Chapter one.

Bella rummaged through her clothes in her closet, looking for a couple of warm outfits to shove in her bag.

As she continued to pack, all her clothes in a mess about the room, her thoughts drifted to a certain boy that

always held a place in her thoughts.

She frowned at the thought of him, God damn it, Edward.. She thought, and shoved in more clothes roughly. He had left 2, maybe 3 months ago, to Alaska. Apparently he wanted to visit Tanyas' Clan to get some info about the Volturi, to help them be more prepared, incase they make another early visit to the Cullens' household.

She wasn't exactly happy with him leaving, not to mention the fact that Tanya was involved in this little visit. The one female that apparently showed interest in Edward, when he stayed there way back when.

He said he would be back soon. Apparently that was a load of bullshit. Unless to him, soon is a years time. That's certainty what these past 3 months have felt like.

Lucky for her though, She might be paying him a surprise visit soon enough. She smiled at the thought, her eyes staring into space as her thoughts continued to wander.

About a week ago, She got a call from Mike, asking if she wanted to go on a little trip up to Alaska with him, Jessica, Angela, Ben, Lauren and Tyler.

"Where, exactly?" She had asked Mike, hoping it was Denali, or somewhere near it.

"Well, We were thinking Fairbanks, or maybe Denali to go skiing-"

"Denali!" She shouted into the phone as soon as he heard him say it. She cleared her throat, "I mean, I heard Denali has awesome slopes and a great National Park there.."

Mike laughed into the phone, "I'm happy at your enthusiasm, Bella. I'll tell Jessica that we should go to Denali, She should have no problem with it.!"

They talked on from there for a bit, talking about all the things they could do then she wrapped it up quickly, getting off the phone. They had planned to leave today, in the morning, considering it would be about a days worth of a drive.

And so here she was, 5 A.M., last minute packing.

Once she finished and got dressed in jeans, a long sleeved Navy Blue shirt and a ski vest, She hopped down her steps , dropping her bag by the door and going into the kitchen for some coffee.

Charlie was still sleeping, not having work today, so he was most likely going to be sleeping in. She would be gone before he woke up, so she left him a little note, saying that she loves him and that she'll see him in a week.

He was overly happy that she was going on a trip with her friends, especially since she was going without Edward. He still wasn't too keen about him.

As she took her last sips of her coffee, She looked out the kitchen window seeing Jessica pull up, with everyone packed in the SUV. She honked her horn twice, looking annoyed as she looked back at everyone in the car.

Bella laughed, picking up her bag and heading out the door, locking up then getting in the car.

"Hey Bella!" Mike shouted first, before she even stepped in, followed by hellos from everyone else, not all of them so happy.

Bella smiled and greeted them back, throwing her bag in the trunk as she stepped in, sitting beside Angela and Ben.

She put on bright smile for everyone as she chatted small talk with them, until she got boring and they talked within them. She leaned her head against the window, looking out into the normal rainy day of Forks. Eventually, her eyelids slipped closed and she fell asleep.

She woke up slowly, turning her head and looked around at the mostly quiet car. Mike was sleeping, along with Tyler, Lauren and Ben. Angela was flipping through a magazine with her headphones in. Bella twisted her body looking over at the clock and saw that she slept almost 13 hours.

She hasn't gotten much sleep at home since Edward left, So I guess these hours made up for it.

She looked out the window and saw it dark, She looked up at Jessica, "Where are we?"

Jessica looked into the rearview mirror at Bella, a grim look on her face. "We're about an hour or two until we get to Denali." She replied, and looked back at the road.

Bella nodded, knowing there was no use in trying to say anything more. She looked out the window, hoping the time would pass quickly.

Scenes past by, And her thoughts wandered again, as she began to day dream. About Edward. His small, soft kisses. His marble smooth lips. His flawless skin. The way he held her close, making her warm even though his skin was colder than ice. Her eyes fluttered closed as she placed them in a setting together.

Just them two alone, In their meadow. No distractions. Nobody else. Just them.

She was beside him on the grass, staring up at the sunny sky, She looked over at him. At his glittering skin and beautiful crooked smile. He was staring back at her, his golden eyes smoldering into hers. He brought a hand up to her face, lightly touching her cheek with his finger tips.

"Bella.." he spoke softly, watching as she leaned into his cheek, loving the contrast of her warm blushed cheeks to his cold smooth palm.

"Mmm.." she responded. Her eyes closed as she savored the feeling of his touch. She opened her eyes and noted his hair, the red in it standing out in the sun, compared to the normal bronze of it. He was still smiling at her, just staring at her. Her blush grew.

"Bella.." A voice said again, but it wasn't his. His lips didn't move as the voice spoke. And it certainty wasn't the velvet tone of her Edward. Her eyebrows furrowed as she became confused.


Her eyes fluttered open as she looked around her confused, and fully awake now. It was Mike. He was kneeling next to her, Just them two in the car, She saw through the front window, everyone else with their bags, walking into a hotel.

"We're here, Come on." He smiled and took her hand, helping her out of the SUV, then closing the door. She went to the trunk, going to grab her bag when his hand went in front of hers and grabbed it for her. "I'll get it."

She smiled softly, "It's fine. I want to get it myself." She spoke, without insulting him and took the bag, letting him close the trunk. They walked next to each other as they entered the hotel. She looked around and froze

She saw a couple, right outside the Hotel Restaurant. One had strawberry blonde hair, flowing to her lower back. She was wearing a red dress, hiked up a couple of inches about her legs. The male, had bronze, messy hair. He was wearing a nice black suit, that fit nicely over his gorgeous body.

The woman had her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. While he had his hands, set gently upon her hips as they were leaning in, their lips almost touching.

Bella dropped her bag. The echo of it, filling the room. A couple of people turned to look at her. Wondering. But she didn't see them, before she realized it, her lips parted as a name escaped from her mouth.


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