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Out of Body, Out of Mind

Chapter: 1/ Something Very, Very Wrong…

Slowly…ever so slowly Takato Matsuki opened his eyes, and blinked them as he found himself staring upwards at the harsh glare of a ceiling light. The ceiling itself was of an unusual arrangement, at least by Takato's standards, being rather large and far away from him. Quite colorful too, replete with warm colors of tan, blue, yellows, reds, and orange, and it had something of a 'technological' edge to it with the way the colors blended together like circuit boards or the exterior of fictional space ships that he had read about in various books and mangas throughout his life, but it wasn't in any way that was intrusive to him, but instead left him feeling quite well at ease despite not knowing where he was presently residing.

Rising up Takato took a look around him, noting the small, bedlike structure that he was laying on and raising an eyebrow at it before taking in his surroundings. He wanted to say that he was in a 'prison' of some sort, but it most definitely didn't have the appearance of a prison, especially since he wasn't being restrained in any fashion that he would normally connect with imprisonment. The room was much like the ceiling that he had been staring at scant seconds ago with the same compliment of colors and design as before, only there was a bit more to look at, complete with scanning equipment, monitors, and various technological 'doo-dads' whose function he could only guess at but believed that his friend, Henry Wong, could easily deduce just from one glance due to the fact that he was the most technologically savvy out of all of the friends that the two of them had. And they had quite a few, and each and every one of them was like what he and the aforementioned Henry Wong were; Digimon Tamers. Children partnered with a digital life form to protect the balance between the human and digital worlds. It was a title that they all took pride in.

This is weird, thought Takato, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. I mean, weirder then what I'm used to anyway. How did I even get here to begin with, and just where is 'here' exactly? The last thing I remember I was at Rika's birthday party and Renamon had stopped me from going up to her after she had left. I close my eyes one minute and the next…here I am.

Takato frowned as he continued to gaze at his surroundings. It was starting to become plain to him that he was in a lab of some kind, but again the 'who', 'what', 'where', 'when', 'why', and 'how' questions eluded him completely. The setup had been too sudden and without any sense of transition between where he had been during Rika's party and his present location. The closest place that he could come up with was Hypnos, a paramilitary organization set up by the government to monitor and control the flood of traffic that flowed between the real and digital worlds, but in all of the time that he had ever been there (which, granted, wasn't often), he didn't remember it being this colorful.

Hypnos always had this business like appearance, at least in some places. And where it wasn't it was like something out of a government conspiracy story, with everything dark and shadowy…which is weird because Yamaki hangs out in those places the most, and he even wears sunglasses in them. Terriermon likes to say that it's just because he's got an image to maintain. I can't help but wonder if he's right about that.

Smiling at the memory of the long eared goofball of a digimon that was Henry's partner Takato's mind began wondering about where the others were, provided that they were in the same situation as he was right now, and just what exactly it was that they had gotten themselves into this time. He suspected aliens, judging from the rather bizarre layout of the room though the monitors and scanning equipment looked fairly standard to what he saw in hospitals back on earth. The digital world was probably the most likely choice in that case. The thought filled him with a sense of excitement and unease. Being a longtime fan of the TV show Digimon (which was populated by the same creature's that he and his friends were partnered with, and even fought against interestingly enough) Takato loved the idea of adventure, however his passion had been tempered back by raw experience that had been filled with just as much loss and sorrow as there had been the pleasure of thrill seeking, and he had learned that having adventures like the characters he had so often admired on TV came with a heavy price that had exacted its toll on both himself and his friends, particularly one, many, many times. With past experience and memories set firmly in his mind, Takato's already natural instinct to worry came to bear and he began to clamber to his feet.

I sure hope that Guilmon and the others are okay, he thought to himself. So far it looks like I haven't been treated badly in any way but there's no telling if the same holds true for everyone until I get out of here. I don't think that I should have any problem. The only door that I see around here looks unguarded…unless there's a force field protecting it.

Shaking his head slightly Takato looked down, his eyes going towards his waist, instinctively searching out the one item that had saved him and his partner on numerous occasions.

Awww nuts…looks like whoever kidnapped me also took my digivice while I was out. That's just grea…!

Takato paused and tilted his head to one side in confusion.

Um…this is new, the boy thought intelligently as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing. In place of where his human body was, no longer covered by the familiar blue hoody and tan pants that were his normal attire was one that was most decidedly in the nude, covered with orange scales. His hands, or rather claws, were larger then what he was accustomed to, and were closer to his body with three opposable appendages that were more claws then fingers.

A set of red colored training bracers also covered his hands and wrists.

Takato rotated his hands, eyes widening in shock while his mind, failing to understand what it was that he was seeing. For the first time (owing in some sense to the lack of attention that his teacher claimed that he normally paid to his surroundings) he noticed that there was something off with his vision, as though his eyes weren't situated quite right, and his nose appeared to be more centered rather then set off in his peripheral vision as he was used to, which in his mind recalled a lesson from his teacher, Ms. Asagi about stereo vision. Though the majority of the details were lost on him in his present state, he did understand that this meant his eyes weren't facing forwards like they should. As they did when he was human.

Takato felt his legs started to wobble a bit as the shock continued to settle into him. Feeling as though he were suffocating in quicksand Takato realized that he had to do something to get a grip on himself. Calling upon his Tamer experience he took a deep, shuddering breath, pushing back against the shock and surprise, until he felt it recede a bit, just enough to allow some measure of rational thought back into his thinking.

Okay…that's a little better now. Gotta stay calm. Panicking won't solve anything, and this isn't the first time that I've turned into something else anyway…although I have to admit this is certainly…different and not in the least bit expected…not that I was expecting to turn into a digimon when Guilmon and I first biomerged into Gallantmon but still…

Shaking his head Takato decided to set aside such thoughts and ascertain where his friends were before doing anything else. He didn't know if they were like he was but if they were in trouble they were going to need help. Hopping down now from the bed that he had woken up on, not even noticing the wires that were coming off of him as he did so, Takato, now in his new and strange form walked cautiously towards the entrance to his room. Instinctively, though whether or not they were his or whoever had previously owned this body, Takato sniffed the air, grimacing a little at the scents that pervaded his nose.

Whew. Man, I don't even want to know what that smell is…

As Takato made his way towards the door he took notice of his reflection being cast upon the surface of the wall next to him. Curious about the full extent of his appearance Takato craned his head to look. What he saw next absolutely left him speechless, and he blinked his eyes, an alien green to the warm red that he had been born with.

He was rather tall for what he was seeing that much he knew. Perhaps slightly larger then himself if not Guilmon unless he was standing upright (though to be fair it looked as though most of his 'size' was restricted to his head), with a rather flat chest and two simple holes where his nostrils were supposed to be. And of course there was the short, stumpy tail at the back that would have been invisible if not for the fact that his body was turned at an angle. The appearance of what he was looking at was different, but the basic outline, complete with the bodies coloring was familiar. It was the form of a digimon that he had been a fan favorite of for just over two years; the digimon that he had designed Guilmon to be better then.

If Takato didn't know any better that was just what he was now.


"I'm telling you," spoke up a voice from outside the doorway, "this one's unlike any of the others of this particular species that we've encountered in the past."

"I can get that considering some of the unusual data that we got from it when it first showed up as a digi-egg, but that doesn't change what it is. Are you sure that we should be checking him out without backup? Shouldn't someone like Yoshi be here with us to make sure that nothing goes wrong?"

"Yoshi's out in the field, and anyway this dino was out like a light the last time I saw him. That digivolution of his took a lot out of…"

Two men wearing the white coats that were the trademark of many a scientist and doctor entered the room and froze upon seeing that the bed ahead of them was empty. Not even bothering to check the room around them the two men rushed towards the bed as if by doing so they could change the reality of the lack of Takato's presence on it. Seeing this, Takato took the opportunity to vacate the premises as quickly and in as ninja like a fashion as possible.

His accidently bumping one of the monitors by his bed would have made his friend Renamon shake her head in disgust before giving him a look that asked if he even knew the meaning of the word 'stealth'.

"Um…hi…" Takato chuckled sheepishly, waving one clawed hand at the two startled scientists that had turned around to see what the noise was. "Ah…lovely weather we're having today, huh?"

The two scientists stared blankly at him before looking at each other. It didn't take someone with the intelligence of a Monster Maker to know what was going through their minds.

Awww…NUTS!! Takato exclaimed in his now reptilian mind, and with that he immediately rushed out of the room and into the hallway.

He didn't get very far before the sounds of an alarm started blaring throughout the building.

A/N: A rather bizarre idea that hit me last night when I was watching an episode of Digimon Data Squad. I remembered a conversation I once had with a friend of mine, Keyo-Red Angel of Hope,in which he had mentioned that the voice actor who had done Takato's English dub voice was also responsible for doing Agumon in Data Squad. This, combined with something that could be called a sugar high made me wonder what would happen if, for some reason Takato and Agumon's personalities changed places in their respective seasons and what they would have to go through in order to get back home. Probably something that should have just stayed in my head but I couldn't help it. Beware. Weirdness abounds in the chapters that follow. :P