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Devil's Lust 2

Tapping his hands lightly off the rickety desk Dante glanced at the clock. He didn't really know what he was waiting for but he knew he was waiting for something. It was around six o'clock and Dante was getting impatient.

During the mission he'd had that morning, a few stray demons appearing near some warehouse or whatever, Dante didn't really pay much attention just chopped up what he was told to, took the money and left, anyway, during the mission he'd hurried everything, not even paying attention to what he was paid or the things that tended to wander into the path of his motorcycle on his return. He'd almost killed a few animals, one cyclist and a hooker with his distracted nature and it was all due to the itching need to be at the shop just… sitting there… waiting.

"GAH!" Frustration and sexual tension getting the better of him he kicked the desk hard, slamming it across the room and into the wall opposite where it groaned and cracked in two. Slumped in his chair he stared at it with a numb sort of detachment. All it meant was more item of furniture he'd need to get. Or not…

Fixing the desk was better than doing nothing.

Getting up with a sigh he shuffled off to a cupboard where he'd put all sorts of things he'd accumulated over the years, not really keeping track but remembering vaguely that he had a hammer and a few nails in there somewhere. Retrieving them he went to the desk, deftly assembling it in the way he knew it should look and began to gently tap nails into the cracked wood, making the desk look like it had terrifying metal stitches from a crazed doctor up the split through the middle.

And suddenly, before he even had the final nail the full way in he felt all the sexual tension that had built up within him over the month Nero had left shot through every nerve in his body with one word. "Hey."

His head shooting up he turned on his hunched feet and stared at his seat in which sat a very tired looking Nero, his hair messed up and his cheeks flushed. Dante just stared. The object of his fevered dreams sat so calmly, if a little weary, in his chair was making the aroused flesh in his leather trousers twitch with want.

"Dante?" Nero raised an eyebrow.

Dante grunted and shifted from foot to foot. "Nero…"

The younger snorted. "And here, after all this time and everything we've done, I thought I'd get a little warmer a welcome." He rose from his seat with all the grace of a panther, practically stalking up to Dante, hips swaying seductively and mouth parted, lips plump to tempt. "Hell, I even got a 'hello' before we even… heh, what would you call what we did Dante?"

Dante stared, what would he call it?

Did he really have to talk? All he wanted was to snatch up that hair in his hands and devour that mouth, make Nero crumble beneath him again-

-and with a low cry of desire and a knowing wetness in his pants Dante filled his pants with cum and toppled out of his seat with a dull thud.

"Fuck." Dante growled, rubbing his head and shifting uncomfortably in his wet pants. About to get up Dante just let himself flop back down, too exhausted and sexual frustrated to actually care that he was swimming in his own essence.

"Hell, if I'd known you'd miss me this much I'd have come home sooner." Dante grunted as that damn voice attacked his overly horny body and he glanced up to see what appeared to be Nero watching him. "I came in to find you on the floor, out cold. I put you in the chair and then you have one hell of a fantasy about me."

"A-and how d-do you know it was you?" Dante snapped, desperately trying to retain some dignity as he caught his breath and struggled back into the chair, his face twisting into one of disgust as he felt his trousers chaff wetly against him.

"Heh, because you kept saying my name." Nero folded his arms smugly then bent at his waist so his face was close to Dante's. "And then you came in your pants."

Scowling at what he assumed was just another apparition the elder got up from his seat, proud to boast only a brief shaking in his knees, and made his way upstairs. The ignored Nero raised an eyebrow before following curiously. Entering the bedroom Nero found Dante throwing his soiled pants to the floor, a fresh pair snugly about his hips.


Whirling about the demon slayer took a firm step towards the smaller male and glared. "Are you real? Cos, so fucking god help you if you're not!" He demanded with a growl.

Nero stared for a moment before successfully suppressing a laugh. Bravely, he stepped closer until they were only an inch apart, breath mingling, and whispered. "I'm real. Go on, touch me, I promise I won't disappear."

His eyes widened at the promise and Dante's hand nearly shook as he reached out, fingers limp with anticipation, and gently cupped the side of Nero's face, a sigh of relief shakily passing from his lips as Nero leant into the touch and he felt the solidity and warmth of the skin beneath his touch. Resting his forehead against the other's he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, just drinking in being close to the one person he'd craved for nearly a month.

"Heh, guess I should explain-" Nero began but he was cut off when Dante shook his head.

"Not now. I just want to touch you and kiss you and fuck you. I just want… I want you. Now. On the floor, against the wall, on the bed, hell, even in the fucking shower. I don't care." The turmoil within him was boiling to a crescendo but he couldn't think about it, he'd refused to think about it ever since Nero had left. He'd meant to… but it was so confusing and he had no one to help him so he'd just pushed it aside but now, with Nero so close, there was no stopping the torrent of feelings swelling beneath his chest.

Nero blushed hotly. "D-Dante…" He really wanted to talk to Dante about a few things but that offer… was just too damn appealing. Especially seeing as how he figured he probably felt as sexually frustrated as Dante did… though he would never admit it. "You're r-really horny."

"You don't know the half of it…" Deciding that those were enough words for now Dante shot forwards and rushed Nero against the door of the bedroom, slamming the smaller against it none too gently. Nero groaned but the sound was swallowed as Dante crushed their lips together in a meshing of lips, teeth and tongue, saliva dripping down their chins within minutes as the kiss became more violent and rough, both biting at each other so harshly it was purely animalistic.

"Ng… Dante…" Nero moaned as they pulled apart, gasping heavily and Dante nearly let the other go as they both wavered in place, Nero leaning completely on the elder as his legs had given out.

The gasped noises going straight to his groin Dante only gave a soft, gentle lick in complete antithesis to the kiss before and then threw them both onto the bed, Nero first with Dante landing over him, hands braced by the younger's head.

"I've never known you this… determined." Nero managed to say, despite the adorable blush streaking across his face and making his breath quicken in anticipation.

Realizing the only way to make Nero shut up was to make him realize how much Dante needed this, the elder fixed Nero with a disapproving sigh and looked off to the side. "I… I haven't… I haven't been to any bars lately." Nero looked confused by the statement and Dante growled; embarrassed he was going to be forced into saying what he meant. "Which means I haven't been picking up any women…" Another blank look. "Dammit, Nero! I haven't had sex in over a month!" Nero stared at him in shock. "I… I haven't been… I haven't been able to…"

"What do you mean?" Dante's current behavior meant he wasn't lacking in any sexual drive and if the large, stiff length poking into his thigh was anything to go by the half-devil certainly hadn't managed to become impotent in their time apart, so…?

"I don't want them. I don't want anyone else." I want you. The last part might not have been uttered but it hung in the air thickly and made Nero gasp in wonder.

Taking the hint, Nero obediently shut up and latched his mouth back onto Dante's as the elder began to tear away at his jacket and shirt until they were thrown so hard away that they smacked off the far wall. Bed springs creaking beneath them Nero did the same for Dante and removed the demon slayer's shirt, running his hands over the muscles that flexed and trembled beneath his touch, following the path he'd memorized so many, too many, nights before.

Keeping his mouth busy Nero's mind was spinning as Dante ravaged his lips until he was a panting mess but he couldn't stop the whirlwind of questions and feelings that Dante's confession had set free. Did the fact the Dante couldn't or wouldn't have sex with anyone else mean what Nero hoped it meant? He was quickly distracted. "Ng… do that again…" He panted and Dante nipped his nipple sharply making Nero gasp and moan.

Fighting within himself Dante sighed at his own unrestraint and bowed his head to Nero's shoulder, his breath tickling the younger's ear and making him shiver as the elder said, " I c-can't… Nero, I can't hold back…" He closed his eyes with the effort it was taking just to keep himself still.

Nero frowned with concern but understood. Hearing the unsaid warning in the half-devil's words he realized Dante knew he would hurt him if they continued as they were, his pent up lust not willing to allow them to take things slow. In truth, Nero felt similarly but he could exercise some restraint to avoid himself pain. Bucking upwards, their crotches inadvertently connecting and making Dante howl with want, Nero hissed and toppled them over, the younger sitting atop Dante's hips.

Wasting no time Nero deftly snatched up Dante's shirt which hadn't made the journey across the room and tied it firmly around Dante's wrists and a bedpost.

"There. Now… where we we?" Nero teased, running a light claw down Dante's bared chest and grinning at the way the elder arched upwards, his mouth open in a silent groan as all that escaped him were breathy gasps.

Inching his way downwards, not being subtle with the way he sinfully rubbed his body against Dante's, nipping on a nipple as he passed it, until he was at the waist of the half-devil's leather pants. Seeing the offensive material straining to retain Dante's aching length Nero removed them and let out a heavy breath of hot air onto the flesh.

Almost lost to the world Dante watched Nero with an intense, perverse fascination as he was laid bare before his small lover. With a promising look he murmured, "You suck that and I'm gonna cum over your face before you get halfway down."

Nero grinned. "That bad, huh?"

"That bad."

Contemplating doing it anyway, the thought of having Dante's cum dripping off his face making him want to moan, Nero stopped himself with the want of seeking his own release as well. Tugging off his own trousers Nero knelt over Dante, only one hand supporting himself as he reached down and back, his own finger teasing his entrance.

"Ah! Y-you m-might want t-to look a-way…Ng!" Nero groaned as the finger began to wriggle within him and he sought out the one spot he hadn't been aware of until Dante had stormed it before.

Dante considered the probably wise advice before snarling, "Not on your life." It was just too arousing to see Nero finger fuck himself.

Pulling on the restraints he knew he could probably get out of no problem but allowed to hold him back, Dante peered over Nero's bowed head to see Nero slide another finger inside himself. Dante's breath caught in his throat and he made a strangled sound as the digits scizzored and pumped in and out of the tight passage Dante wanted so badly. Nero's labored breaths and mewls of pleasure being murmured against his chest and pounding heart Dante could feel his cock twitch violently.

It felt like an eternity before Nero finally sat back, his entrance stretched enough, and locked gazes with Dante. His cheeks flushed, breath short, his blue eyes glazed and Dante wanted so badly just to cum and rid himself of the painful ache at his loins that just intensified at the fuckable look Nero bore.

"Now, Nero…" Dante half growled, half moaned as Nero crouched over him. Bucking upwards he felt his leaking member brush against Nero's backside and they both cried out.

Desperate to just let himself drop like he had before Nero just stopped himself and managed to ease himself downwards, feeling every inch slide into him with great detail until he felt Dante's balls against his ass. Writhing in pure agony and bliss Dante felt Nero shudder around him and rise up only to slide back down with a piercing cry of pleasure.

There was a roar of demonic possession from Dante and Nero felt himself filled already, the sound of Dante's restraint tearing and two rough hands clamping onto his hips and Nero groaned, rolling his hips, surprised to find Dante not even softened slightly after his orgasm. The afterglow seizing him but barely affecting him Dante ferally wrenched Nero off him, through him onto the bed, roughly tugged the younger's hips into the air and was in him again within seconds. Nero cried out and clenched at the bed sheets, his demonic hand tearing into them easily, as Dante began to pound away into him, not missing one thrust at his prostate until Nero's arms could no longer hold himself upright and he collapsed to the bed in a screaming heap.

Nero didn't know how he should react, it felt amazing, Dante slamming in and out of him with the force of a jackhammer but at the same time it frightened him. Dante wasn't being overly rough but by the demonic grunts and snarls he was admitting Nero guessed the elder was shockingly close to losing it and going into full devil mode. That thought scared him but when Dante's sounds softened slightly and the hands at his hips remained human he relaxed into the pleasure Dante was giving him.

Hearing the screams Dante almost forced himself to stop until he heard Nero begging for more, the trembling form beneath him shaking with pleasure and slamming back against him in time with each thrust.

He reached round and gave Nero a harsh tug, pressing his thumb into the leaking slit atop the younger's member and smearing the clear fluid around the throbbing length and running his fingers teasingly over the pulsating vein down the side. Nero sat up abruptly and threw his arms over his shoulders, digging the clawed hand into Dante's back while the other ran harsh circles that tugged at Dante's pearly white hair as the younger arched into the elder's touch, thrusting forward into the hand while slamming back onto Dante's member and seeing white.

Not really caring about the position change Dante just pounded harder, practical bending Nero in two with the force he drove into the younger, their hips propelling forward but Nero's top half staying firmly pressed against him. Making use of the close proximity of the other Dante nudged Nero's chin with his nose until the kid turned and the half-devil dominated him in another way with a kiss that left him breathless, their tongues rubbing erotically against each other and Dante occasionally feeling the need to nip and suck on Nero's lower lip.

"Ng!" Wrenching his head to the left and exposing the creamy skin on his neck to Dante's claiming tongue as he felt the heat pooling in his stomach, the now familiar sensation of his release finally spreading through him as he felt Dante sink his teeth into his neck.

Hissing as Dante lapped up the coppery liquid he screamed the other's name, Dante giving a particularly harsh thrust to his prostate and white light exploding behind his eyes as he was thrown over the metaphorical cliff of orgasm into boneless bliss in which he clenched around Dante, pulling the elder over with him as hot seed exploded into the younger's passage and over the bed sheets. Falling forwards Nero found himself comfortably sandwiched between a heavily panting Dante and torn, soiled bed sheets.

It may not have been particularly conducive to breathing nor very pleasant with his seed sticking to his stomach but Nero wouldn't have had it any other way.

Feeling Dante shakily begin to raise himself up Nero whined and knocked the wavering support of the demon slayer's arms out from under him, the elder falling onto him again heavily. He grunted but recovered quickly. "Not yet… don't move, not yet." Nero begged, flexing his inner walls around Dante's finally softened member, his lust sated for now.

Dante raised an eyebrow. "Isn't it uncomfortable?"

Nero sighed contently as the elder's arms snaked around him possessively. "Not terribly. It's just knowing that it's you… just a little longer."

Relenting and allowing Nero the small request Dante settled down as gently as he could without crushing Nero underneath his heavier weight, besides, it wasn't as if having Nero's tight heat around him longer was such a terrible thing.

They fell asleep for a while, Dante's slumber pleasantly dreamless with the object of his desires safely locked in his hold and no longer teasing and taunting him in raunchy sex dreams Dante had the first decent night's sleep he'd had in a long time. Nero hadn't slept more than naps in the month he'd been away and so he was reveling in the warmth and security being pressed under Dante's strong body gave him, his dreams undisturbed by images of losing Dante or the half-devil growing tired of him and throwing him aside just as Kyrie had done.

It was sometime around night before the two not-quite-human-but-not-quite-devil beings awoke to reality again. As Dante rolled off Nero the younger couldn't hold back the whimper as he was freed both from Dante's weight and from the presence in his ass. It made him feel cold, as if he wasn't quite whole anymore. Sensing Nero's discomfort Dante pulled the other tightly against him, practically molding Nero to his own body, happily surprised to find that their bodies fit together like symmetrical pieces of the same puzzle. Warm, content and finally at peace with themselves and their surroundings they didn't fall back asleep again but simply soaked up being near another person of so similar a state that they felt like they could understand each other.

Dante could take Nero's strange mood swings and his bipolar attitudes, including his temper, and Nero could adapt and handle the strength and power Dante possessed but wasn't completely sure how to control. They were still learning and they knew they could learn together.

Deciding it was time Nero fessed up to why he'd just up and left a month ago, leaving Dante with only a quickly scrawled note as to why he'd left, Nero took a reassuring breath and began levering himself up on one elbow, looking at Dante closely. His eyes trailed over the perfectly chiseled features that one couldn't call angelic because they weren't frighteningly beautiful but they were dark and rugged, rough and realistic, beautiful in their own right and none to compare with. Even the slight stubble from lack of shaving that sprinkled Dante's firm jaw with white fuzz.

Giving into temptation Nero lazily wriggled an arm free and traced patterns in the hair, loving the slight ticklish feeling the coarse hair gave the pads of his fingers as he went. Cracking open an eye Dante smirked at the almost child-like fascinated look Nero wore. "What?"

"…Even you're stubble is white." Nero explained by way of his curiosity.

Dante laughed. "By now you should know all my body hair is white." Nero blushed and looked away. "Heh, don't tell my you're still embarrassed, kid. After the way you behave in the sack you can't blush now!"

Nero punched him lightly. Well, lightly for a demon. Regardless, it just made Dante laugh. "Don't laugh you jerk! I can do it no problem but I can't talk about it!"

Raising a challenging eyebrow, Dante's smirk widened. "Really?" He all but purred. "Well then, I'm just going to have to talk about it, aren't I?"

"Wha- no! Why?!" Nero protested loudly, but Dante overrode him.

"The only way you overcome things is by repeating them, kid." Rolling them over so Dante was hovering over Nero he leered down at the younger. "I love it when you kiss me, you're little tongue rubs against mine just so perfectly and you're fingers run all over my skin like fire-"

Nero blushed hotly. "Dante, stop!"

"-and when I touch your nipples your back bends upwards and you get this utterly sexy look on your face, you eyes are wide open like your mouth and you gasp so harshly, panting like a teenager as I touch your cock-"

"Dante! Shut up, you're being a complete pervert!" Nero demanded, his face completely red now.

"-and, god, when I slide into you, you moan so loudly and thrust back, your skin practically burning beneath my touch and your ass is so tight and hot it just makes me wanna cum there and then-"

"Shut the fuck up, Dante!" Nero was so flustered and embarrassed he thought he was gonna die.

And still, Dante persisted. "-then when you orgasm you scream, sometimes my name, and that scream makes me want to orgasm ten times over just to do justice to what it makes me feel inside. Did I ever tell you, you taste heavenly?" Dante grinned as he finished.

Scratch feeling like he was gonna die, Nero honestly wished he could as Dante pressed a light kiss to his forehead. "D-Dante! You're a fucking pervert!!" Sitting up, forcing Dante up as well, Nero thumped his chest repeatedly as he tried to rid himself of the humiliating blush. "Dammit, Dante! After all this time you just fuck me, repeatedly, embarrass me by recounting what we did in detail and don't even fucking ask where I've been!!

"Heh, calm down, kid." Dante caught Nero's last punch, from his clawed hand, and brought it to his lips and pressed a kiss to the rough skin, the blue light it emanated illuminating his face briefly, and calming Nero instantly. "I was going to leave all the serious talking for tomorrow but seeing as you're so determined to have that conversation now I guess I'll let you tell me, if you're sure you want to tell me now."

Nero sighed tiredly, drained at the prospect of finally telling Dante exactly how he felt and facing up to the fearful possibility of being rejected for his feelings, that particular outcome had plagued his dreams and made what had originally been a week into a month. "I… I'm afraid of telling you everything that I worked out in my head… but at the same time… I want to know. Now."

"Know what?" Dante asked curiously, distractedly tucking a few stray strands of Nero's hair out of the younger's face so he could better see intense blue gaze that never seemed to lessen in strength and that he'd come to miss in their separation.

Nero forced his eyes upwards and locked them on Dante's. "If… if you feel the s-same?"

The words were said and there was no taking them back. Dante froze, the question he'd put off answering to himself voiced by the one person he knew deserved an answer. "Nero…"

Launching straight into a panic, Nero rose up onto his calves and began to gesticulate wildly. "No! It's stupid! Forget it, I'm just being stupidly naive, it'll just be a phase, I promise. I'm just being stupid, please don't…" His frantic voice became soft in an instant and he lowered his gaze to the bed. "Don't throw me out…"

'Tugging at my heart strings and playing the guilt card is cheating, kid.' Dante thought with a sigh. Moving closer Dante tilted Nero's crestfallen face upwards. "What is it exactly you think you feel for me?"

Nero glared at him. "I don't 'think' anything, Dante! I spent a whole month figuring this out to come back and meet you!" He pushed Dante's hand aside roughly. "I wouldn't have come back at all if I was any less sure!"

Dante frowned, he knew he was being cruel but he needed Nero to say it. "What is it you're so sure of?"

Nero let out a distressed cry before punching Dante, hard, in the arm. "I love you, you idiot! I love you and I hate that I do because you're such a fucking idiot and I hate that you can make me feel like this, this good and this scared at the same time." Another punch. "You fucking moron!"

Dante stared for a moment before laughing, Nero staring back at him in shock. "I think there was a love confession in there, in amongst the long list of how I am a 'moron' and an 'idiot'."

Nero hit him again. "Idiot." The looked up unsurely. "So… what now? Do you?"

"Do I what?" Dante couldn't help but tease him, he really couldn't. It had become a sick hobby of his over their time being acquaintances and then friends.

Scowling, Nero hit him once more. "Do you love me?!"

There was utter silence for a moment, Nero stopping breathing altogether for fear any slight movement might coerce the wrong answer. Dante considered it for a moment.

He wasn't really sure what 'love' was. Lovers in those crappy romance films were something he guessed he knew it should be like. So… what did they feel like? They couldn't live without each other. Could Dante live without Nero? No, that month had been proof of that.

They always protect each other. Hm, well, Dante had been doing that before they'd even kissed so yeah…

They loved being with each other. Heh, Nero was fun to tease and mess with but honestly, he did like being with the kid. He got this content warm feeling in his chest and he just wanted to smile.

Oh, after that admission even he knew he had it bad.

Dante laughed softly. "Heh, I guess I do…"


Grinning and reaching over to pull Nero into a hug Dante mussed up his hair. "I said, 'I guess I do'. Love you, that is."

Nero breathed a heavy sigh of relief and thumped Dante for what was probably the fifth time that night. "God damn you, you bastard! Don't do that, you said nothing for ages, I thought for sure you were gonna get rid of me!"

"Ow! Hey! No more hitting me or I just might have to spank you!" Nero quirked and eyebrow. "And of course I'm not going to get rid of you! Hell, even if I didn't love you, after everything we've done up until now I don't think I would have let you leave." With a filthy leer Dante towered over Nero. "I'd probably have kept you for my sex slave; there is something to be said for that mouth of yours. It might be annoying as hell to listen to speaking but it plays lovely music and has other talents I think I'm gonna love."

Suffice to say Nero hit him several more times. "You damned pervert!" Nero shouted, his face bright red at the lewd comments Dante had said. "Dammit, if I didn't know any better I'd think you just said you loved me to keep me!"

Dante caught Nero's wrists firmly at that, all playfulness gone from his face as he pinned Nero to the bed. "Don't ever doubt that I love you, Nero." Nero writhed under Dante and wriggled to be free, his body heating beneath the overbearing and consuming look that could only be described as pure love and want. "Never think I want you for anything more than being near you. I want you to always remember that I have never said 'I love you' to anyone and there have been plenty of women, and a few men, in my bed." Pressing his forehead against Nero's Dante breathed in the scent that was purely Nero. "I love only you, Nero."

Nero said nothing and they began to worship each other, each touch and stroke of a hand on the other was purely loving and adoring as each succumbed to the alternative way of saying 'I love you': making love. It wasn't fast and it wasn't rough or primal, though they both confessed to loving that type of sex too, this way, the way they moved against each other, was hot and passionate. They moved without urgency, drawing out each other's release until they could hold into longer. It was worship in its highest form and Nero couldn't decide which he liked better, the powerful and consuming rutting or Dante's gentle side and the lingering, mind-blowing love making.

Then again, he didn't have to choose.

Dante loved him now; they had forever to do both.

/\/\/\/\/\/\Random bit from the next morning/\/\/\/\/\/\

Nero pulled on the first pair of pants he found to see that they were a little bit bigger than his own. Dante watched him from the bed and laughed. "Those would be mine, kid."

Nero stuck out his tongue and went to pull them off when he felt one of the pockets rustle. "Hn? What's this?"

Dante watched, mildly curious, as Nero delved into the pocket of the elder's pants and pulled out-

"Shit! Nero, put that down!" The half-devil shot up form the bed he had been languishing on, his eyes wide.

Even more intrigued Nero hurriedly opened it. Dante swore again and began to scramble from the bed as Nero darted from the room and down the stairs, leaping from the top to the bottom with minimal effort. Significantly ahead of Dante Nero slid onto the desk Dante had sort of fixed and turned, coiling his leg back, in time to catch Dante in the stomach enough to slow Dante down and propel him away without hurting the other.

Free to do as he pleased until the still not fully awake or coordinated Dante picked himself up off the floor Nero lifted the paper and read aloud.

"Dear Dante, I left this on the fridge rather than… eh? …wait a minute…" Nero paused. "This… this is the letter I wrote when I left a month ago." Nero looked at Dante curiously. "Dante?"

"It means nothing!" Dante cried fervently.

A broad grin split over the younger's face. "You kept it!"

"It means nothing!" He insisted.

"You really do love me!" Nero pushed himself off the desk and launched himself at Dante who had no option but catch him, the smaller of them locking their mouths together firmly and with delight written all over his face.

And that is how Trish and Lady came upon them that morning. Nero obviously wearing Dante's pants, Dante in a pair of boxers he'd had the foresight to tug on and stood lip-locking in the shop front. It was an interesting sight.

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