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"Stay with me tonight."

As soon as I said it, I could see the color draining from Bella's face, making her eyes and lips stand out against her pale skin. I knew how she had taken it and immediately tried to back-track.

"Bella shit, I-I didn't mean…it's not like it sounded…"

She smiled at this, knowing that chicks never make me tongue-tied. I took a breath before continuing.

"We don't have to do anything, I just…don't want you to go. It doesn't even have to be the two of us; Alice will be here, maybe Jasper too."

"Speak for yourself," Alice said, overhearing me. "I'm going over to Jasper's tonight, but I can call Charlie if you want and tell him we're having a sleepover."

"And you could sleep in Alice's room!" hoping that would convince her to stay. Her face was so difficult for me to read, with millions of thoughts running behind those big brown eyes.

"I think-that should be okay," she said, smiling down at our hands, which were intertwined in her lap.

Shit. I don't really know what to do with a girl...in my room…in my bed…all night without having sex. Nice work, bud, way to think ahead on the situation. I mean, she's been in my bed before…just not with me in it, and us dating, and...I am so fucked.

"Should I go home and get something to wear?"

"Oh no, I've got stuff," I said without thinking. Damn it if any girl in my pajamas isn't the sexiest thing in the world, let alone it be Bella. Clearly I had a hankering for blue balls.

"Okay," she said, looking up at me. She brought one of he hands up to my cheek before giving me a quick kiss. "I'm gonna go call Charlie, let him know what's going on." She smiled before dropping my hand and getting up.

I heard her calling for Alice as I jumped off the couch. Time to find Jasper. Usually he was the best guy I knew to get advice from, at least on this topic. He kinda had the sensitive gentleman shit down, which I was jealous of at this moment. I found him in one of the upstairs bathrooms fixing his hair from the way his Bella-wig made it stick to his head.

"Dude, are you playing with your hair?"

He looked at me in the mirror. "No man…it just felt really gross on my forehead so I came to fix it, but then I saw it and…man don't look at me like that. Just because you don't touch your hair doesn't mean the rest of us don't."

I laughed and put a land through my hair, knowing exactly what he meant. Despite my efforts, it seldom looked controlled.

"Did you come up here to help? Because I really can't see the back…"

"Very funny, asshole, but no I am not here to tend to your hair. I've got a situation…" I looked down trying to figure out how to explain.

"Would this be a Bella situation, my friend?" He smirked, knowing that it was from my expression. I nodded and he rolled his eyes. "I suppose I can help…but for real, is the back of my hair okay?"

"Are you serious right now? It's fucking fine, now help me out!"

"Okay okay," he said, motioning for me to shut the door. "For the love of God please tell me you did not cheat on this girl, because if I knew about it, Alice will kick my ass."

"No, I didn't cheat on her," I said as I leaned against the wall. "I just invited her over-"

"And she said no and you don't want it to be weird?"

"No, she said yes," I sighed. Fuck, I'm such a girl. "I don't really know what I'm doing here."

"Edward, don't give me that line of crap. You've probably been with more chicks than me or Emmett."

"I don't mean it like that!" I ran both hands threw my hair before continuing. "We aren't sleeping together yet…she's not ready for that yet…but I-I'm…"

"You're a big horny perv and don't want to fuck everything up."

"Yes, Jasper. Thank you for summing that up so beautifully." I clapped sarcastically for him and he bowed his head.

"So…you want to know what you can do with her that doesn't involve sex? Because if so, there is no need for this conversation, your balls have clearly already dropped off."

"Jazz, help me out here! She's staying here with me in my room in my clothing and I can't mess things up!"

He shook his head and finally turned from the mirror to look at me. "I can't tell you what feels right in your relationship, man. I guess if you don't want to make her uncomfortable, you should just follow her lead for the night. Bella's a smart girl, she can definitely handle setting the pace, especially if everything is still pretty innocent with you two right now."

"Okay, so I let her set the pace…anything else?"

"Don't sit there with a case of blue balls all night. Deal with that shit on your on if necessary. It's better for your self-control if that's not the top three thoughts going through your mind. Trust me, I know. Alice made us wait a while."

"Don't say shit like that man! She's still my sister and that's fucking weird."

"You might as well live with it…it's not like she doesn't know you have sex. Hell, even the mailwoman knows you have sex."

"Fine, whatever," I said, thankful for his advice. I suppose if Alice had to be with anyone, I was glad it was Jazz. He was a good guy and wasn't the type to even consider having more than one girl at a time, as he reminded me several times when talking about my "relationships".

Just then, there was a knock on the door, followed by Emmett peeking his head in. "I found them! They're just hanging out in the bathroom together! Man I only thought chicks did that," he yelled down to the girls. Jasper gave him the finger as the three of us headed downstairs. The girls were all in the kitchen cleaning up from the mess left at the party.

"We'll have to do the rest of this tomorrow," Alice said, kicking her feet up onto the table. "I am pooped!" Jasper came around and scooped her up and they said their goodbyes.

"Yeah bro, we'll be back in the morning to help with this. We've gotta hit the sack!" Emmett said as he yawned and stretched his arms over his head. I don't know who he thought was fooling with that look in his eye, but I didn't bother calling him out on it. Five minutes later they had left as well.

And then there were two.

"Um, so your dad said it was okay?" I said, breaking the silence after the front door had shut.

"Yup. He loves your parents, and Alice," she said smiling as we both headed towards the stairs.

"Oh yeah? What about me?" I asked, wondering if she had left me out on purpose.

"Yes, you too, but you aren't staying here tonight with me and Alice," she said, winking. "You went to hang out with Jasper and Emmett for the night."

I couldn't help but grin at this, wishing I could've seen her call Charlie. She was unbelievable and all mine. "Of course, that would make sense. But if I was with them, I wouldn't be able to watch you walk up the stairs now would I?" I couldn't help that one. Her tight pants clung to her body like a second skin.

"Ewwww, don't be a perv!" she called back, heading for my room. Hmm, the second time I've been called a perv in one hour…that's promising.

When I finally made it into my room, I realized how tough tonight was going to be. I could feel my dick twitch when I looked at her, sitting on the edge of my bed perched up on her elbows. If this was any other girl I would've been attacking her by now.

"Any requests on sleepwear?" I said, turning to my dresser with all my self-control.

"As long as it's not some tacky shirt with a picture of boobs on it, I'm good."

I pulled out a long short sleeve shirt that was big on me, so I knew it would be giant on her. After some digging, I found a pair of cotton gym shorts that looked safe. I turned to give them to her and...shit if she wasn't taking off her mask and tousling her hair. Fuck, how many straight guys use the word "tousling"?

"If you want, you can wash up while I change?" I said, hoping that the few minutes alone would give me some control.

"Uh, sure," Bella said, rising to her feet. She wobbled a little bit, but regained her balance to sit back down on the bed and remove her shoes. That's a good girl: get rid of those fucking boots. She smiled at me before heading towards the bathroom. I quickly changed out of my clothing, wondering if I should wear a shirt to bed. I usually didn't; I liked the cold from the sheets, but maybe it would make Bella more comfortable. I decided against it and threw on a pair of flannel pants. Just as I finished tying the strings, Bella returned. Her face was now makeup free, but she as beautiful natural as she was with makeup.

"I'll just wait in the hall while you change," I said, picking up pajamas I found for her and placing them in her open hands. I turned to leave and give her privacy.

"You…" she said, making me spin around on my heel. "You don't have to wait outside, Edward." Holy shit, was she asking for me to see her naked?! Without her makeup, her blush was very noticeable running from her cheeks and down her neck. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE MEANT! I felt myself hardening in my loose pants; if I stayed here while she changed I was a goner for sure.

"I think I'll just wait outside," I replied, hoping I didn't sound too depressed. She looked up at me as her expression changed from one of hope to sadness. Shit, she thought I was rejecting her. Who in their right mind would ever reject her?!

"Oh, okay…that's fine," she said, now staring at the ground.

I moved closer to her, hoping she would look up at me without being prodded. No such luck…I am a fuck-up.

"Bella, I don't think you understood what I meant," I said, lifting her chin. Her eyes were wet, as if she was holding back tears. "I didn't mean that I don't want to see that. Fuck, I want to see that. It's just," she waited patiently as I tried to find the right words. "I don't have the control I should have over my…self and if I see that, I can't promise to be a gentleman. Do you understand?"

She nodded and I dropped my hands. "How about you just turn around? I mean, I trust you…"

I closed my eyes and turned around, listening to the sounds of fabric being taken off. I clenched my fists trying to maintain control, knowing that there is a beautiful, half-naked girl near me. I was relieved to hear her pick up her pajamas and begin putting them on. Yes, I know it's weird, but I have heard plenty of clothing articles being put on and taken off. I recognize the sound almost like voices.

"I'm all dressed," Bella said from behind me, her voice a little shaky. I could tell she was nervous too, but not in the same way I was. I turned around and my breath hitched. I couldn't even see my shorts underneath the long shirt I had given her. It hit around her knees; she looked so small in it.

"Did you even put on the shorts?" I said, smiling at her. She lifted up the hem of the shirt to reveal the baggy shorts hanging low on her hips. "You know, if they're too big, I could always grab something from Alice's room…" I offered, hoping she would decline.

"Oh no, this is fine," she said as she jumped into the middle of my bed. "Plus…I like wearing your clothing."

This girl was trying to kill me. I couldn't help but crawl up the bed towards her. I knew I hadn't passed our boundaries yet, especially by the smile on her face.

"So what's the plan, Stan?" she said, looking up at me while I hovered over her.

"I think," I said flipping us so she was now above me, "that you should be in charge of the plans."

"Is that so?" she said, resting her hips against my stomach and leaning her forehead against mine. I nod and she finds my face with her hands. I kept my hands in my sheets, away from her bare legs. She gave me a wink before pressing her lips against mine. It felt so good to be this close again after a night of teasing. As her tongue traced my lips, I couldn't help but moan. I usually like being the one in charge, but there was something so incredible when it was Bella. I lost control for a minute, grabbing her bottom lip gently with my teeth and sucking it into my mouth. She responded by shifting her lower body down so it was only a few inches above my hard-on. Shit, I hadn't even noticed until now. She lifted herself to be sitting up straight. Please do not move back. Please please please do not move back. Instead she took my hands out of my sheets and kissed my knuckles. It was this kind of little shit that Bella did that separated her from anyone else. She placed my hands on her hips, planting them firmly as if to say "don't you dare move." I nodded, showing that I understood, and she smiled down at me.

I was completely blown away by what she did next.

Slowly, she took the hem of her shirt in her hands. Slowly, she fiddled with the bottom, looking down at the fabric. Slowly, she brought her eyes back to mine. And in what can only be described as painfully slow, she pulled my big gray t-shirt over her head. I was in such shell shock at first it didn't even compute to, you know, look. Such a pussy, Edward.

Bella cleared her throat. "Are you gonna look?" she said, clearly happy with the reaction she had on me. I bring my eyes down quickly and suck in a breath. I can't lie, I had seen a lot of tits in my day. A LOT of tits. Big tits, small tits, fake tits, real tits…even a girl who had her tits tattooed like they were a pair of eyes…which come to think of it was probably a mistake. I had seen every type of lingerie that is known to man…but there was nothing, and I mean nothing, as sexy as Bella in her plain white bra.

"I'm sorry…Alice wanted me to buy something special, I just wasn't sure…" I pulled her down onto my bare chest before she could say anything else. I forced my tongue into her mouth, hoping she understood how incredible she looked. I don't think I will ever understand why she doesn't see what I see.

"You look amazing," I said rubbing my hands up and down her bare back as I broke our kiss. I waited for her to open her eyes before I continued. "Can I…I mean…" I wanted so badly to touch them, but asking seemed so ridiculous. Instead, I did the only thing even more ridiculous; held up my hands and made "boob-squeeze" movements. What the hell is this girl doing to me?! Boob-squeeze movements?!

"Edward," she said, licking my neck once, "that's kind of the point here."

Without wasting another minute, my hands were on here. Perfect. Her eyes closed and I took the time to roll us over. Since she drew the boundary lines, I suppose a little control couldn't hurt…at least not as much as the throbbing in my lower half. It was painfully pressed between our bodies now, I was sure she could feel it. I started palming her chest, managing to get harder as her nipples hardened under my touch. I wondered if touching past the bra was allowed, but I tried to put that out of my mind while working her in my hands. I'm not sure if she realized, but fuck she was rubbing herself up against me. I allowed my thumbs to trail under the bottom of the bra, not even far enough to touch her nipples with my bare fingers. She seemed more than okay, so I moved to the top of the bra to pull down one of the cups. I looked up to her face to double check…she looked surprised, but not as surprised as I was when she put her hand into my hair and dragged me down to her partially bare chest. Fuck fuck fuck.

"Shit baby," I whispered, looking into her eyes before giving her nipple a quick lick. She bucked her hips into me, making me lose control and take her nipple between my teeth. Her breathing picked up, making it harder for me, physically and mentally. I continued my movements, their pace increasing with my excitement. This wasn't just going through the motions. Bella's little noises and movements turned me on more and more. I pulled my head back before switching to her other nipple, I had to see her face. She was stunning…she smelled amazing, her taste-fuck…there isn't a sense that this girl doesn't make me hard with. I quickly dove down to her other breast, nearly losing it in my pants when she wrapped she legs around me, pulling me down to her.

I knew I had to break away soon, I almost felt like I was fighting off an animal. I held out, counting the seconds before I needed to…take care of myself. I know she wasn't entirely sure what to expect time-wise, but I had my own standards.

She arched up into me as I bit down on her nipple, causing her warm center to brush against me through our pants. I couldn't take anymore; I left her breasts, trailing wet kisses down her stomach until I reached the tie on her-my- shorts. I held her still as I breathed in…maybe she wouldn't stop me if-fuck no we have to stop now. I gave her stomach one last kiss before slipping off the bed and nearly sprinting to the bathroom. Okay, maybe it wasn't a sprint, as that would've been even more uncomfortable…but at a considerable gait. It didn't take more than a minute before my muscles began to spasm. I came and washed up quickly, hoping Bella wasn't upset by me leaving. When I got back she was sitting on my bed, once again wearing my shirt.

"Hey," I said, grinning like a damn fool. She must have feelings for me if this face doesn't scare her off, I probably look like the damn Joker.

"Hey," she smiled back at me. "So just to be clear, did you just…"

"Yes," I finished for her, knowing by her face that she wasn't fully comfortable asking if I just blew my load.

"Because of this?" she said, her blush was adorable.

"Definitely because of this. Bella, this was the best Halloween ever. You should probably by six more of that costume and wear it every day."

Her smile almost became a smirk, but a yawn quickly came out of her mouth, disrupting that expression.

"Aww did I tire you out?" I said as I plopped down on my side of the bed.

Bella swatted my arm, "don't get cocky, mister!" She squeaked as I pulled her into my side.

"I would never do such a thing," I replied giving her a lingering kiss before pulling the covers up on us. "Let's get to sleep, you know Alice is gong to make us clean up all day tomorrow."

Bella nodded, her eyes hooded with sleep. She used my chest as a pillow and our legs tangled together. Within minutes she was sound asleep, with me not far behind. Just before I was totally out, I heard a whisper.

"I hope you know you aren't getting this shirt back."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

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