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Chapter 22: Violence


"Fuck," Jasper growled and then I heard him messing around with his flashlight. "The batteries are totally shot," he announced with a sigh.

"You need to be quiet," Alice hissed, "They will hear us and we'll get arrested."

"Oh be quiet pixie."

"You may not call me pixie."

"Guys, shut up," Rose groaned.

I looked around the room but it was totally pitch black; I couldn't see my hand a foot in front of my face.

"Where are you guys?" Emmett asked from somewhere to my right, probably pressed up against the door.

"Here," Edward said from somewhere in front of me.

"I'm over here with Bella," Alice said, grabbing my thigh. She was just barely behind me, on my right.

"Idiot," Rose mumbled from between Edward and Emmett.

"I'm not here," Jasper said sarcastically from my left.

"No need to get snippy because you're scared of the dark," Emmett retorted. "Here, I'll get out my phone, we can use it as light." We waited a couple seconds before we heard him swear, "Dead battery."

"I got this," Edward announced. "Well that's weird."

"You got a dead battery too?" Emmett asked.

"I just charged it this morning, though."

It was quiet for a minute before Jasper murmured that his wasn't working either.

"I left mine in the car," I confessed; Rose and Alice said the same.

Next there was a flicking noise and Jasper had a lighter giving off flames. Then not two seconds later it was gone. He repeated the process several times but it wouldn't work, after that it wouldn't even light for a moment.

"Damn it!" he growled.

"This is really starting to freak me out," Alice whispered, just as a chill ran down my spine; taking the words right out of my mouth.

"Yeah let's just go," I agreed.

"And get caught?" Rose snorted. "I don't think so."

Just as Alice was about to argue we heard voices and shut up. It was muffled but I could still pick up on most of it.

"And this is the morgue," said a monotone female voice; there was a slight edge to it, like she didn't want to be here. "This room hasn't been used in many years, since the original owners died in the early 1900s," then she paused. "They kept the corpses in that room, but we aren't allowed in so let's keep moving."

"Why can't we go in?" snorted a strong male voice, he sounded rather overconfident of himself. "Are you lying, maybe there are bodies in there." He didn't know how right he was.

"It's locked, and there's no key, so let's keep moving." The female, the tour-guide it seemed, replied harshly but formally.

"That's probably a lie," the male snorted.

"Yeah," this voice was also male but not as strong and higher, though just slightly.

Then there was scuffling noises and they were trying to get in. Emmett freaked and almost flattened me as he got away from the door.

The boy tried the door, but it was locked.At this point I was freaking out. Finally the beating stopped, and I could hear the people slowly start to leave the room. After a few minutes we broke the silence.

"Let's leave," Emmett said from somewhere behind me. "They're probably gone by now."

"There's only one problem with that," Rose growled.

"What?" Emmett asked dumbfounded.

"It's locked."

"That would indeed be a problem," Emmett consented.

Then they got up and started pulling on the door. It wouldn't budge apparently. Finally they gave up and we all slumped against the wall.

"Plan one, we sit in here and rot to death," Edward listed. "Plan two, we scream until someone hears us and then proceed to get arrested. Plan three...I haven't actually thought of yet."

Before any of us could answer there was a deep voice filling the air. It didn't say anything I could make out, but it was like roaring and grumbling. I jumped to my feet and ran towards the door before I realized I couldn't get out. I felt the coldness of the door and suddenly felt a presence pressing up against me.

I tried screaming, but it was like I had lost my voice, or like when you first get up in the mornings and can't seem to get it out. Instead I started violently twitching and shaking, it felt like I was having a seizure.

"Get OUT!" It shouted before shoving me harshly against the wall. I hit my head hard and fell down like a rock.

Then my vision turned fuzzy, but it didn't matter cause it was still too dark to see anything. I couldn't hear either, and I was feeling numb and slow; like everything was in slow motion. I felt someone kneel by me and tenderly touch my back, but before I could really understand what was going on they were gone.

After several minutes of fading in and out I managed to stand up and my hearing was coming back. Then I wished it hadn't because there was a bunch of screaming.



"Wait I–"

Then there was a smacking noise and I tried standing, just to be shoved back down.

"Bella!" I heard Edward shout, but then there was another smacking noise and a groan. I still couldn't seem to make any noise and then all of a sudden I felt that same presence again. I felt fear pulsing through me because I knew what was coming.

It seemed to take over control of my body and I felt so helpless. It jerked my body from the wall just to slam it back against it.

"Are you scared yet?" I heard it say sarcastically. "I know you are, don't worry I'll make this as painful as possible." It continued to slam me into the wall and then started cutting off my air, and I felt myself slipping again but there was a strange finality to this. All of a sudden I felt a warmness on my arm, a person.

The intruder screamed, enraged, and left my body after flinging me down. I started gasping for air and then I heard a scream.

We had to get out of there immediately! I crawled to the door and shoved against it with my shoulder. "Stop!" I heard in that same chilling, icy tone. Yet, I couldn't stop, I continued to shove against it, this was our only chance; I had to save myself and my friends. I felt that presence but it was just rubbing against me in a strangely violating way. I started shuddering and then I was crying, sobbing.

That was it, we were gonna die in there and they would never find our bodies. I could hear the other crying shouting, it was so disorienting I just wanted to sacrifice myself for them, but I was so defenseless. I slid onto my stomach and cried as I slipped into that numbness, and I felt the presence again. It was laughing. There was a loud crash and I shuddered.

"This is how it ends?" It said sarcastically. "You didn't picture it like this did you? You wanted to fall in love first? Finish your life?" It chuckled. "That's too bad." Then I couldn't breathe.

I thought for the second time tonight I was going to die, for real. However, there was a bright white light and the chocking stopped. "No," that was it. The white figure in the flowing white dress, a young woman with a comforting voice. Yet...it all stopped. I felt safe, the presence was completely gone, and the room was warm. One word, just one word, and it all stopped. I could feel my voice was back.

She was a beautiful Native American woman, and she looked so gentle. I gazed at her hovering slightly over the floor, her dress billowing. She looked at me and smiled, before nodding towards the door and disappearing.

As soon as she was gone, the door opened. When the light spilled in I looked around. Alice was in a corner, sobbing, her face hidden in her arms; the sheer sight broke my heart. Rosalie was pressed against a wall looking fierce yet scared. Edward was lying on the ground his eyes barely open. Jasper was bleeding slightly and looking surprised to be on the ground. Emmett, I couldn't see at first, but he was behind the door looking hurt and vulnerable, though we all were.

The next part seemed blurry, but I know we somehow made it out and up the stairs, till we were safe outside. As soon as we were out I remember the doors sliding shut.

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