made him scream again.

Having successfully distracted Nero, Dante brought his free hand, the one he had licked clean, and began to tease at Nero's entrance.

Being unpracticed in this particular act of sex Nero found the sensation weird but not entirely unpleasant. As Dante deep-throated him again he felt the wandering finger slip past his tight ring of muscles and bury itself deep within him. It hurt at first and he cried out, Dante instantly freezing the finger's movements but sucking hard on the flesh still in his mouth. Eventually the initial pain dulled and it just felt strange.

Rotating his hips slightly he felt Dante begin to move within him again, the finger wriggling about, stretching and searching for-

"AHHHHHH!! AHHHHH!" Nero bucked violently, thrusting into Dante's mouth and slamming down on Dante's finger as he felt the finger press roughly against a tight bundle of nerves within him. And as if hitting a switch Nero's arm began to glow fiercely as if alight, his claws becoming extra sharp and slashing across Dante's shoulder.

Releasing Nero from his mouth he heard Nero growl ferally at the loss, his clawed hand trying to wrestle him back down before Dante caught it and pinned it back, more than a little aroused by the unabashed lust shining in Nero's eyes, a sure sign the kid had lost control completely.

"Easy, kid, I ain't done yet. I just want you to chill out a moment." Dante looked down at his shoulder where blood was running freely down and the already healed marks Nero had made on his arm when they first kissed. "Heh, I can see why Kyrie kicked you out if you did this to her. Lucky for me I can heal fast… plus," Dante licked over Nero's lips before ravishing it harshly, bruising Nero's lips and nipping him sharply. "I like the pain."

Taking that as an invitation Nero wriggled his devil arm free from Dante who let him go easily and ran his claws down Dante's back, carving out five deep welts that coated his fingers in red and painted Dante a similar colour. Hissing and moaning lowly Dante ducked downwards and captured Nero's mouth again. Beginning again Dante slipped his finger back into Nero gently adding a second and scissoring them as he rubbed Nero's slicked member against his leather covered stomach.

"D-Dante…" Nero panted as he felt his ass assaulted by Dante's merciless fingers, teasingly running over that one spot and giving him a taste before drawing out again. "T-too m-much clothing… off, now!" Nero's voice was low, influenced by his demon side but it was still him beneath the lack of sensible thought.

Licking at Nero's nipple while fondling the other with his free hand Dante smirked. "You want 'em off? You take 'em off yourself." He ordered.

Too far gone to argue Nero began to tug and pull at Dante's clothing, practically tearing off- no, wait. He did. Dante rolled his eyes at Nero's impatience as his shirt became tatters that were thrown aside. Blue eyes alight with hunger Nero feasted on Dante's sculpted body, his broad shoulders and well muscled body, completely unmarked and unblemished and utterly beautiful.

Another finger was added to his ass and Nero hissed at the extra intrusion at first before feeling the familiar pleasure sing through him and actually enjoying the feeling of Dante stretching him so thoroughly.

Running his hands over Dante's chest and massaging the elder's nipples, relishing the soft gasps he wrung from the half-devil, Nero began to nip and lick at Dante's neck.

"Heh, I think you're ready, kid." Dante grunted, pulling his fingers out and grinning at the petulant outcry of loss as Nero scowled at him. "Don't worry; I got something much bigger and much better…"

Nero glanced down between them as he heard Dante unzip his leather pants, freeing himself from the confines of his trousers and Nero found it arousing to see Dante wasn't wearing underwear either. His erection leapt free from the constrictive material and jutted upwards at an impressive size. The skin tight and hard, purplish where little veins bulged with an aching need to release and all Nero could think was 'oh my god'.

His human side was terrified at the prospect of having something that big, much bigger than a couple of fingers, jammed up his ass while his demonic side was ready to cum at the mere thought of it.

Hearing no objections as Nero's demonic side was in control Dante lifted Nero's legs up and over his shoulders, positioning himself and leaning down to capture Nero's swollen lips in another kiss as he thrust forwards surprisingly fast, ramming himself deeply into Nero, past his entrance and farther up than his fingers had reached, slamming straight into Nero's prostate and staying there, pressed against it, for a good while before Dante drew back.

Instantly Nero wrenched away from kiss to shriek loudly at the ceiling, Dante latching onto Nero's throat instead, determined to mark him. The claw found its way to Dante's back again, making a game of keeping up with Dante's regeneration as it sliced and tore away at the elder. Groaning at the pain from his back and the pleasure from the tight, clamping heat of Nero's ass around his member Dante shuddered and drew out forcefully; thrusting back in once only the tip was left so that Nero didn't even get a chance to miss him.

"S-so h-hot! D-Dante!" Nero panted, his open mouth finding its way to Dante's shoulder and biting down so hard he pierced the skin, the coppery tang of blood staining his mouth until he had to pull away at another sharp attack on his prostate. "I c-can't- D-Dante! H-harder! M-more!"

Obediently, Dante gripped his hand at the bend of Nero's knee and pulled the younger's legs further apart, delighting at the larger depth he could reach, savoring the friction he hadn't felt in a long time as he pounded into Nero relentlessly, his breath coming short as he went, Nero's pleas and cries for release like music to his rhythm as he took hold of Nero's aching member in his free hand and squeezed it roughly, tugging it to the side and playing with the tip as he matched the speed of his hand to the speed with which he struck Nero's prostate.

It wasn't long before Nero through back his head, claw firmly embedded in Dante's back and bite mark he'd been renewing dripping blood as he screamed out. "Dante! I-I'm gonna- AHHHHHH!"

As Nero's warning rang in his ears he felt the hot liquid explode between them, spraying them in white ribbons as Nero came over Dante's hand, their stomachs and some even reaching their faces as Nero had the hardest orgasm of his life. Dante cried out as he felt Nero's inner walls clamp down around him, restricting all movement and determined to make him come too.

The sensation too much, too hot and with Nero's lips on his he came inside the younger male, the kid's name escaping his lips as he shouted out and collapsed on top of Nero in a limp heap, not even acknowledging the cum splattered between them beginning to dry.

The only sound in the shop in the late morning was their heavy breathing as they both tried to calm themselves down, Nero's arm returning to it usual light glow and Dante's large map of welts and claw marks knitting together as if they were never there. The only mark on either of them was the rather large hickey Dante had managed to put on Nero's neck, purple and in the shape of his teeth. Dante licked it fondly. Rolling off the kid and slipping out of Nero's ass as he was no doubt getting uncomfortable with it still in Dante was surprised when, as he lay squished by Nero on the couch, he heard the younger one moan at the loss.

Dante raised an eyebrow. Now that was most definitely not devil lust.


"Ngh… say my name again, please…"

Dante grinned. "You want another go already?"

Nero cracked one blue eye open and shrugged. "A lot of suppressed lust, I guess."

"And here I thought you actually liked me." Dante snorted.

"That too." Nero rolled on top of Dante and gave him a slow, sensual kiss that meant something both were surprised that they could convey as Dante kissed back, equally as soft and gentle as he idly threaded his hands through Nero's white hair.

"Nero…" Dante breathed as they parted, his breath tickling Nero and teasing him into giving Dante another peck. "Heh, how are you going to go back to Kyrie after this?" He didn't want to make Nero think about Kyrie so soon after their… sex? Fucking? Love making? The latter was too frightening to call it that but the others didn't fit either. Either way, Dante just wanted Nero to realize what he had done and run away before he kissed him like that again. It was just a little too loving for Dante to be comfortable with, not when he knew Nero had someone else.

"I'm not. She kicked me out and I think we all know that this… lust," Nero looked at his devil arm with a shrug, "It's not a one time thing. And I can't do that with her so it's unlikely I'll be going back to her. She can come and find me if she wants but I won't have sex with her when I know she can't handle the pain."

"So…" Dante frowned. "What does that mean… for me?"

Nero leant down and traced an unseen pattern on Dante's chest. "It means, I'm asking to live with you. Help you go on missions, save your ass from demons, Lady and Trish…" He kissed Dante's collarbone and nipped the skin lightly. "… maybe continue this…"

Dante raised an eyebrow. "You're that sure you want me to fuck you every night?"

"If you think you can handle it, old man." Nero challenged.

"Bring it, kid."

Nero laughed and kissed Dante softly. "Either way, all it means now is that you're going to wake your lazy ass up, pop a Viagra and fuck me again."

Dante glowered. "I do NOT need a Viagra."

Nero lapped like a kitten drinking milk at Dante's nipples, swapping between them, for a moment before feeling Dante's erection pressing into his stomach. "So I see…" Nero grinned and ripped the obstructive pants from Dante's legs and blew cold air onto the quickly reviving length, making the elder shiver and hiss.

"Got a plan their, kid?" Dante inquired as Nero seemed to be thinking something over.

Nero shot him a daring look and then bent down and began to coat Dante's length in saliva, lapping at the cum still on it and moaning at the taste. Arching into the wet warmth of Nero's tongue Dante moaned and gasped as he felt Nero cover ever inch of his now standing to attention cock. Nero moaned onto the flesh as he felt his back stretch and loosen his entrance enough so that Dante's cum began to drip out, still hot and wet it slithered down his thighs making him so hard it hurt.

Removing his mouth Nero met Dante's gaze as the other looked down curiously, holding the intense blue eyes to his own as he crouched over Dante, crawling up slightly, just hovering over Dante's length and letting it brush against his still dripping ass.

"Watch me, Dante." Nero murmured, resisting from slamming down just yet. "I want you to watch me ride you."

"Ah! I h-had no idea you w-were this horny…" Dante grinned between desperate pants.

Nero said nothing but through back his neck as he pushed down, groaning as he felt Dante's head slide into him. His cock gave an involuntary twitch and a small spurt of cum that Dante collected on his fingers and cleaned away with his tongue, loving the delicious look of arousal on his friend's face. Dante didn't want Nero to lose control again, he preferred to be sure Nero was conscious of what he was doing as this was proving too good, but he wanted to see how far he could push him.

"Come on then," Dante rotated his hips and thrust slightly into that consuming heat surrounding his member again, barely restraining from just holding Nero down and pounding into him. "Ride me."

Meeting the challenge Nero braced his legs and rose up, whimpering at the loss and strength it took to relinquish that feeling of wholeness, before simply buckling his legs and feeling Dante slide right back again, his balls smacking into Nero's ass as the younger just caught himself from winding Dante. Both arched and cried out at the intense pressure that one movement created, Dante's large hands grabbing hold of Nero's hips to steady the shaking boy as Nero shakily overcame the intense pleasure wave that had nearly knocked him unconscious to rise again and slam back down.

Releasing one hand from Nero's hip he spread his palm so his thumb and middle finger were pressed against Nero's nipples before rubbing them roughly, tugging at each one in turn and twisting them lightly to make Nero cry out and beg for him to do more, his other hand tracing a light pattern up the small of the younger's arched back before returning them both to Nero's hips as things got too heated, Nero's pace maddeningly slow and sensual, enough to make Dante nearly lose control.

With Dante's hands helping and encouraging him, giving him a pace to work to, Nero began to ride in earnest, Dante's length slipping in and out of him fast and hard. Both of them panting and moaning at the intense heat and pressure swelling within them. Nero almost faltered as he felt the feeling pool in his stomach, coiling like a snake as he whimpered and bit his lips painfully but Dante wouldn't let him drop the rhythm and just like he'd always been there to save Nero's ass from death or failure he was here again to ensure Nero was screaming as he came for a second time that night, the ribbons splashing between them again, mapping a second path of pleasure over their stomachs atop the dried cum. "AH Dante! D-Dante! Ngh…" Clenching around Dante, wriggling as he desperately ground down onto the elder, determined to make Dante cum again.

Feeling his cock twitch deep within Nero at the utterly pornographic look the kid bore as he came again all over them he was ready to join him when he saw Nero fix him with a needy look, his ass milking him again as he was all but crushed in Nero's hold.

"NERO!" Dante roared, his hands digging painfully into Nero's hips, sure to leave bruises to match the hickey he'd given the kid Dante felt himself be wrenched into oblivion and bliss, his length exploding into Nero and making the younger shudder and collapse in his over sensitized state, his eyes shutting as he fell asleep instantly from exhaustion.

Taking deep shuddering breaths Dante forced himself to calm down, feeling Nero slumped over him with his now softened member slipping from Nero's ass, a satisfying trail of cum following it and running down Nero's thighs and onto Dante. Knowing full well the both of them couldn't sleep comfortably on the couch Dante forced himself again but this time into coordinating his shaky limbs enough to stand and lift Nero into his arms bridal style, much like the previous night only this time they were both as naked as the day they were born and Dante bore a gentle, proud smirk and Nero looked thoroughly fucked.

Easing Nero into bed Dante debated with himself for a moment before slipping in beside him, pulling the younger firmly against him, their legs entangled and their hips touching in what was surprisingly intimate in a loving way rather than a sexual way. Worrying his lip Dante considered removing himself from the warmth and comfort the kid offered to return to what he was sure of which was downstairs in the form of a slice of pizza, a beer and a random magazine. Then he felt Nero curl an arm around his waist, tugging Dante even closer, and the other hand resting over his heart as he sought out Dante's strong heartbeat, his head lying forehead pressed against Dante's collarbone. That made Dante freeze, all thought of leaving the bed or even the room just evaporating from his mind as he settled down, not even really that tired, and watched Nero sleep.

Bruised and swollen lips parted slightly and the soft sound of Nero breathing the only sound at all Dante ran a hand through the kid's hair, gently massaging his temples as he fussed over him, loving the little responses he got of Nero leaning into his touch and nuzzling under his neck. Utterly at peace with the serenity Nero gave off Dante allowed himself to nap lightly before succumbing to a self-indulgent sleep.


Dante wasn't surprised when he woke up the next day to find Nero gone. In truth, it would have been strange if the kid had stayed the whole night.

Sighing, strangely depressed and unsure of what to do with himself, Dante went to the bathroom and found the shower still warm and wet as he cleaned himself of their activities, almost sad to see the cum Nero had painted him with washed away, his body bearing no other marks. Figuring Nero mustn't have left that long ago and must have taken a shower before leaving the half-devil shrugged. The kid probably figured it wouldn't do to return to Kyrie covered in cum both his own and someone else's.

Yeah, he knew Nero had said he wasn't going back and wanted to stay with Dante but that was all pillow talk, something Nero said to get another fuck. That thought didn't make him feel as bitter and angry as it should have, just… sad.

Pulling on another pair of leather trousers, seeing as his other pair were still downstairs thrown halfway across the room, Dante made his ways to the ground floor. Straight into the kitchen he had half-finished his slice of cold pizza before he noticed a little note addressed to him sitting atop the fridge.

Curious, he opened it.


I left this on the fridge rather than anywhere else because I'm pretty certain you won't miss it if I put it near pizza.

Anyway, if you're wondering why I wasn't there when you woke up its not because I've gone back to Kyrie. I promised you I wouldn't and I want to stay with you anyway… if you'll have me. I just need to figure some things out, last night was… amazing but it made me wonder about some things I just want to be away from everything I know and am familiar with for a little while so I can figure it all out.

I've not abandoned you, I've not decided I still want Kyrie after you went through all that trouble to sate my lust and I'm not staying away forever.

See you soon.


"Well… fuck me." Dante mused, swallowing the last of his pizza and tucking the letter into his pocket not willing to throw it away but not wanting it to appear that it held any significant value to it.

Dante walked over to his desk and sat down, musing about how he probably needed to figure out how he felt about Nero too. Not one to tie himself down Dante was loathe to admit the thought of losing Nero had made him panic more than he was comfortable with. About to follow that train of thought his eyes fell on the couch and, while his libido entertained the erotic memories of the previous night, Dante saw that the couch probably wouldn't be usable again.

Claw marks where Nero had reached a particular state of lost control had sliced the couch across the cushions and over the arms, stuffing leaking out and onto the floor. Dried cum stained the material still holding over the seats and it wasn't hard to figure out that it was cum, there'd be no hiding that from Lady and Trish. Sighing almost fondly Dante figured that he'd probably have plenty of time to think while he disposed of the couch, despite the urge to frame it and preserve it and name it 'Dante and Nero's first night'… perhaps even sell it to an art gallery?

Snickering to himself Dante hefted his sword from his arsenal and approached the unsuspecting piece of furniture.

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