Fighting For the One

By Dueler312

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Chapter 1

It was another beautiful day in Llanview. The sun was starting to shine into every house.

It particularly woke up a sleeping fourteen year teenage girl, almost about to turn fifteen. Nicole was about to curse the sun for waking her up when suddenly she realized what day it was. It was first day of High School, and she wanted this day to be extra special. She wanted to dress nicely because she was hoping that Jake would finally act on his impulses and ask her out on a date already. She wanted to be with Jake so much, but wanted him to make the first move.

Nicole first noticed that Jake started to have feelings for her during their eight-grade year. He seemed though to be frightened for some reason and didn't want to risk his friendship with her. Crystal, who watched both of her best friends from the sidelines, kept saying to herself, "When are those two going to get it together and ask each other out already?" She nearly always said that when Jake and Nicole started to go shy around one another.

The other person who knew Nicole and Jake had a crush on each other was Nicole's mom, Starr. Ever since that Nicole told her about her having a little crush nearly five years ago, Starr and Nicole were talking about it when they could. Cole even tried to get in on the conversation, but Nicole told her dad, "No, Dad, this is a girl talk only."

However though, she knew it had to be the day where Jake would ask her, and if not, she would ask him herself, because she didn't want to wait anymore. The crush she had for him was starting to turn into feelings for her best male friend, and she wanted to act on them.

She then came downstairs an hour later, with her hair in a ponytail and a light blue shirt and blue jeans. She did apply a little makeup on her as well.

"Well, are you trying to get someone to notice you?" asked her mom.

"Mom, not in front of the men, please," Nicole said, motioning to her dad and her brother, Patrick.

"Somebody is trying to get a date with someone," Patrick said, starting to tease.

"Knock it off, Patrick," said Cole.

"Yes, Dad," said Patrick, feeling defeated. Starr just shook her head.

Starr just shook her head at her son. Patrick was now nine years old and in the fourth grade, but he still like to cause trouble with his sister.

"But come on, its pretty funny to tease her about it," argued Patrick.

"You better stop, or I'll start teasing you on how Laura has a crush on you," said Nicole.

"Okay, you two," Starr interrupted them. "Your heard your father. Knock it off." She then set some milk for the cereal and went back to the kitchen. "Although it is kind of funny that Laura crush switched from Cole to my son during this time," she said to herself.

Langston and Markko's daughter, Laura, who was now seven years old and starting second grade seemed to, had a change of heart. She started to have a crush now on Patrick, who was getting annoyed by it. Nicole kept laughing every time Laura tries to snuggle up to him. Patrick always scowled when it happened.

Later on, Cole was driving his two kids to school. He dropped off Patrick first, who ran off to find his friends and to keep hidden away from Laura. Nicole just shook her head and off they drove.

While they were on the way to Llanview High, Cole asked her daughter something. "So, are you planning to ask Jake out on a date?"

Nicole didn't want to talk about this subject with her father, but figured she better to get him off of it.

"If he doesn't ask me by the end of school today, I will ask him," said Nicole. "Why?"

Cole just shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, sweetie," said Cole. "I'm just acting like most dad's do, not like your mom's dad though," he added real quickly.

"You're just can't believe that I'm at this stage, huh?" asked Nicole.

"Yeah, you can say that," said Cole.

"Don't worry, Dad," Nicole assured her dad. "I'm always going to be your girl, or one of them." Cole laughed quietly as he pulled into the parking lot of the school and found a space to park.

Nicole separated herself from her dad and headed off to find her locker and to find Jake and Crystal. Luckily for her, all three of those were in the same spot.

"Hey, you two," said Nicole, catching up to them. She started to work at her locker, which was in between her two friends.

"You ready for our first day, Nikki?" asked Crystal.

"Yeah, I am. I definitely can't wait for it," said Nicole.

"Well, these last four years are going to be great," said Jake.

"Excuse me, but who let you three here in this school?" someone said from Jake's left side.

A teenage girl with long black hair and a boy with brown hair were standing right close to them. According to them, as Nicole looked, it seemed that they were a couple, although they didn't seem to be a nice couple.

"We'll ask you again," said the boy. Apparently this was the first time they heard him speak because Nicole heard the girl voice first. "Who let you three in this school?"

"We enrolled in here," said Nicole. "Its not that difficult to figure out,"

The girl blew a short breath of air and brushed her hair out of the way. She then said, "Well whoever enrolled you in here made a mistake, because you guys don't look like you belong here," she said, ending the sentence with a little force.

"Who are you guys to decide who can be in this school and who can't be?" asked Crystal.

"Well, first of all," said the girl, "my name is Aleisha, and this is my boyfriend, Thomas."

"And we make sure that we check all of the people around here, and see if they do belong in the school were in, or not," said Thomas.

"I think you two better back off right now," said Jake, stepping up in front of them.

"Oh really, who is going to make us?" Aleisha sarcastically asked.

"I will if you don't stop," said a voice behind Aleisha and Thomas. Markko was behind them and he was looking hard down onto Aleisha and Thomas.

"Who are you?" asked Aleisha, trying to hide her mean attitude.

"I happen to be Coach Rivera, but I'm also a hall monitor here, and I happened to saw what you two were saying to those three," said Markko.

"We were just introducing ourselves," said Thomas.

"Nice try, but I heard the whole thing, and I would watch it next time before you try to pick on someone, especially her," Markko said, pointing to Nicole.

"Why her?" asked Aleisha.

"Because my Dad happens to be another coach here at Llanview High," said Nicole, "the football coach to be precise."

Aleisha and Thomas just shook her head, and they both headed away.

"You three okay?" asked Markko.

"Yeah, we are," said Nicole. "Thanks, Markko."

"Hey, anytime. I am going to have to tell your dad, you know that," he noted.

"Its okay," said Nicole. "I feel better that he and my mom knows about this."

"All right, later," said Markko, and he headed off.

The three friends were glad that Markko was there to take care of the situation, and then got their stuff and started to compare what classes they had with each other.

"Oh, looks like you guys have the first class without me," said Crystal, looking at what they had for their first class.

"Hey, that's okay," said Nicole.

"Yeah, we had to expect that we were going to be separate from each other in some classes," said Jake.

"Well, I'll see you guys back at he lockers," said Crystal, and she headed off to find her first class.

"Come on, Jake," said Nicole.

"Hey, Nicole, Can I ask you something?" asked Jake."

"Sure, Jake," said Nicole, hoping it was the question she was hoping.

Jake took a deep breath and then said, "Wouldyouwanttogooutwithme?"

Jake had said that real fast; Nicole didn't understand a single word. "What did you say?"

Jake calmed himself down a little, then asked the question again a little more slowly. "Would you want to go out with me?"

"You mean like, on a date?" asked Nicole.

"Yeah, like that," confirmed Jake.

Deep inside her, Nicole was fighting every urge to scream out loud, but she managed to say to Jake, "Yeah, I would like that."

"Okay, how about Saturday?" Jake suggested.

" I would like that, that is if my dad don't have his first football game of the season on that day," Nicole reminded him.

"Cool," said Jake.

Just then, a short bell ringed in the hallways, letting students know they have one minute left to get to their class.

"We better get to class. I don't want to be late on the first date, day, I mean," Nicole said, correcting herself.

Jake just laughed and said, "Well, allow me to escort you there." He then took Nicole's hand and they both headed towards their first class. Little did they know, Crystal was watching them, and as they left, she hurried over to her first class, saying to herself, "Its about time."

Meanwhile in Statesville, a prisoner was picking at a wall with what looked like a sharpened rock. The wall had a big hole in it from all of that picking. He then figured it was time to stop, as it was time for lunch, so he hid his digging tool in a space between the wall and his bed. He then pulled out a paper that was 4 years old. It showed a picture of Britney Jennings, the woman who was in a mental hospital because she was completely obsessed with getting Cole Thornhart for herself. He then said to himself as he hid the hole with the bed, after putting the paper way, "Don't worry, we're going to get what we both want." Todd smiled an evil grin, as he got ready for his lunch to be delivered.

Later on, when Cole, Starr, and their kids were home, everyone was in an energetic mood. Patrick ran straight to his room to plan something. According to what he said as Cole drove home after picking him up, it seemed Laura had tried to pinned him down and cuddle him. He did manage though to get away.

Nicole was telling her mom about Jake finally asked her out on a date for this Saturday.

"I'm so excited, Mom, I just can't wait to see if we're ready for this," she said, almost about to burst.

"Hey, It'll be okay, all right. I mean, my first date with your dad was a great one," Starr said, leaving out the slideshow of Britney's.

"I know, I just can't wait," said Nicole.

"Well, I know your homework can't wait either, so I suggest you get working on that, okay," Starr suggested. Nicole and the others had gotten a big huge amount of homework on the first day of high school.

"Okay," said Nicole. She kissed her mom on the cheek and then went upstairs to work on her homework.

"She's definitely had a big day today," said Cole, who was coming towards her. "Markko told me that she and her friends had a little trouble with two other teens earlier today."

"Well, you have to expect that," said Starr. "I mean Britney didn't leave us alone until she left during my sophomore year, and she even left her mark by sending Langston to the group home."

"Well, at least we won't have to worry about her, or your father," said Cole. Starr smiled.

"As a matter of fact, I was wanting to ask you something," he said, bending down onto one knee. "Cole, what are you doing?" asked Starr.

"I was wondering Starr if you would like to renew our vows?" asked Cole. Starr was looking really surprised.

"Are you sure, Cole?" asked Starr.

"I am sure, Starr. I want to remind you how much I love you," said Cole.

Starr lowered herself to the floor where Cole was, and said, "Cole, you always remind me how much I love you, but I think that this would be neat to do. Yes, I will renew our wedding vows with you." Cole just smiled and they started to share a good long kiss. "I love you, Cole."

"I love you too, Starr," said Cole. They then cuddled up to one other next to the couch comforting each other.

Hey guys, here's the first chapter of Fighting For the One. Let me know how you guys like it. Stay tuned for the next chapter.