Woe to you, oh earth and sea

For the Devil sends the beast with wrath

Because he knows the time is short

Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast

For it is a human number

Its number is Six hundred and Sixty Six

and Azulongmon foresaw the return of darkness to the land so he commanded his faithful servant to craft nine crests and bind them to nine human children. With the power of the Nine standing watch, the darkness was banished from the Digital World

But not all the DigiGod's company was pleased with the decision to place the faith of their world in the hands of humans. In particular, Lucemon the Light Bringer argued that humans were weak willed, inherently selfish and needlessly cruel. Azulongmon gently reprimanded the young angel and the humans were sent out of the reforming DigiWorld.

Four years later, Lucemon's prophecy came to pass as a human child, one of the Nine intended to guard the Digital World turned dark and sought to become Master of All. Once again Lucemon's cries to banish humans from the world completely fell on deaf ears as a new team was summoned.

Finally, Lucemon grew bitter with his master and with the help of six friends they chained the God down and took control for themselves.

But Lucemon's best friend, Seraphimon saw what his comrade had become and, while the seven conspirators slept, unchained Azulongmon.

Before Lucemon could react, Azulongmon flew into a rage and threw down his treacherous angel and his companions into the darkest recess of the Digital World.

Many years passed and when the day came to release the prisoners, they were gone. Terrified, Seraphimon scanned the heavens and Earth for days without sight of the Seven Traitors. Convinced that they had vanished, Azulongmon sealed off the sectors of the Digital World, assigning an omnipotent Sovereign to guard each one. The worlds shifted and divided and what was true in one world became fiction in the other. Myths of the Seven Demon Lords were spoken in Azulongmon's region to frighten the children before bedtime while the Digimon in Zhuqiaomon's quadrant began to speak ill of a mountain that sat at the edge of oblivion…

Book of the Sovereigns, Book One, Chapter Five, Verse Four

The crisp echo of stiletto heels on polished black granite were thunderous compared to the stark silence possessing the air. The quiet never sat well with Lilithmon; she was a Digimon who enjoyed a little noise now and again especially when it came from the tortured screams of her victims. Usually there was some kind of poor young thing who thought he could summit the "Forbidden Mountain" as the other silly little Digimon dubbed it. If he (or she; Lilithmon wasn't picky) was any good looking, Lilithmon would have a little fun with them first before tossing them to her pets for a midnight snack.

The Dark Angel took a moment to study her reflection in a huge, polished obsidian mirror. She brushed a lock of silky black hair out of her face, licking her ruby lips before adjusting her emerald green and black dress. Sinfully good looking, she thought to herself with a small giggle. That was a good one…

A soft chuckle broke her musings as she turned around to come face to face with the master of the castle, a golden haired, eight winged demon. Lucemon could have been mistaken for angelic by those who didn't know what a rotten devil he really was.

"Sinfully good looking…" he said his impeccably smooth voice gliding like a silk scarf over her ears. "I'll have to remember that one."

Lilithmon rolled her eyes. "Lucemon, how many times must I tell you never read my thoughts?!" Lilithmon said, trying to be annoyed.

The fallen angel raised his hands in defense. "I usually don't; you have quite a dirty mind, even for my taste" Lucemon politely offered an arm which Lilithmon took as they walked down the hall in affable silence.

"So what brings you to my castle, Lilithmon?" Lucemon asked, finally breaking the silence. "I trust you have good news regarding our little operation?"

"The best kind of news." She said, confidently. "Barbamon was successful in his stage of the mission."

Lucemon let out a sigh of relief. "And our new friend? How is he doing?"

Lilithmon's nose wrinkled. "He's still a frail little thing. That last fight he was in really did a number on him. He can't walk, can't fight, and can't even eat without someone feeding him." Lilithmon turned to stand in front of Lucemon. "Why don't we just dump him? He's given us a way back into the 2nd quadrant and told us how to get into the human world. He's deadweight; let's cut him!" she cackled, flourishing one of her long, bladelike nails for effect.

Lucemon shook his head. "Since Beelzemon turned traitor for those wretched humans," Lucemon said the word with more contempt than Lilithmon thought possible. "We're short a Demon Lord. Only the combined power of the Seven can rule without fear of challenge. Plus he is somewhat, ah, familiar with our targets in the human world. He will be a valuable asset in ascertaining their weaknesses."

"If only to learn from his mistakes!" The fallen angels shared a laugh. "But seriously, Lucemon, what about the humans?"

"Our humans?"

"Yes…those who pretend to have dominion over Digimon, what of them?"

"Surely you don't consider those wannabe DigiDestined a threat?"

"Scoff all you want but they defeated the most dangerous program in existence when they were twelve." Lilithmon's eyes narrowed. "They've had four whole years to become a deadly nuisance and the only reason they haven't done anything is because they don't know what we're doing..."

Lucemon studied his nails carefully before responding. "Once the Nine are gone and the power of Azulongmon belongs to us, we will come back and finish our little Digi-Fans."

"But if they follow? This "Rift" is causing a huge disturbance in the Digital World! Their computers must have detected it!"

Lucemon looked away. "It doesn't matter…even if they were to follow us…" Lucemon steadied his jaw. "It doesn't matter. They won't be able to get to us before we get to the Nine… and even if they do, we'll just have to finish them off, once and for all. Happy, now?" Lucemon paused for a moment as Lilithmon reluctantly nodded. "Good. Begin moving troops through the Rift. I want to have full control of the city by nightfall."

Lilithmon started in shock. "A-Already?"

Lucemon looked back coldly. "Yes, haven't you heard?" Lucemon produced a small white envelope from his coat pocket with "YOU'RE INVITED!" imprinted on the front in gold lettering. He turned it over thoughtfully before speaking again. "We have a party to attend…and the birthday girl is going to be ever so disappointed if we're late…"



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Digital Monsters!

Digimon are the champions!


Digital Monsters!

Digimon are the champions!


Into Digital Champions


Save the Digital (World)


Digital Monsters!

Digimon are the champions!


Digital Monsters!

Digimon are the champions

Digivolve into champions

(All at once)

Digivolve into Ultimates

Armor Digivolve!


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