Title: The Wombat Series
Chapter: 1
Pairing: House/Wilson, microscopic mentions of House/Stacy, Wilson/Amber.
Rating: G for total fluff.
Warning(s): Totally AU: a kid!fic where the Ducklings are House & Wilson's kids. Chapter Three/Four: slight mentions of House's dysfunctional family, general backgrounds.
Disclaimer: House, Wilson, Cuddy & respective ducklings are not mine. I wish, but alas, they aren't.


It had been a very long evening for the little boy, staying up until one o'clock to celebrate New Year's Eve with his daddies and his Aunt Cuddy. Aunt Cuddy had let the three stay over due to the snowstorm that had blanketed the streets in soft, white snow. She had pulled out the couch and an assortment of sheets, pillows and blankets that smelled like lavender and jasmine (like Aunt Cuddy) and moth balls. Daddy House needed to be downstairs for his leg, otherwise they would have been in the big guest room that the diminutive blonde boy would often stay in if his daddies were working late.

Papa Wilson had put the sheets over the make-shift bed and fluffed the pillows just right for the three of them. He pulled down the comforter so that the three of them could get under the covers soon. Meanwhile, Daddy House was in the corner of the living room, drinking a deep amber liquid and playing a soft, sweet melody on the piano. He soon stood up from the black baby grand, creating a comfortable silence barely broken by the "thump-step" as he crossed the hardwood floor. Daddy House wrapped his free hand around Papa Wilson's hip and pulled him in for a quick kiss. He whispered "Happy New Year's, Jimmy" before sitting down on the bed and picking up the young boy.

"Happy New Year's, Wombat!" He kissed the boy on the head, holding him close for a brief second. "Happy New Year's Daddy!" the boy beamed while holding the stuffed animal for which he earned his nickname. On his other side, Papa Wilson sat down on the side of the couch and took off his shoes. "Happy New Year's Papa!" Wilson turned and smiled, scooting over on the bed to hold his son. He hugged him tight and said, "Happy New Year's, Robert!"

The three men soon were wrapped up in the blankets with Robert right in the middle of his daddies. Papa Wilson's arm and Daddy House's arms held him close, while also gently holding each other while the storm blew on. The three slept quite soundly, and though the youngest of the clan got up quite early when he heard his Aunt Cuddy come downstairs for the paper. He wiggled out of the grasp of his daddies, grabbed his favourite stuffed animal and walked into the other room to cuddle up with his aunt. Daddy House closed the empty space on the bed and once again, wrapped his arm around Papa Wilson. With a quick kiss on the forehead and a Vicodin to ward off the morning aches, Daddy House fell right back asleep. Papa Wilson curled up right next to the elder man following suit.

A few days later, both men got separate emergency pages while at work. Wilson walked into Cuddy's office and sat down, waiting for his husband who walked in about two minutes later, cherry lollipop in hand. Cuddy, who was standing with her back to them, turned around with a soft smile on her face. She had a white envelope in her hand. "I figured that the two of you would appreciate this," she said as she handed it to them. Wilson accepted the envelope and opened it immediately, taking out four pictures. He smiled as he looked at them, House looking over his shoulder. The first was the three of them smiling and hugging right after the ball had dropped on television. The second was the first picture that Robert had taken: Aunt Cuddy and his daddies smiling, with Daddy House slightly cut off. The third one, neither of the men had remembered: Wilson and House were on their sides, facing inwards towards their son, and Robert on his back, Wombat under his arm. The three of them had smiles on their faces, looking every bit the epitome of the happy family. The very next picture was just as precious, but for slightly different reasons: the two men were curled up on the bed together, Wilson's head was leaning against House's chest, arm over House's stomach, and House was caught kissing the top of his husband's head.

"These are wonderful, Lisa. Thank you." Wilson rose and gave her a hug. "They will be going into our photo album."

"Hey, wait a minute..." House said, still looking at the picture. "This is blackmail! What if someone sees this?"

"Don't worry, no one will actually believe you have a heart at this hospital and your reign of terror won't be tarnished. Though if you don't start doing your clinic duty, I may change my mind," Cuddy smirked.