Full summary: This is an all human story. Cannon couples. Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, and Rosalie Hale are all best friends who are vacationing starting in New Hampshire and ending back in Washington. However they are going to haunted places to try and find excitement and adventure along the way. Will they meet the love of their lives before the end of the vacation or not?

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen.

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Chapter 1: Forever


I know I helped plan all this so I shouldn't complain, but I was having second thoughts now. I could try to get out of it, of course that would let my friends down. I was sort of scared though I guess I should just suck it up. All the plans were finalized so I couldn't really back out. I still remember how this all started. It was the Bell Witch. We were talking about her in English class, we had a substitute. Later that day after I got home from school my best friends came over. It was the weekend so we were making plans for our lives and it came back up. So joking around, or I thought so, we made the plans to take off from school and go around the country to all these haunted places. I had laughed. Of course when I woke up the next day Alice was printing off all the pages we had looked at. It was too late. The plans had been made.

Alice, Rosalie, and I had officially graduated from high school yesterday and instead of going straight to college we were taking off for a year. We plan on all going off to Yale next year. For now though we were making good on all the plans.

I sighed as I heard Alice's frantic knocking. They were taking me shopping for the trip. Insert shudder. I hated shopping, they thought I was crazy but I just don't. I ran down the stairs tripping some and got the door.

"Hey Bella!" Alice and Rose said together.

"Hi guys." I said letting them in. I went to the kitchen and pulled three cherry Dr. Enoughs from the fridge. I walked back to the living room to see Alice flicking lazily through the channels and Rose staring at me. "What?" I asked Rose as I handed them their drinks.

"Nothing you just looked worried about something." She shrugged nonchalantly still looking at me.

They knew me to well. "Oh really I'm just tired." I lied.

"Uh huh." Rose said. "You know what, whatever."

Alice clicked off the TV and sat up.

"Bella if it's about the trip, just relax there is no real risk...I promise!" Alice chimed in.

"Yeah like I would let anything happen to you." Rose laughed like it was the most logical thing in the world.

"Plus we spent months organizing this trip, so just....chillax. K?" Alice said in what she thought was a comforting voice.

"K!" I laughed.

"Good now that that has been settled lets go SHOPPING!" Alice screamed. Rose grinned lazily at her enthusiasm, while I rolled my eyes.

"This is going to be the best trip of our lives," Alice sang ,"I can just feel it!" It was freaky how her feelings were almost always right.

We walked out the door to get in Rose's shiny red BMW. Usually we take my Jeep Liberty because it has the most trunk space for all the things Alice buys. However we couldn't do that now because two weeks ago we had to ship my baby off to Alice's parents beach house in New Hampshire. It was necessary though so we could drive around otherwise we would have to rent a car and that was impractical because we couldn't take it all the way back. So for the past two weeks Rose or Alice had to drive me around.

"You know what I might actually miss Forks." Alice said to break the silence.

"Are you serious Alice?" Rose said taking her eyes of the road for a second to look at her.

"Yeah I am I mean we will be gone for a long time." She pondered.

"I guess I will too." Rose finally said. I knew I would. We grew up here together. Rose and me met in kindergarten and instantly became best friends. We were both born here but Alice came in second grade. I remember she had just moved here from Seattle. Her mother Esme had wanted to move to a smaller town.

We had always been there for each other when we needed each other the most. There was the time that Lauren and Jessica were picking on Alice in second grade about her being the new kid. Rose and me got them to quit. After that day Alice was our best friend too. We were the three musketeers. We were inseparable.

We were closer than sisters. Like when Renee had tried to force me to go with her to Phoenix, Arizona. I had wanted to stay with Rose and Alice. Renee was going to make me go, so Alice went up to her and told her to let me stay. Renee was still going to make me go so Rose told us we would run away together. So we did, we ran away to the school together. Eventually they found us and Renee saw how much I wanted to stay. She left the next day without me. And whenever I went to visit Renee for a little while each summer they came too. I hadn't seen my mom for about two years now since her marriage to Phil.

"Hello mall!" Alice cheered enthusiastically breaking me out of my thoughts. Rose and I just laughed at her. "What I like the mall is that a crime?" She asked innocently.

"As long as you don't marry it its fine with me." Rose said sarcastically.

So we got out and headed off to my doom.

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