Fighting For the One

By Dueler312

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Chapter 14

It was a couple months later on after Todd and Britney were caught and put back where they belonged. However though, it was a much happier day then that day. It was the day when Starr and Cole were going to renew their vows. Everyone was so excited, except for Patrick, who was forced to have his hair wetted down. He didn't like the hair style at all.

Nicole, Langston, Blair, and Marty were in one room helping Starr getting ready, helping her get ready, while Markko, Jake, John, and even though he didn't want to help, Patrick were in another room helping Cole get ready. Patrick though escaped, although Jake went after him. Unfortunately, Patrick won by running into a nearby room, and locking the door on him.

"Patrick, come on out of there. You know your father is going to be disappointed at you-" Jake started to say, but unfortunately didn't get to finish. Jake came out of there so fast like a speeding bullet, but he wasn't the only one that came out. Laura was in there was as well, in a neat red dress, and went chasing after Patrick. Jake laughed, and as he did, he heard someone else laugh as well. He turned around and then looked stunned.

Nicole was right behind him, and she had the top of hair in a ponytail, with the rest hanging down, smooth and straight. The red sleeveless dress that Starr had bought for this occasion was hugging her real comfortably.

"You look beautiful," said Jake, rubbing his thumb across her cheek.

"Thanks," said Nicole. "You really look handsome as well."

"How's your mom doing?" asked Jake.

"I'm pretty sure she's the same way my dad is, real nervous about this," said Nicole. She looked into Jake's eyes, and she knew now that she couldn't wait any longer to tell him how she felt.

"Hey, Jake, there is something I would like to tell you, before the ceremony starts," she said.

"What is it?" asked Jake. Nicole took a deep breath, and then said to Jake, "I love you."

Jake was stunned by this, and then said, "You do?"

"Yeah. I have been for some time now, and I was going to tell you later, but I just couldn't hold it in-" Nicole didn't get a chance to finish as Jake started to kiss her. Nicole didn't even object. And as they stopped for air, Jake said to her, "I love you too, Nicole."

Those words filled Nicole's heart so much, she didn't think there was any more room left in there. But she always would treasured this moment. Jake and Nicole went in for another kiss, although this one got interrupted with the chase scene of Laura and Patrick again.

"I think we better go separate those two," said Nicole. Jake agreed, and went off to save Nicole's brother from Laura.

Later on, everyone except for Starr and Cole was in the chapel of the church, Matt and Crystal were there as well, as Nicole had invited them. She and Jake had noticed that they were a little closer than usual. Langston and Markko were holding their daughter to keep her away from Patrick, and Marty, Blair, and the rest of the older Llanview residents

"Everyone, if you take your places, we can begin," the minister said. Jake went to stand on the left side of the minister, while Nicole took the other side. Cole then walked up and took his spot, and then Starr appeared in a thin, but gorgeous white dress. She was also holding a bouquet of white flowers in her hands. She was walking down, while looking at Cole all the way. Nicole smiled and looked at her father and Jake. Jake saw her eyes and smiled. Cole however, had his eyes locked only for Starr right now.

Starr finally finished walking up to where Cole was, and started holding his hand, as he did with her. The minister started speaking.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate the renewal of Starr and Cole's vows to each other. These two have gone through a lot of obstacles that have challenged their love for each other, and yet, they still prove to overcome every one of them, and are able to make there love for each other even stronger. They have decided to renew their vows to make sure that love will always stay that strong.

"Starr, would you like to start?" the minister asked. Starr nodded and began to speak.

"Cole, you have meant everything to me since we met each other. You have been there for me through everything, as I have been for you. It's what made our love for each other grow, and even when we were forced to stay away from each other, we were still connected by that love. And then our love was tested when I was pregnant, and we almost lost it, but we learned how to get it back. It seems no matter what is thrown our way, our love for each other will always prevail, and I hope it continues throughout our life."

Nicole was almost about to leak tears. She had heard her mom say something really beautiful when they were getting married, but she was young at that time, and thought love was really wonderful. She knew now that she was right, but she also learned that it was a whole lot more than what she thought.

The minister nodded to Cole to let him know it was his turn. Cole then spoke.

"Starr, you have been everything to me. I have never felt like this for anyone else. You always make my day whenever you are around. You stood by me when no one else would, and that's what made become close to you. We have two great kids (Nicole smiled when she heard that.) who we love to death, and I couldn't ask for anything less. You're my soul mate, Starr, always and forever, and I'll always fight for you."

Starr and Cole then did the exchanging of the rings, and then the minister officially and literally declared them husband and wife, again. Everyone laughed at that part, and congratulated them.

Nicole watched from where she stood during the ceremony. Jake walked over to her and said, "Your parents are really lucky to have each other."

"I know," said Nicole, as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend. "Because I have someone that I can love." Jake looked at her and smiled, and shared a quick kiss.

"Why do I get the feeling you guys are hiding something?" asked Crystal, who walked up with Matt, their hands connected.

"Lets just say we told each other how we felt about each other a while ago," said Nicole.

"NO WAY!" Crystal squealed. "You guys were meant to be together."

"I got to agree with Crystal," said Matt.

"Thanks, you guys," said Jake, and they hugged each other, although Matt and Jake did a handshake instead, which Nicole and Crystal giggled at.

"Come on, lets go celebrate with my mom and dad," Nicole suggested. The others agreed, and they headed out to celebrate.

A couple of weeks later, Nicole and Crystal were getting ready for Homecoming in Nicole's bedroom. Nicole was already in her dress, but she decided to keep her hair down, along with a few curls in it. Crystal was in sleeveless sky blue dress, but she had a shawl to cover her top. Her hair was all pinned up.

"Just wait to Matt sees you," said Nicole.

"Please, you are going to rock Homecoming tonight with that dress and Jake, Nikki," said Crystal.

"You sure?" asked Nicole.

"Positive," said Crystal. Nicole giggled a little.

Just then Nicole's door was knocked upon, and Starr entered. "Wow, you two. You look really beautiful."

"Thanks, Mom," said Nicole.

"Thanks, Mrs. Thornhart," said Crystal.

"Hey, let me get a picture of both of you," said Starr.

"Mom!" Nicole said, a little annoyed, but just smiled.

"Oh come on," said Starr. "You will be doing this when you have a daughter of this age, believe me."

Nicole just shook her head, and stood by Crystal as Starr took their picture.

Just then they heard the doorbell ring. "I GOT IT!" Cole yelled from downstairs.

Cole opened the door to reveal Matt and Jake, who were wearing both black suits, although Jake with a red tie, and Matt with a black tie, waiting to take the girls to Homecoming.

"Hey guys, the girls will be down in a minute," he said.

"No problem," said Jake.

"Who's driving you?" asked Cole.

"My dad is," said Matt, who pointed out a van with Matt's father behind the wheel.

"Hem Hem," said Starr who appeared at the end of the stairwell. "I think there are two lovely ladies who would love to see you." She then stepped out of the way as Nicole and Crystal stepped down the stairs.

"Wow," said Jake. He was looking at Nicole head on. Matt though seemed to be speechless. In fact, he was completely motionless.

"Um, Matt. Are you okay?" asked Cole.

"Huh?" said Matt, still in his position. Nicole went over to him and waved her hand in his face saying. "Hello! Earth to Matt. Anybody home?" She then snapped her fingers, which got Matt back moving.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"Its okay," said Crystal, as she walked up to him. "Besides, it was kind of funny watching you like that." Everyone laughed at that, and even Matt joined in.

"Well, I think we better get going, or otherwise we won't have anytime to dance," said Jake.

"I'm all for that," said Nicole, as she kissed her boyfriend.

"Well you four head out there and have fun," said Cole.

"We will Dad," said Nicole. She then wrapped her arms around her dad. "I love you," she said.

Cole returned the hug to his daughter and said, "I love you too. Now I think there's someone that you love waiting for you."

Nicole looked at her dad and said, "How did you know that? I was waiting to tell you guys when I felt comfortable."

"Just call it a father's intuition," said Cole. Starr kind of laughed at that. Nicole just shook her head at her dad, and then headed off with her two best friends and the man that she loved. Starr then walked up to her husband. "She's really has grown on us, hasn't she?" she said.

"Yeah. I think it's a miracle that we had her, even if we were just kids ourselves," said Cole.

"Well, you were right about one thing," said Starr.

"And what's that?" asked Cole.

"She definitely is the glue that holds us together, along with our love from her." she said. Cole smiled, and they shared a good kiss. Just then, they heard their other child.

"MOM! Now she's calling me." It seemed Langston and Markko's daughter, Laura wanted more of Patrick, and decided to call her.

"I think we better go talk to these two about this," said Starr. Cole agreed, but not after taking one more kiss from his wife, the one who he would fight for always.

Hey guys, this is the final chapter of this story here. I'm not going to be a part 5 on this, because I want to try to do something different. Hope you liked it.