I do not own the rights to the anime Elfen Lied and I will be introducing a chatacter in this story

I do not own the rights to the anime Elfen Lied and I will be introducing a character in this story.

Chapter 1

Standing there looking at disbelief as soldiers were ripped to pieces by invisible hands. Standing at the center of the bloodbath was the girl that the dark hared boy remembered from his childhood. The feelings and the emotions overcame him like a flood overtaking a town by the banks of a river.

"Wait for me by the steps," the horned woman said to the college student.

Kohta obeyed this strange woman from his traumatic childhood. Standing at the steps on a pathway now lit by the light poles that lined the streets as the sun started to disappear behind the horizon. She is the one who killed my little sister Kanae and my father, Kohta thought. After what seemed like forever the strange woman that he had known since he was, a child came to him on the steps. He could see that there was fresh blood on the woman's face and saw that it was actually her blood.

"Who are you," Kohta asked the woman.

Kohta looked into the woman's red eyes that he remembered from his childhood. He listened as the woman explained the situation, about how she could evolve mankind to be a race of Diclonius. After that she stood up to go to what would be certain death, Kohta couldn't help but try to stop her.

"What are you doing," the woman asked in surprise, "I killed you little sister and your father."

"I can't explain it but I just can't let you go to your death," Kohta tried to stop the woman, "I know that I can never forgive you for what you did to my family but I don't want you to go either."

The woman then turned around and embraced Kohta with a kiss. Then as she was getting ready to go Kohta grabbed her and held her for what he wished would never end. After a time, he reluctantly let her go. Kohta watched as she walked down the steps alone and even from where he was on the steps he could see lights on the bridge as the mysterious woman stepped onto the bridge. He could hear the order to fire and he looked away as he could see the bullets start to fly.

Kohta sat up in bed quickly as he put his hand to his forehead, which was sweating. Looking around his room taking in his surroundings he breathed a sigh.

"I thought about it again," Kohta realized as he tried to get back to some sleep.

It had been several days since that night when he said his farewells to the one who had changed his life from the moment that he had met her. He wiped a tear, which had started to form. It was still hard for him to forget about those events that had taken place that night. Kohta put his head down and tried to get back to sleep when all of a sudden his room was flooded with light.

"Get up," a familiar voice ordered.

"Yuka," Kohta started, "I am trying to get some sleep here."

"If you don't get up soon then we will be late for school," Yuka tried to get her cousin out of bed.

"Okay I'll get up."


After making sure that his cousin had left the room he put his head down and started to sleep. However he made the mistake of letting out a snore or two and then he could feel a foot on top of his head.

"Come on Kohta," Yuka ordered, "Get up."

"I'll get up! I'll get up," Kohta replied, "Just stop kicking me will you?"

"You are going to have to do something about this problem of yours Kohta," Yuka started, "I'm getting tired of constantly having to wake you up in the morning."

"So am I," Kohta replied, "It is starting to get hard on the head."

"Well if you would wake up on your own then your head wouldn't be in such pain."

After saying that Yuka turned around and went out the door. Kohta sat up again rubbing his head where Yuka had put her foot.

"I am going to have to buy an alarm clock," Kohta made a little mental note.

After changing for school, he went out into the room where they ate and was not surprised to see Yuka, Mayu, and Nana there already.

"Good morning," Mayu greeted as Kohta entered the room.

"Good morning," Kohta replied with a yawn.

When Yuka heard the yawn she gave Kohta a quick glare and he immediately straightened up and snapped to attention.

"I'm done," Mayu started, "I'm going to school now."

"Have a safe trip," Yuka called after Mayu.

"Now quickly eat your breakfast or we will be late," Yuka told Kohta.

Kohta sat at the table and tried to hurry as much as he could without looking like a pig.

"You don't have to eat like that," Yuka told Kohta, "It is almost as if you have never eaten rice balls before."

The very mentioning of this made him think back to when Nyu was at the house and how she had eaten the rice balls in such a manner.

"Nyu," Kohta whispered to himself.

"What was that," Yuka asked.

"Nothing," Kohta answered.

He then continued to eat his breakfast slowly and in silence having remembered Nyu.

"What is with him," Nana asked.

"He is probably thinking about Nyu-san," Yuka silently answered.

"You mean Lucy," Nana asked.

"Whoever that girl was."

Just then, the grandfather clock could be heard working. The sound of the once thought to be broken clock startled the three at the table.

"What is going on," Yuka asked, "Wasn't that thing broken when we got here?"

"Yeah," Kohta answered.

"Then why is it working now," Yuka asked.

"I don't know," Kohta.

Then they could hear a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Kohta said as he started to get up to go to the door, "Mayu probably just forgot something."

As Kohta walked down the hallway to the door, he was again reminded of the things that had occurred here with Nyu and the others. As he stood in front of the door the silhouette of the figure that was in front of the door was familiar somehow.

"What did you forget," Kohta asked as he opened the door, "I'll go get it for"

He was cut off by the shock of who he saw standing in front of him. Standing in front of him was a woman with red eyes, pink hair and a face full of innocence. The woman looked up at Kohta and he could se blood all over her forehead. The woman's eyes were filled with tears and just as she tried to say something, she collapsed onto the floor.

"Hey," Kohta said as he dropped down onto his knees, "Are you all right?"

The woman looked up at Kohta and started to open her mouth to speak.

"Try not to speak," Kohta told her, "It'll be okay, I'll help you so don't worry!"

"N-N-Nyu," the woman said before fainting.

Suddenly Kohta realized who the woman was.

"Nyu," Kohta said trying to gently shake Nyu awake.

He put his hand onto her forehead and could feel that she was still bleeding. He then turned around.

"Yuka," he called.