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"Do you mind if I turn the light on?"

I looked from the window to the middle-age women sitting next to me. I gave her a weak smile and nodded. She reached up to the light above us and turned it on, followed by reaching into her over-sized bag and pulling out what appeared to be your every day romance novel.

I smirked to myself as the women submersed herself into its pages while I studied the cover. On it was a man with a bare muscular chest and long hair. Standing in front of him was a woman in a purple lace underwear set. Their faces were both in shadows but in silhouette one could see their lips millimeters apart. All I can think is how silly books like this must be. This is lust, not love. Never love. I, Bella Swan, have never been in love, but was looking for the real thing. Of course I couldn't believe in something as ridiculous as love at first sight. Again, this is lust, not love. How can someone see personality across the room?

The woman next to me must have caught me looking at the cover of her book, because she turns to me and says, "You know, I just finished this wonderful romance novel on my last bus." She reached towards her bag once more. "If you like, you can borrow it until we make it to your stop."

"No thank you," I say. "I'm getting off in Forks. I don't want to get too into it before then."

"Are you going to visit someone, dear?" The woman says. After being on a bus for this long, I am glad to have someone to talk with.

"No, I am moving in with my dad there before school starts."

"Oh, well it is good that you decided to come early, you know, to meet the neighborhood kids." Her smile was warm and stretched very wide across her face.

"I hope so," I lied to her. I didn't want to tell her that I was moving here against my will right before my senior year in high school started. I also did not want to tell her that I didn't want to make new friends; I had my own back home. Instead I smiled at her and said, "My dad says that the neighborhood has a lot of students around my age." That part was true. He had mentioned several times in our recent phone calls that I was "bound to find some buddies with all the kids in our area." I knew he was trying to make everything the best it could be for me, but I still just wanted to be with my friends in Phoenix. As much as I loved my mother and was happy she had married Phil, I wish he didn't travel with his baseball team and I wish she didn't go with him. Not that I would ever tell her that, I liked to see her happy.

I took my phone from my pocket, checking the time. It blinked 10:17. I put the phone back in my pocket and continued to talk to the woman next to me. Her name was Adelle. She was going to Neah Bay, which was North of Forks, to help her son and daughter-in-law prepare for twins, her first grandchildren. I was grateful for her, as my Ipod had run out some time ago and I was bored at looking at the same green scenery and starless sky.

As we reached Forks, Adelle stood as I did and gave me a quick hug.

"Good luck Bella," she whispered into my ear. She let me go and I smiled at her before making my way towards the front of the bus.

I am not proud to say that I have always been a bit clumsy. I still have a little scar on my right knee from falling off a school bus in my freshmen year…and then falling a second time when trying to get up. This time off the bus, I am proud to say I made it down the three steps and onto the ground safely before being lifted up by my father, Charlie, in a big hug. He was the police chief in Forks, and while I was happy to see him, I was also happy to know that he was married to his job and wouldn't always be around. It's not that I was a private person, but I didn't want my father seeing how sad I was going to be here all the time. He loves Forks, so around him I suppose I would have to love it too.

"Honey, I'm so happy you're here! I swear I got to the bus station hours ago! I can't wait to get you home!" His brown eyes were just like mine with bigger tired rings underneath and tiny wrinkles on the outer corners. My complexion was my mother's, as his skin tone was more tan than I was. His dark hair was hidden under a baseball hat, but I could see that it may have began to gray, as his full mustache had small silver flecks in it. I faked a big smile back at him, after all I was at least happy to be off the bus.

"Oh dad, don't be silly, you haven't been here for hours! I'm glad to see you too!" He let me go and I pointed him towards the area to get my luggage.

"Bella, this is all you brought here?" he asked as we piled two duffel bags and a small suitcase into the back of his big old truck.

"This is everything," I said back. I had packed up most of my clothing and trinkets from my room, but had sold all my bedding and whatever else I decided to leave, as Charlie had promised me a new bedroom. I did have to say I was excited about that. I had had my old bedroom set since I was ten. Something told me that it couldn't hurt to lose my Spice Girls sheets.

"Well as soon as you make friends I'm sure that someone will be happy to go shopping with you," he said. "I would take you myself, but as you can see," he said, pointing to his college sweatshirt, "I am not too good at shopping."

"That's okay dad. I'm not too worried about clothing. I don't even like shopping very much."

He turned his eyes from the road to me and smiled. "I heard you have your license now," he said.

I nodded. "I just got it about three months ago."

"That's good," he said, looking back to the road. "Otherwise I don't think I could let you have this truck."

"Oh!" My eyes opened wide with shock. I couldn't believe this! A car of my own! I hadn't even had one in Phoenix! "Dad! You didn't have to do that for me!" I reached over and hugged him.

"Bella, you needed one, and if it makes you feel any better, it was cheap." I could tell he wasn't lying, his nostrils flair when he does. I really do appreciate the truck too, but I also don't like when people spend money on me.

"Dad, it's great. I love it."

"And about your room…," he says, eyes still on the road. "I know you were probably expecting me to have it all done for you, but I've been a bit busy and didn't know what you would want, so I thought I'd leave you money to find yourself whatever you need to make it feel like home."

"Okay dad, that's fine. I don't need very much though." I could tell he was trying so hard to make me like it there. Really, it was sweet of him. I turned my eyes to out the window, watching as blobs of green passed my window. Charlie kept asking me questions about back home, scratch that, back at my old home, until we reached a house that I recognized from pictures as his. He took in one of my duffel bags and the suitcase while I dragged the second bag behind us slowly.

"Are you hungry?" Charlie asked as we headed up the stairs.

"No, I brought snacks on the bus."

We turned the corner after the stairs and moved into a room on the right side of the hall. I knew right away it was mine. It was plain white, with a wood dresser, and two doors across from a matching wooden bed with plain white sheets on it. There were white shelves attached to the walls, where I could see my book collection going. I dropped my bag and started to look around the room, Charlie stood at the door. The first door led to an empty closet. The second door was to a bathroom. It wasn't huge, but it was mine. It had a tile floor and the walls were a cream color with white shells. The shower, which was also a bath, was behind a sliding door and a large mirror was above the sink area. I stepped back out, finding what was sure to be my favorite place within my room. Facing the backyard were three adjoining windows with a sitting ledge underneath. I could see myself reading there, doing homework, or just looking outside, if I ever got used to all this green. I do admit, I was kind of excited to see rain and snow. I hadn't seen them more than once in person, and that was when I was younger.

I turned back to Charlie and smiled. "Thank you Dad. This is really great." I walked over to him, careful not to trip over my bags and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"Welcome home, Bella," he said into my hair. "I'm gonna hit the sack. It's the farthest one down the hall, in case you can't find anything. I'm not sure what time you get up, but I head to work pretty early, so if I'm already gone, the keys to the truck are on the kitchen table downstairs and you can call me if you need directions anywhere."

"Thanks dad, but I'm probably just going to unpack tomorrow" I replied.

"Goodnight, kid," he said as he walked out the door, closing it halfway behind him.

I went to the window ledge and looked out into the night. From the window, I could see that the house behind had a pool and a large trampoline. The house next to that had a swingset. Looking straight down, it looked like our lawn was plain, with exception of a patio and chairs. Again, it was dark, so I could be wrong. I looked at the house directly across the back again, noticing there were lights on in that house as well. I went to pull out a book from my bag, finding next to it a second book. I smirked when I saw what it was. Adelle must have slipped her old novel into my bag, because I don't recall owning anything with a half-naked man on the cover. I put it on one of the shelves near the window. I know that I won't be reading it soon, but it was the thought that counted. I put my book on the ledge and went to my suitcase, looking for something to wear to bed after finding a pair of boxers, yes I own many pairs, and a big shirt I closed my bag. I removed my shirt throwing it on the floor. I was just about to remove my jeans when I remembered the window was open. I wasn't worried about it too much until I walked over to close the blinds. I looked out once more-AND OH MY GOD! There in the window across from mine was a male figure. I covered myself with my arms as fast as I could while still trying to look out and catch the face of my peeping tom. I couldn't quite make out the face, but I saw him lift his arm and-DID HE JUST WAVE AT ME?! I could feel my face turning bright red as I grabbed for the string and closed the blinds. I could not believe it. I have been in Forks for less than two hours and have already embarrassed myself. In front of my mystery neighbor.

After being this mortified, I went into my windowless bathroom to finish changing before heading to my bed. I laid staring at the ceiling until my drowsy eyes couldn't stay open and fell asleep.