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Kagome has never had an easy life odd things always happen to her, but when the well starts glowing orange and takes her to a new world with only Shippo by her side. How will she overcome the new obstacles thrown her way, and what happens when a new love steps into the picture.


The day started out just like any other for the people of Kaede's village, a bright sun shining into the huts of the villagers prompting them to start their work day, children chasing each other about trying to avoid having to work out in the fields, and of course everyone's favorite group of Shikon Jewel hunters was getting ready to depart once again from the ordinary village, at least that's what most of them were doing; Shippo was nowhere to be found.

Shippo was waiting patiently on the edge of the Bone Eater's Well for Kagome to come back from her trip into her time. He kept telling himself he was there to get to hug Kagome and take her treats before Inuyasha could, but he knew that was wrong. Shippo knew there was something wrong, he knew that something was going to go wrong; when he tried to explain it to the other members of the group they told him he was just being paranoid, that nothing was going to go wrong because there was no evil presence or smell of an enemy anywhere around the village. Still Shippo felt uneasy, so he waited for Kagome to make sure it wasn't her, his unease was connected to. A light breeze blew through the trees rustling the leaves and ruffling Shippo's fur; the breeze was a little cold but Shippo refused to allow himself to shiver; problem was it seemed the more he fought his shivers back the more persistent the breeze became and the stronger. A quick gust caught him off guard and pushed him off the edge of the well right into the opening and down the well. A bright orange light surrounded him as he fell, blinding him and causing him to wail in fear.


Kagome laughed nervously when her friends started in on the whole her dating Hojo thing, she was starting to get tired of the whole argument and what was more, she was late for meeting up with Inuyasha and the others. She made a quick excuse about not feeling well and quickly headed off towards the shrine to finish getting packed to leave. As she rushed down the streets of Tokyo a strange feeling of dread came over her like something wasn't quite right, and the oddly cold breeze in the middle of summer didn't help the feeling much either; she quickened her pace as the wind started to get stronger.

When she reached the shrine the wind suddenly stopped but the feeling of dread stayed and seemed to be getting worse; she walked quickly into the house, taking quick notice that no one was home before heading up to her room to grab her oversized yellow backpack. She rushed down the stairs with it in hand, making sure to grab food and snacks before she left, and headed straight for the shrine's well; she threw open the sliding wooden door, not bothering to close it behind her, and jumped down the stairs to the stand beside her portal to the feudal era. She placed her knee on edge of the well getting ready to jump in but something stopped her, that feeling of dread was back and it came with the force of a train; she took a deep breath and tried to talk herself into jumping in, but that decision was taken from her by the wind. As she stood there balancing on one foot a strong gust of wind blew from the open door and pushed Kagome into the well head first; this trip into the well was nothing like what she had experienced before, the light was a bright orange instead of the soothing purples and pinks, and it was blinding. Kagome closed her eyes and let herself fall, trying to think of a reason for this strange change.

Down the well:

Bright light streamed onto Kagome face waking her up from a nap she didn't know she had been taking; she let out a groan and tried to block the light from her eyes with her hand as she tried to sit up, a weight on her chest stopped her from getting to far. She laid her head back down on the ground to let her eyes adjust to the bright sunlight that was still hitting her face when she felt something groan on her chest; whatever the weight was it was moving around, letting Kagome know it was indeed alive.

"Kagome?" the weight groaned shifting a little more and sitting up.

Kagome opened her eyes a little wider to see what was sitting on her and figure out how it knew her, what she saw made her the happiest person in the world; Shippo was the weight sitting on her chest, and though he looked a little blurry eyed he was unharmed and lucid. She laughed a little and smiled at the kitsune pup rubbing his eyes in a sleepy fashion. "Shippo, where is everyone?" She croaked. Her throat was scratchy and dry making it difficult to talk.

"I don't know." Shippo whined, "I fell through the well when the wind pushed me in, and I think I passed out."

"The well!" Kagome shouted, sitting up quickly and throwing Shippo from his perch on her chest. "What do you mean you fell through the well? Inuyasha and I are the only people who can pass through the well."

"I don't know! I got pushed in by the wind and then it started glowing orange and then I woke up right here with you."

Kagome was in shock, she couldn't understand how this could happen; both Shippo and her were pushed into the well by the wind and both of them were surrounded by a bright orange light, and now they were alone in a strange place surrounded by large trees and the sounds of the forest. Kagome pushed herself to her feet to get a better look at their surroundings and hopefully figure out just where they were and find her bag; she scooped Shippo up into her arms and grabbed her bag, which somehow ended up behind her, and started to walk into the woods. Kagome had no idea where she was going, but she knew she had to keep looking strong and confident for Shippo, so she didn't let her fear and uncertainty show on her face or in her walk, in fact she appeared that she new exactly where she was and what to expect.

A howl sounded in the distance and instantly she thought of Koga, 'It might be him.' she thought with conviction and headed off towards the howling. She moved quickly, maneuvering her way through the trees and brush, having to stop occasionally to wait for another howl to follow making the travel take sometime. The one thing she noticed that unnerved her a little bit was that there were no demons anywhere around her, except for Shippo of course and even he was a little subdued at the moment. As Kagome got closer to the howling the trees started to get thinner, signaling the end of the forest and a better view of what was causing the howling; a very large white dog stood in the middle of an open field howling at the blue sky and next to him a tall boy with short spiky hair and red tattoos on his cheeks stood howling with him. 'That's certainly not Koga.' Kagome thought a little disappointed until she noticed his clothing, it looked way to modern to be from the feudal era.

Kagome was just about to call out to the boy when he quickly turned around to face her with narrowed eyes. He moved faster than Kagome's eyes could follow and before she knew it he and the dog stood directly in front of her, both of them had their teeth bared. "Who are you?" He growled lowly.

Kagome was just a little upset by the boys tone and made that perfectly clear. "I'm Kagome! And that's no way to treat someone who's lost and wanted your help!" Kagome yelled at him, causing the boy to shrink back startled with Kagome's ferocity.

"Right…" he said, eyeing Shippo who was trying to make himself small in Kagome's arms, "And that is?"

"This is Shippo." Kagome answered, still a little surly with the boy, "And you do know that it's rude to demand the names of people without introducing yourself first, right?"

"You said you were lost right?" He asked, completely ignoring Kagome's comment, "I don't know how you could be lost, judging by your clothes you're a ninja, a very odd one, but civilians wear kimono."

Kagome was about ready to start yelling at the boy, upset about being ignored and called a fool, at least until he mentioned something about being a ninja. "Wait, what do you mean a ninja!? Where am I, and who are you!?" She asked near hysterics.

'Wow she's really dense. Even if she is a civilian she should know what a ninja is.' He thought to himself, very confused. "Well I'm Kiba and this big guy here is Akamaru. And this here is the Inuzuka compound in Konohagakure."

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