He'd finished another one of his kills

He'd finished another one of his kills. Lord, what a tortured soul…

There were no tears, and no emotion. Just pure gluttonous lust as he tore the limbs off of the body, just an innocent man who'd gotten lost along the way. The man looked to be a tourist; his clothing told the tale well. I didn't even cry. I was only 15 years old, but no I did not cry. I just perched on the edge of the tawny cliff pensively, wondering if the man had a family. If he did, I was truly sorry for them. More so, I was disgusted by the animalistic way Lizard was consuming him. Yecccchhhh….

They had food at the fucking gas station, and there was a town with plenty of restaurants and things just a little way over the Hills! Why, oh why, did Lizard do this?? I'd gotten into my fair share of physical confrontations, but I could never bring myself to kill a person, let alone eat them. It was just horribly revolting.

"Fuck." I whispered to myself, and hid behind a tree. "Ha ha." Lizard laughed ruefully with a mouthful of flesh and carnage, "Not so tough, are you now?" I just shook my head as I watched Lizard engage in the primitive act. He was raised in the mines like a wild animal; it was somewhat understandable, but I knew Lizard, unlike his older brother Pluto, wasn't mentally retarded, and I assumed he knew there was food at the gas station and the gas station man (my dad) would be more than happy to give it to him. I had to set him right.

Just after Lizard had finished eating the person (still feels weird to say that), I slowly approached him. "Lizard?" I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, "Why do you do this?" I said in a slight whisper. "I have to." Lizard said in a low, gravelly voice, "It's what Big Brain says." "You know," I said, resting a hand gently on Lizard's back, "you don't have to listen to Big Brain. The guy can't even get out of his chair, let alone move at all. So you can refuse to do what he says, and he can't do anything about it." "But…" Lizard was saying this quite uncertainly, "The politics that Big Brain told us about. He told us these people deserve what they get. After all the nuclear testing and all that bullshit. They destroyed our homes and, as he said, "turned everything to ashes". So that's why I do what I do. I suppose I've just got a violent spirit." "No," I said, lifting my chin up and looking at Lizard out of the corners of my eyes, "You don't, Lizard. I can see it in your eyes that you want to stop. All you have to do is truly face the fact that Big Brain is wrong yourself."

Maybe I was mistaken, because otherwise the heat was making me crazy, or other than that, it was nothing short of a miracle. Lizard was starting to break down and cry. What am I saying, start? He was sobbing into his hands and shaking. I just stood there for a moment, studying him. I half-smirked ruefully to myself. He should have done this a long time ago, I thought. But there was a part of me that abolished these selfish, ignorant thoughts. I knew that there was a kind heart underneath all of Lizard's sunburnt scars and murderous aura.

I knelt down to Lizard's level and put my arm around his shoulders. "Ohhh." I whispered, rubbing his back gently and resting my head on his shoulder, "It's OK, honey. I just didn't know how far Big Brain took this political brainwashing." Lizard looked up at me like he was going to say something, but he just rested his head on my own. "It's OK, sweetheart," I said, squeezing Lizard's shoulder, "You can tell me what's wrong." "Nothin'" He said, wrapping his arms around me and half-falling asleep, "I'm just sorry." "Good." I said, and gently kissed Lizard on the cheek and let him fall asleep, resting his head on my shoulder.