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To tell the truth this story is going to be long, so buckle up. I plan to just have this as a story that covers everything for about a three year span of plot line after the war. It has all the couples made canon in the finale, the main one of course being Kataang, and mostly focuses on those. Because let's get real you know if the series did continue it would be seriously romantic.

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Chapter one: Memories when the moon is full.

"Alright I'll have ten moon peaches, two water melons, and two loafs of wheat bread." The Avatar ordered from the market. He and his friends, including Mai and Zuko, were all heading back to the fire nation. Though it wasn't going to be their home they would be staying for quite a while to rebuild the world.

It was a time of re-birth. A renaissance.

Before he left he received a random kiss, which he struggled to get out of for obvious reasons, from the merchant lady. She thanked him for restoring balance to the world and whatnot and Aang just bowed respectfully while thanking her. This had been going on ever since they arrived at Ba Sing Si. Everyone praised the Avatar, and although the praise was enjoyable Aang was still a humble kind of guy. He didn't do it all by himself.

"Did you get the food?" Toph asked, as she walked up with Momo on her shoulder. Everyone had a task to do when they came across the market, Aang being in charge of getting the fruit and bread, Sokka the meat, Katara the medical supplies, So on and so forth.

"Yep," Aang nodded simply, he made sure his hat was on properly. He had been wearing the same straw hat ever since he brought it in Haru's hometown, but for the moment he was using it to cover his arrow a little, he didn't want another parade of praise. "Bread, melons, peaches, all that."

"Oh, gross why do you smell like cheap perfume?" Toph spewed, covering her nose. "What've you been doing?"

"Oh, just another random praise, the lady at the fruit stand recognized me and hugged me and stuff…..the usual." He smiled nervously, rubbing the back on his neck.

"Dose Katara know about this?" Toph asked; smiling devilishly at the young air bender who's temperate had just gone up. Whenever anyone mentioned Katara he'd heat up like an oil lamp, and vice versa.

Toph just giggled. "I guess not, come on twinkle toes." The two walked back to the camp to find Katara, Mai, and Zuko already there.

"Took you guys long enough." Mai complained, playing with her pigtail.

"Well, talk to lover boy over here. He's the one who had to run away from female hero worshippers." Toph explained she could feel Aang mumbling words of anger towards her.

"Oh, really?" Katara asked in length, he emotion more amused than angry. "I guess I have to run for my money now?"

"No running involved, I'm not leaving you." Aang assured, giving her a light peck on the cheek.

"Oh brother," Sokka groaned, walking up with Suki following suit. "Are you guy's going to do that all the way to fire nation?" Aang was going to respond but Katara beat him to it.

"Yes, we are. And we are after we get there and when we leave and where ever we go because we're dating, that's what people who love each other do. I don't complain about you and Suki do I?" Suki just looked around while Sokka just smiled.

"I know," He said softly, patting Aang playfully on the head. "We should camp here, it's getting late."

"Yeah about that, can someone tell me why we decided to fly to the fire nation on Appa instead of take the royal escort to the Fire nation, we would've gotten there in half the time with less……dirt." Mai added, leaning into Zuko's shoulder.

"Because, we all wanted to camp out, who knows when we'll get another chance?" Aang explained lightly.

"Don't worry, camping isn't all that bad." Zuko promised. "If anything you get the best view."


Katara sat next to him, next to Aang. They were sitting at the edge of a nearby river, shoes off and pants rolled up to dipped their feet in it over the banks. She nuzzled her head under his and he rested atop hers, both in each other's arms for warmth on the slightly breezy early autumn night.

"Tell me something." Aang stated slightly firm, he and Katara had been silent since arrived at the waters banks, just as whenever they were alone. Them being silent just made the moment more special.

"Hmm?" Katara questioned wordlessly, just snuggling farther into her boyfriends shoulder.

"Why are we always together near water during a full moon? I mean we've been together for almost three months now and every month when the moon is full we're together it's like an urge or a ritual." He explained, staring deep at the white pool of the moons illumination.

"Why? Would you rather we didn't?" Katara dared to ask, lifting her head little.

"What? No!" Aang assured hugging her closer for good measure. "It's just well, it's pretty amazing."

"Well maybe it's because we're both water benders."

"We were both water benders before and we didn't get this urge to be together."

"Then it's probably the fact that the wall of denial to our feelings is broken, we're closer than ever and our water bending is the only physical trait we share." Aang measured her words over looking in every direction to get all the corners of his brain thinking clearly.

"That does sound reasonable." He finally came to conclusion and rested his head back over Katara's.

Katara noticed their reflection in the water and smiled. They both looked so grown and self assured from when she had first met him. She remembered the first moment seeing him, he was regaining his life and eyes shined with curiosity and at the same time she remember the moment that mirrored that first look when she had almost lost him, he almost lost life and his eyes were filled with utter fear. It almost made her cry to think that this is where it all ended, them together, warm in each other's arms, and realizing the special bond of water bending connection they had.

But what was clearer than anything was the moment she realized that she was in love with Aang. It was during Zuko's coronation when he announced Aang as the real hero, and as Aang looked around at all the people cheering and rejoicing Katara felt as if she was looking at him through a new light, like the lens she always saw him through had finally been dusted off.

It was all too clear, like their reflection in the water.

"We should go, it should be almost midnight." Aang said after many hours of reflecting and silent pondering. He took her hand and led her to the camp site where everyone but Toph was sleeping. She was just staring at the fire, obviously just feeling the heat.

"You're still awake?" Katara stated, it was a question but was rhetorical enough that it didn't require an answer.

"Yes," The earth bender replied simply, she stood and dusted some dirt off her dress. "I'm going to go to bed, though; I wouldn't want to interrupt any special goodnights." She air quoted "special goodnights" and flipped her bun over her shoulder before forming an earth tent.

"Well, goodnight." Aang whispered, fearing Toph was still awake and in hearing range. Aang and Katara were very serious about keeping their relationship bearable to the others; they didn't want anyone to dread their love when it made them so happy,

"Good night." Katara returned and leaned to kiss him rather harshly for a simple good night kiss. Normally on nights they'd say good night and either exchange a light peck or a hug, but Aang suspected this was the full moons doing. When she pulled away from him, her craving satisfied, he was completely out of breath. "I love you," She said simply and turned into her ten without waiting for a response. Leaving a wide eyed Aang trying to regulate his breathing.

"I'll never understand how she can cause an air bender to lose his breath." He commented softly to himself but inside the tent Katara smile only grew.


It was nights like these when Aang remembered him and Katara's relationship thus far. It was a happy three months, most of it spent at their vacation in Ba Sing Si. But all moments aside he remembered their first anniversary.

"Aang what are you doing in my bed?" Katara gasped awakening to see a fully clothed Avatar smiling next to her in her bed.

"Just watching you sleep." He said simply, seeing no reason to lie.

"But I look terrible!" She exclaimed, pulling the covers over her head. Aang just giggled and pulled them back down, they were only four weeks into their relationship, and as serious as they were they were still new at the commitment and still thought to look their best all the time. Katara had even be experimenting with her hair styles in hopes to please Aang, but he assured her that he liked her hair any way she had it.

"No you don't." Aang said lightly, pushing her hair out of her face and kissing her lips softly. Katara knew something special was today, Aang only kissed her on the lips when something was truly special between them. Sokka told Katara that the limited kissing would wear off in a couple more weeks when she thought Aang didn't enjoy kissing her, besides Aang was the younger one and supposed to be portraying the role as the head in the relationship. "You look beautiful," he continued when they finally pulled apart, Katara wanted to savior the kiss until the next one.

"I can't believe today's actually here." Aang marveled, looking out the window at the shining sun.

"Why, it's the middle of the last month of summer, what's so special about it?" Katara corked a brow when Aang frowned at her words.

"You really forgot?" Aang asked quietly, dropping his hand from her hair in the process.

"Forgot what, Aang?"

"Our anniversary." Katara eyes almost widened that Aang had mentioned it.

"Of course I remembered it Aang," she corrected, lifting his chin from its position deep within the pillows. "I just didn't think you would think it's all that important."

"We've survived a month together, how is that not important?" He grabbed her hands promptly and kissed each finger.


"Well yeah, anyone who can last a month dating the Avatar deserves a mentioning on it." He laughed when he kissed her last finger and the two just stared at each other until their hunger was too much to bear.

Though, their anniversary was much more than a simple month together it was also the first time the two had engulfed on their first journey beyond a single kiss.

"It's late." Aang mentioned, in front of Katara's door after they enjoyed a quiet dinner two. "I hope you had a good time." Katara answered his question with a swift kiss on the lips. It was brief but got the message across good enough.

"I had a wonderful time, Aang, thank you." She kissed him again, not knowing when they'd get another chance like this alone and savored the moment. But when she pulled away, keeping her lips in just out of reach, she realized how little they had done on kissing grounds. How much they could do. She grabbed his hand tightly and opened her door with the other, slowly pulling him in.

"Uh," Aang stuttered but didn't restrain himself from her grasp. "Katara?" But before she could answer she had him sitting on the bed, her right next to him, and eyes shining with desire and curiosity.

"Do you know what would make this really wonderful?" She asked him though she was pretty sure he knew the answer.

"Katara?" he repeated, making her giggle slightly at his young nature. As serious as he was in the relationship he still was twelve, and this still was his first relationship. Once Katara had finished giggling she grabbed the sides of his face, letting her lips linger over his until her gave her a green light by grabbing her hips. Both let out a breath and closed the gap between them.

There was only one word to describe it: exhilarating. Never in Aang's right mind would her ever think he'd be kissing Katara like that. They had fallen back on her bed, leaving Katara on top and Aang stroked her back rapidly. It wasn't till at least thirty minutes into it that Katara, for the first tinme, stuck her tongue in his mouth. Aang let out a gasp and detached the tops of his lips from hers to let it out.

"Sorry was that too much?" Katara asked, she could honestly say that she had gotten carried away and judging by Aang's own neck sucking she was sure he could say the same.

"Well, it was new." He was trying to sugar coat it for her, blushing nervously I the process. "But I think it's best if we hold out on that, at least until I can regulate myself better during it, I got a little…..excited." Katara's blush appeared now as well.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow?" Katara finally concluded, getting from atop him.

"Yeah, yeah, tomorrow."

"And Aang?" She added before exiting, she curled her finger beckoning to come to her in which he obeyed. "Thank you, again, for this anniversary." And with that she kissed him one last time that night, being mindful not to let go too far but put enough passion in it to settle them both.

"You're welcome."

Aang smiled to himself, touching his lips softly to savor all the times Katara's lips had claimed them for her own. But he remembered other times too. It made him laugh when he thought of their first date. They had gone to some restaurant by some glowing fountain and everything that could possibly go wrong did. But still in the end Katara ended up saying it was the best night of her life. Also their time saying they loved each other, which surprisingly wasn't until hours after the kiss on the balcony. Telling everyone was pretty easy since technically they didn't actually tell anyone, they all found out themselves when the two were caught kissing. They just rambled about how it happened and blushed. They were so inexperienced back then and still were but finding their way along this ride was all part of love, and Aang didn't want to miss any minute of it.


"Knock, knock," Katara greeted Opening Aang's door about half way. He was in his Monk Robes simply lying on the bed. They had arrived in their Fire Nation about two weeks ago and since then Aang and Zuko had been downed with peace and military meetings and treaty signings and frankly Aang was whipped by the whole predicament.

"Huh?" He moaned and turned his head to face his girlfriend in the door way. "Oh, Katara come in." She proceeded to do so, walking over to the foot of his bed that the lower parts of his legs were hanging off of lazily.

"Oh, you poor thing, these meetings must have you whipped," she stroked his head gently and noticed how he tensed at even the slightest sensation. He just nodded.

"Yeah, I have another meeting tomorrow too; you'd think they'd be able to solve one trading difference without the Avatar's help."

"Well, the world is still getting used to the idea of having an Avatar, they want to use you for everything, give it some time and they'll fend for themselves soon." He smiled warmly, her optimism always showing no bounds to cheer him up. Before he could answer, though, he yawned soundly, shifting his position on the bed.

"I guess I'm more tired than I thought." He said; his smile still in place.

"You should rest then." Katara ordered.

"Will do." He began removing his shoes when Katara placed her hand over his. He looked up and saw that, without a word, Katara began to remove his shoes for him. Once his shoes were off she pulled off his socks as well, giggling at his wiggling toes, and placed the both on at the side of his bed. She then situated herself to sit at the foot of the bed with Aang and reached towards his poncho pulling it and his necklace off as well. Aang blushed slightly at her motions, knowing that she was just being a good girlfriend by helping him prepare for sleep but had to regain his bearings when she reached for his actual shirt.

"Uh, I'll get that part." He stuttered, laying a shacking hand on hers to stop her. Katara just smiled, kissing his forehead lightly and standing.

"Good night" she said before exiting the room, and when she did he laid back on his bed, sighing with somewhat relief.

It's like we're already married!

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