Note: Bad chapter. Next one has more naughtiness on Kaoru's part (and I blush just thinking about what I've written for him to do), and let me tell you now - that necklace of his? Is in no way innocent. Hoo boy.


Also, I can't be the only one who can picture Yuzuha yelling out "By the way, the company's yours now, boys!" whilst getting on board a plane, waving cheerfully with a bright grin, while Hikaru chokes on his coffee and Kaoru's brain fries itself, right?

Unintelligible sentence is unintelligible. Onwards!


"Thanks for your help, Haruhi. I think he's still too thick to get it, but you've probably helped him understand on a sub-conscious level, at the very least. I'll see you tonight at five, right? Great. Don't forget to tell Tono that he needs to bring that vase – alright, alright, I get it, I'm making you burn the cake. If you were really worried about it, you'd have hung up by now."

Oh, ouch. Kaoru grinned and snapped his phone shut, reclining in his chair as he did so. Haruhi had hung up on him - again, though he supposed it was his fault for telling her to do so.

He glanced at the clock on his laptop, frowning slightly when he saw the time. Hikaru was late.

More and more often lately, the older twin had been spending an unhealthy amount of time working. Apparently it hadn't occurred to him that he could easily pass some of the work onto his Vice President, or any of the department heads in their company. Since they'd never actually had to deal with all of the paperwork and rival companies before their mother retired (quite cheerfully, as she and their father boarded a plane headed to Switzerland), they were unused to the accompanying stress and late nights.

Which was why Kaoru was so worried. Where he was almost getting a healthy amount of sleep (the only reason why he wasn't was because he knew his brother was still working) and had a somewhat normal social life (which meant that he contacted their friends even when he wasn't in need of a few drinks and someone to rant to), Hikaru was sleeping something like four hours a night, had dreams about possible business moves, and was starting to talk like Kyouya. It was creepy.

And now he was late getting ready for said Shadow King's birthday party. It was a good thing Kaoru had already laid out their outfits, since there was no way Hikaru would have gotten home early enough to choose his own.

He made sure to fill his jacket pockets with the things he'd need that night; a small jar of hand cream, a special ring, and two hair clips. The feathers hanging from the necklace around his neck, along with the leather cord that held said feathers, were both in good shape, and there was no doubt that Hikaru would recognise them immediately.

If anyone had seen the positively evil smirk on Kaoru's face when his mind ran through his plan, they would have either ran for the hills or called the police. If Hikaru had seen that look, he'd have made sure that he wasn't anywhere near his brother for at least three days.

He quickly morphed his facial features into an expression of calm indifference, as he heard someone running down the hall to their room, and managed to turn around just in time to see his brother stumble through the door.

"You know, if I were Kyouya, I'd make you pay me back for the time I spent waiting for you." Hikaru opened his mouth, no doubt intending on apologising, but shut it with a click when he saw what Kaoru was wearing.

Or rather, what he wasn't.

It was, Kaoru mused as he waited for his brother to wake up from his (rather inconvenient, as they were going on an hour late) dead faint, probably an unwise move to walk around in nothing but a necklace when he'd been attempting to seduce his brother all week. The message he'd left on Hikaru's phone probably hadn't helped, either...

Oh well. C'est la vie.