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The Kidnapping Of A Queen

Chapter 21. Home Again

Lucy's POV

A month, a week, and 3 days later I was so much better. I was still limping and still had some pain but nothing like it was. I had already taken a few walks on the beach. Most by myself, one with Edmund, two with Susan, and one with Peter, and one with all three of them. Why had I kept up the count? I was taking another walk on the ocean when I heard someone running up behind me. I nearly screamed until I saw it was just Peter.

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy." he said my name over and over again. It wasn't like him to get worked up over nothing. That was usually me.

"They found your cordial and dagger!" he exclaimed.

"What" I said.

"Brian and Stephanie they found your cordial in the woods" he said.

"OH YAY!" I said.

"There's one other thing" he said.

"What" I asked.

"We're going home." he said.

"Oh" I said disappointed.

"We'll be back soon" he said.

"Ok" I said. We ran to get there. Even though running hurt the most we had to get back. We got to the place where we were going home at. Of course Susan and Peter had come through Susan's room so we had to go through different doors. Edmund, and I stepped up to our door, while Susan and Peter stepped up to theirs. I looked over at Caspian, Brian, and Stephanie. I had become such great friends with Stephanie and Brian. And Caspian was already like a brother to me. Edmund grabbed my hand.

"Come on. We'll be back soon" he said. We walked through and Susan and Peter did the same as us. We came out tumbling and landed with a thunk in the hall. Susan and Peter came tumbling out of Susan's room at the exact same time.

"What is going on up there" Mum called from downstairs.

"Nothing" Peter said "just tripped that's all."

"Anybody hurt" Mum asked.

"Nope" Peter said.

"But I still have a slight limp and it still hurts some." I said.

"At least most of the bruises are gone" Edmund said "Mum would freak out."

"That's a good point" I said finally getting up.

"Well Peter, Susan, are you EVER going to show Edmund and Lucy the surprise" Mum yelled.

"Coming mum." Peter said wincing.

"What surprise?" Edmund asked suspicously. About that time a puppy came bounding up the stairs. Edmund's and mine mouths were open.

"Edmund, Lucy, I'd like you to meet Rosie" Peter said, the puppy bounding in his lap and nibbling at his fingers. He gave a little yelp when she bit to hard, but she continued biting.

"What'd you say her name was?" Edmund asked.

"Rosie, OWW!" he said as she once again bit to hard, and once again continued biting! Susan and I giggled.

"Now their laughing at me" Peter joked.

"Come here Rosie" Edmund said calling her over. She looked at him like he was absolutely crazy but eventually bounded over to him and started biting his fingers, with the occasional OW! from Edmund. Once I was sure they were nice and aquainted I called her over to me. She happily accepted and started biting my fingers, but stopped when I started rubbing her belly, her legs flapping wildly.

"You know that's not very ladylike Rosie" she said jokingly. Rosie just licked her in reply. Peter picked her up and we started downstairs.

"Lucy! What happened to you! You shrunk!" Mum said starring at me. Then I noticed I hadn't regained all the weight I had lost. I gulped and Peter, Susan, and Edmund paled.

"Oh it's probably nothing." I replied.

"If you say so." she said still unsure.

Sor weeks Mum wondered what happened to me. But eventually she got over it, and the puppy got more aquainted with us. All was well once again, just like Aslan had said.


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