he crack police are going to kill me...

The Hunt

The shot was beautiful. Absolutely flawless. Perfect. O' course, could ya really expect any less from the one who made it? Had eyes better than a trackbeast's nose, that one. Every shot she made that day had been perfectly aimed, had hit the mark every time. She had taken down more game than my trackbeasts, and that was sayin' somethane.

She stood in front of me, staring up at her kill, a smile gracin' her delicate features. I couldn' help but notice the way the wind blew her hair gently, or the way her hips swayed as she walked towards me.

She must've noticed me starin', because she quirked a delicate eyebrow at me. My eyes snapped up to meet hers, and she held my gaze for a few moments.

"It was a beautiful shot," I managed. "Perfect."

"Did you expect anything less of me?"

"Naw, 'course not... Everythin' ya do must be perfect."

She smirked in a way that sent my old heart a'flutterin'. "Yes, everything."

A/N Ravess is going to kill me, isn't she? Let's see, I've paired her with Harrier, Dark Ace, Violin Man, and Moss. Who's next? Repton? Actually.... Hmm....