Aloha, okay creative juices have stopped for Mew Mew Two so sorry. But I have created another story so...HUZZA!!1! Anyway for all those who have played Lost In Blue, 'cause we all know this game will make us cry out of boredom then discover somethiong awesome and we will all become addicted for a couple days. Well I do atleast (eye's readers nervously and slowly backs away). Anyway enjoy this teenyweenywimpy chapter! :)

Keith woke up just as the fire sizzled to a halt. Shuddering he got up and relit the fire, making sure to put some twigs within reaching distance. Laying back down he remembered the dream.

Screams of Terror.

Water Floods Everywhere.

Slowly Submerged in Darkness.

This had been the fifth time he had dreamt something like this. He tried to think of all the possible things which would be the reason why.

Am I just remembering the past or is my subconscious telling me I need to rethink my life a little. Keith smiled at the tiny joke and started to laugh softly, wondering how much he could rethink his life.

Skye rolled over and mumbled something about sleeping and shutting up. Keith obeyed to an extent. But he soon turned his attention to the cavernous ceiling. It looked huge and never ending, Just like this God Forsaken island. Mentally he laughed, ironic it seemed how even the closet place he could call home still reminded him of how they were lost.

Will I ever see my family again, or will both of us die on the island. That would so suck. Though dieing on the island seemed like a possible option. Already it's been a hundred days, a hundred days of survival and wait. How much more can we both endure? Slowly a blessed sleep washed over him taking his worries away long enough for a dreamless sleep.

Okay I couldn't resist putting the rethinking my life part in there too hard to resist. But if you must pelt me with marshmallows I must warn you that they make me hyper. And you really don't want that. Trust me! Anyway more chapters up soon so Yay!

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