New Friends

Ch 1

A/N This is a Shrek /.Kung Fu Panda cross over which I felt like writing today. My sister came up with the idea for this but we worked on it together.

Leah ran into the Jade Palace training room excited.

"What's going on?" Po asked her as Carley stopped training for the day.

"Yeah Leah what's got you so excited?

Did you have lots of candy again?" she asked her friend.

"Nope. We got a letter…. From our friends in Duloc.

I wanted to open it but I was waiting for you so we could read it." She said laughing.

Po watched as they left.

Carley watched as Leah opened the letter.

Dear amigos

We've been living in Duloc for so long, we decided to move to…. China where you guys are.

I hope you're both doing okay.

We should be there in a few days.


It read.

"Wow cool!

They're moving to here.

That's so cool.

Should we tell the others?" Leah said excitedly.

"Maybe… we should." Carley mumbled softly.

"What were you saying?" she asked her.

"Maybe we shouldn't tell Po and the others this.

Shrek and Fiona might not fit in because they're ogres." She replied.

"Good point.

Yeah we should keep it a secret." she told her.

Sha-kia had over heard that and was curious.

Leah then walked into the bunk house as it was dinner time.

They hoped they could help their friends when they arrived.

Po was curious after a couple of days as he saw people move into the house near the Jade Palace.

"They're friends of ours but they might be shy around you guys because they're sort of different like us." Leah said to him.

They knew that and went after training.

Fiona watched as her five year old kids were running up and down the stairs.

"Guys calm down!

Your father broke his leg on your brother's skate board." she said.

She was carrying heavy boxes if things to the house.

She then saw Carley run up to her.

"Hey Fi where's Shrek?

Do you want any help?" she asked as Leah joined them.

"Sure but Shrek's inside.

He tripped on Meatball's skate board and broke his leg in three different places." Fiona answered her.

"That's gotta hurt." Leah replied as they helped move the last of the stuff into the house.

Shrek was lying there on the couch with his right leg in a cast.

"Hey guys I'm glad to see ya.

We haven't been together in a long time." he told them.

"Teah but you're seriously hurt.

How're you going to finish moving in when your leg's broken?

It looks sore." Carley told him.

He chuckled slightly.

"It'll heal in a couple of weeks. Besides Snowgre's here too. He just went exploring.

You know what he's like." Shrek answered her.

Leah was nervous at that as she saw Snowgre teu up out of breath.

He'd been chased by some teens his own age.

"What's up with the kids in this village?

They're worse than hunters!" Snowgre told them.

Carley was about to answer when they heard the gong for dinner.

"We've gotta go! Master Shifu will slay us if we don't show up!" Leah yelled.

"We'll be back fter dinner, okay?

We promise." Carley told him as she ran off after Leah...