If there was one thing Hikaru could say about his twin, it was that Kaoru had a wicked tongue.

His younger brother had a way with words. Twisting them, shaping them to suit his own needs. It was almost beautiful, the way he'd combine a specific tone, some small gestures, and use that deliciously sinful tongue of his to bend others to his will.

However, as much as Hikaru loved watching the effect Kaoru's tongue had on other people, he hated when it was used on him.

"Hikaru, please." And in this situation, not only was Kaoru's tongue manipulating him with its words, but its actions, too. He held back a shiver as it ran along his collar-bone, and doubled his efforts to appear interested in the stock report in front of him.

"I'm busy, Kaoru. Go away."

A breathy laugh ghosted against his skin, and the shiver that he'd held back before decided to make its appearance now. He felt his twins' fingers slipping underneath his shirt, to trace patterns on his skin.

Oi, that'd better not be the kanji for "Kaoru's" he's drawing.

Kaoru's mouth had moved its way from his neck to his ear, and Hikaru tried desperately to block out the words his brother was speaking. With a few quick clicks, he had the media player on his laptop open, and he was grateful that the first song on his playlist was one by Dir en Grey. He allowed to the loud music – aided by his turning up the volume as high as it would go, and increasing the bass through the equaliser – to drown out his twins' words.

Apparently, Kaoru had a back-up plan in case of a scenario like this. Or he was damn good at improv.

The hands that were inside his shirt slid around to his back, pushing him away from the back of his chair so that smooth fingers could massage his sore muscles. Kaoru's tongue – that damn delightful little thing – was busy molesting a spot on Hikaru's neck that was dangerously close to—

--to that fucking spot. He swallowed harshly, and before Kaoru could react, pushed his twin's head away from his body, grabbed his laptop, and bolted out of their study.

Kaoru just watched him leave, amusement shining in his eyes. If that was the way Hikaru wanted to play, then by all means...

Let the game begin.