(A/N) Hey guys! Really sorry about the wait but as you will soon find out, this was a really REALLY long chapter. I was going to split the finale into two parts but it just wouldn't work so I just left it as one long chapter. Think of it as a movie length episode lol. The names of the various bad guys in this chapter are completely fictional as are the characters themselves. Any resemblance to anything is completely coincidental. Anyway after a long wait... I present to you... the finale!

The sun was at its highest point in the day, as it beat down on the ground with fierce intensity. The trees were the greenest they had ever been and the birds sang their songs. Everything indicated a beautiful summer's day. But inside the black Mitsubishi Galant, the four occupants were getting ready to go to war. The mood was sombre and there was little talk. Everyone was preparing, checking guns, reloading clips and sharpening blades. There were a million thoughts running through Jenna's head, but she kept them bottled up tightly inside. Her main focus was on the task at hand, and getting them to their destination. James sat next to her in the passenger seat. He was reloading the clips for his and Jenna's handguns. Dean was doing the same in the back seat, with Sam sitting next to him, trying to formulate some sort of plan in his head. Deep down he knew it was a futile task however, as they would probably end up winging it, charging in there with all guns blazing. After speeding down the highway, Jenna slowed significantly, as she turned the car off onto the dirt track. She crawled along slowly, her eyes glued to the bumpy terrain ahead. The boys strained their eyes for any sight of a trap, but there seemed to be no one around. It was considerably easier to see this time around, as the bright sunlight penetrated through the tops of the trees. Eventually, they emerged into the clearing. Jenna slowed to a halt, but kept the engine purring along. They all looked around for signs of the enemy, but there were none. Dean spotted his Impala. The boot had been popped and the doors were left open. It looked like they had cleaned out the car. James cocked his gun as he gave final instructions to Jenna.

"Okay, turn the car around so it's facing the way out, just in case we need to make a speedy exit. Me and the boys will scout around the outside of the place. We'll meet you back here in 5 minutes. Agreed?" he turned around to look at Sam and Dean. They both nodded their heads as the three of them got out of the car. As Jenna manoeuvred the car around, the three hunters set out with guns raised. They crept over to the Impala, where Dean inspected his baby. The two tires on the left side were completely flat, but at least they didn't do any more damage to it. The boot was completely empty though. All his weapons had been taken out, including the Colt. They continued around to the back of the barn and all the way back to the front where Jenna stood next to the car, waiting for them. James handed her her gun as she checked it and released the safety. They all took one last look at the large structure which stood before them. They said their final prayers as they prepared for the massacre.

"Wakey wakey sleepy heads!!" Dean yelled out. He had successfully picked the lock and chain on the only door into the barn, and stood in the doorway with handgun in one hand and machete in the other. James stood next to him, also with handgun and machete in hand. Inside was what seemed like a living room area. There were quite a few doors in the room which suggested bedrooms of sorts. In the living room were mattresses and sofas upon which the vampires had been sleeping. At first glance there were about eight or nine of them. As they all started to become fully aware of what was happening, they began snarling and jumping onto their feet. As one of them charged at Dean, he raised his gun and let off a shot. The vampire stopped dead in its tracks, as if it was stunned. While the bullet would have done next to no damage to the night stalker, the dead man's blood which the bullets had been dipped in began to spread through the vampires body, poisoning its blood and leaving it incapacitated. The vampire's body began to go stiff as all the other vampires looked on in shock. The wounded vampire eventually collapsed to the ground, causing an uproar among his companions. They began charging the two hunters, fangs exposed, hungry for revenge. Dean let off another shot, as did James, both hitting their mark. They quickly backed out of the barn like building, and into the clearing where they weren't boxed in. The vampires began pouring out, as more and more emerged from the rooms inside the barn. A female vampire leapt at James, who swiftly raised his gun and shot her square in the chest. She fell to the ground, at James' feet, and he wasted no time in bringing his blade in a vicious downward angle across her neck, decapitating her. As their numbers grew, the vampires began encircling the two hunters, who stood next to each other, guns swivelling from one snarling vampire to the next. Some of the vampires began to twitch, as the sun began it's slow burn on their skin. Suddenly, from either side of the barn, emerged Sam and Jenna, who had been waiting for the opportune time to reveal their trap. Sam aimed his gun and fired, hitting a vampire who had been sneaking up behind Dean. As the vampire stood stunned, Dean spun around and cleaved its head off. Jenna resembled Lara Croft, wielding two handguns, and shooting anything with fangs. As the battle began to tip in favour of the four hunters, more and more vampires began pouring out of the barn. They had underestimated just how many of them there were. One had managed to get under Sam's guard, grabbing his gun wielding hand and relieving him of his weapon. Sam spun around, and just as the vampire raised the gun, Sam brought the blade down on his arm, severing it at the elbow joint. The vampire shrieked in agony if only for a second, as Sam put him out of his misery, slicing his head off. But again the numbers began to overwhelm him as another vampire grabbed him from behind and threw him against the barn. Jenna also found herself in trouble as a female vampire had her in a choke hold from behind.

"Jenna!" James let his emotions get the better of him, losing focus for just a second. The solitary second was all that was required, as a fist connected with the side of his face sending him crashing to the ground. He turned onto his back and raised his gun but it was kicked out of his hand before he could pull the trigger. Then before he could blink, three vampires had jumped on him and pinned him to the ground.

Dean found himself cornered, with his back to the rear of the getaway car. He had a feeling there would be no quick getaway just yet. He surveyed the scene. Jenna was having the air slowly squeezed out of her as her feet were barely scratching the ground. The vampire that had her in a rear choke was too strong for her, and she had dropped her guns as she tried desperately to break the hold. Sam was slumped against the side of the barn, not looking completely there. The vampires had relieved him of both his weapons, and were now proceeding to pick him up and drag him into the barn. James was on the ground, with a number of vampires on top of him, trying to restrain him. He wasn't going without a fight, but the numbers prevailed yet again. Dean saw no point in infuriating their captors any further, as he dropped his weapons and raised his hands in defeat. They circled him and grabbed both his arms rather roughly. With his arms forced behind his back, he was lead into the barn along with the other three. Their plan had not gone as well as hoped.

Inside the barn, Dean spotted a table with all his belongings scattered on it. There was nothing there that would be much use to him now except for the colt, but he had no way of getting to it. He was forced onto his knees, as him and Sam were surrounded by about eight vampires. There were about twenty of them remaining, and they all had sick grins on their faces. Sam could overhear a few of them fighting over who would get to feast on who. James was still resisting, as it took four vampires to keep him from breaking free. A male vampire with a shaved head walked up to him and delivered a bone crunching punch, straight into his stomach, causing him to fall to his knees limply. It only took two vampires now, to hold both of his arms, more supporting him than restraining him. James began to gasp violently for air, as his windpipe tightened from the blow to his abdomen.

"Looks like we got fresh meat for dinner tonight!" Yelled the vampire with the shaved head. It was beginning to look like he was the leader of the pack, as the rest of the vampires responded to his statement with blood curdling shrieks. His head was scarred, which made him look even more frightening.

James however wasn't intimidated as he continued to aggravate the leader of the pack.

"The only thing you'll be eating tonight is my foot when I kick your face in you son of a bitch..."

The pack leader put all his might into a right hook which caught James flush on the jaw, dislodging a few teeth. He spat out a mouthful of blood, which seemed to stir the crowd into a frenzy. Jenna, who was being restrained by two vampires as well, yelled out in anguish.

"Stop! Stop hurting him!"

Dean looked over to her, and saw the look of agony on her face. It was if she felt every blow that was being landed on her brother. He had to do something about it.

"Hey ugly!" he called out to the leader. "Where did you get the scar on your head? Your mother drop you on it when you were a baby? It would explain a lot."

The gang leader turned his attention to Dean. "You want some too?"

"Bring it on." Dean growled at him.

"Dean... what are you doing?" Sam whispered.

"It's okay Sammy. I'm gonna get us out of this. Just sit tight."

"Well... since you're all so anxious to be the first to die, I figure the only way to make things fair is to play a little game." The leader said with a twisted grin on his face. He closed his eyes and slowly began spinning in a circle. As he began to spin faster and faster, the other vampires began to get excited. The leader then started to slow down. He eventually came to a stop and slowly opened his eyes. The grin became even wider as he stared straight at a very frightened looking Jenna.

"Don't you dare..." James growled with a ferocity which made even Dean nervous.

The vampire with the scarred head advanced on a helpless Jenna, who tried to break free but stood no chance.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" James roared. He struggled with all his might, and almost broke free, but two more vampires pounced on him and pinned him to the ground.

Dean's mind was racing. He had to find a way to get them all out of here. But right now, he needed to help Jenna. But there was nothing he could do but stall.

"Hey!" He called out to the leader. "Why not take me! You afraid I might bite back!" There was desperateness in his voice which was giving him away. The leader of the vampires could tell Jenna meant a lot to both Dean and James, and he was going to enjoy watching them suffer.

"Don't worry... your time will come. But first, you're going to watch me turn her into one of us." He snarled at Dean.

Jenna had stopped struggling. She was now on her knees, held by her arms. She looked across the room at James, with complete and utter terror emanating from her eyes. James had been lifted back on to his knees, but was still being restrained. His expression had gone from rage to pure desperation.

"Please. Don't do this." James called out. "Take me instead. Turn me. Just please, don't hurt her. I'll do anything you want."

The head vampire could tell that hurting the girl would hurt James the most and he was revelling in the moment. He had complete control of everyone in the room and he was enjoying it. He was now a foot away from Jenna, who steeled her resolve and prepared for the worst. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of watching her beg for mercy. He ran his rough hand along the side of her face. She tried to turn away but then he grabbed her roughly by the chin and lifted her to her feet. The other vampires were starting to get frenzied. Two vampires either side of her still held her by the arms and they were licking their teeth in anticipation.

Dean, Sam and James all felt completely helpless. They were all being restrained as well and they could do nothing but watch.

"Jenna... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." James called out over the raucous laughter of the vampire hoard.

The vampire leader grabbed Jenna on the shoulder with one hand, and pushed her head to the side with the other, exposing the jugular. Bearing his teeth, he sank them into her soft skin. Jenna cringed, her eyes shutting tightly, but she made no noise. She didn't scream or whimper or anything. After a few seconds she eventually fainted. The vampire lifted his head, blood dripping from his mouth, which was curled into a crooked grin.

Dean's heart was aching. His chest heaving. "This couldn't be happening" he thought to himself. He looked over at James. God only knew what was running through his head. However, Dean was shocked to see he was surprisingly calm. He had his head bowed and his eyes were closed. It looked as if he had given up. Accepted defeat and the consequences which came along with it.

The gang leader instructed the two vampires holding Jenna, to place her on the ground. As she lay there peacefully, the vampire leader was handed a knife which he used to make a cut on the palm of his hand. He squeezed his wounded hand until blood began dripping from the wound. Both Sam and Dean watched in horror as he opened Jenna's mouth and squeezed a few drops of his blood into her mouth. James however, still had his eyes closed and was oblivious to what was happening. What happened next was a blur. James' eyes shot open, as did Jenna's. However, while Jenna's eyes were mostly normal coloured, James' were pitch black. He grabbed a fistful of shirt from the vampires either side of him, pulling them towards him and then throwing them across the room with frightening ease. Jenna's head shot up as her first crazed blood lust set in, taking control of all her instincts as she craved the crimson liquid at an animalistic level. As a vampire charged at James from behind, he spun around and crashed his fist into the vampire's chest, crumpling his breast plate and sending him crashing into the door. Vampires started charging at him from everywhere, but he was fending them off, three at a time with ease. The leader of the pack stayed back, grabbing Jenna and lifting her off her feet. He wrapped his arm around her neck and stood behind her, using her as a human shield, as she wriggled and growled, hungry for blood.

Meanwhile, James had disarmed a vampire who had charged at him with one of the machetes, and was now dismembering the bloodsuckers. The vampires who had been restraining Sam and Dean had left that task to join the fray, but they would soon regret it as they were both felled with one swoop of the blade, heads separated from bodies. Dean and Sam sat back, their eyes glued to the carnage unfolding before them. Limbs were flying everywhere, as James was being soaked in gallons of blood. Eventually, all that remained was a stoic looking James, with eyes as black as the night, a stunned Dean, an equally shocked Sam, a manic Jenna and one very frightened vampire.

Dean suddenly realised why James had been so calm seconds before Jenna was turned. He wasn't giving up... he was giving in. He was giving in to the thing inside of him, letting it take control of him. There was no agonizing struggle for control because James had let the demon posses him. He gave into his greatest fear. It was his final act of desperation, to try and help save Jenna, but it had come too late. James now began advancing on the vampire with the scarred head, who was backing away, still holding Jenna as somewhat of a hostage. It was now James who wore the evil grin.

"Stay back!" The vampire stammered. "I'll... I'll kill her if you take another step!"

James stopped mid stride. The grin on his sadistic face grew even wider.

"Look me in the eyes... and honestly tell me if you think I give a damn. Hell... after I rip your head off with my bare hands, I'm going to kill her myself." The demon said.

The vampire seemed at a loss for words. He had never seen such deadly calm on a human being before. Suddenly, he threw Jenna aside and tried to make a run for the door but James swiftly cut him off. The vampire slowly began retreating, hands held up in defeat. James advanced on him slowly, cornering him. He had the machete in his right hand, letting it hang limply at his side. Blood dripped off the blade and made an eerie trail along the ground. The vampire then dropped to his knees.

"Please... please don't kill me. Have mercy on me... please."

"You disgust me. Stop your grovelling you pathetic fool. Nothing is going to save you now. Just accept your fate like a man." The demon said, looking down at the vampire with contempt and disgust. However, there was no anger evident in his coal black eyes, for what the vampire did to his sister.

"Please... don't" were the last words to come out of the vampire's mouth as James sliced his head off cleanly.

Before he could admire his handy work, Jenna jumped onto his back from behind and tried to sink her teeth into his neck, but James managed to grab a handful of her hair, yanking her head away from his neck. Both Dean and Sam watched on in a limbo, unsure of what to do... who to help. They were completely at a loss for words or actions. All they could do was watch the two siblings square off against each other, both trying to end the life of the other.

James managed to get Jenna off his back, and they now began circling, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Jenna snarled at her brother, baring her newly acquired fangs. James just smiled.

"You know... you becoming a vampire... makes this all the more interesting. You might actually put up a fight this time."

Jenna, still being under the control of a fully fledged blood lust, could only snarl in response. The thirst for blood took over all her senses, numbing her to outside emotions or stressors. Suddenly, Jenna lunged at James. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She opened her mouth wide, but James' hands came up to grab her face. He threw her off with relative ease, sending her crashing against a wall. She was slow to get up, and that was all the advantage James needed, pouncing on her in a flash. He brought his knee hard into her stomach, sending her crashing back down to the ground. She gasped for air, her eyes bulging, chest heaving. Bending down, James grabbed her by the neck. He picked her up and tossed her across the room like a rag doll. He walked over to her, where there was a machete lying next to her broken body. He picked it up and began twirling it.

"Do you know how long I've been trapped inside this cell for? 20 long years I've been waiting... just biding my time. Now it's finally here, I'm scared it might not live up to all the expectations." The demon said. Jenna was curled up into a foetal position, clutching her injured stomach.

"Ever since your wretched mother sealed me inside your brother, I've been waiting to finish what I started 20 years ago. Now, once I kill you little Jenna... I'm going to break free of this prison and kill James too. Then the Coopers will be no more and the retribution for my father's death will finally be complete."

Dean could stand to watch no more. He had to act, even if it was on pure instinct. He spotted a machete a few feet away. He rushed over to the blood soaked blade and picked it up.

"Dean! What are you doing!" Same yelled.

Dean launched himself at James, machete raised over his head. He brought it down with all his might, but metal met more metal, as James managed to parry his attack. Then with one swift kick, James sent Dean flying back into a pile of vampire carcasses. Dean was severely winded by the kick, but luckily still had all his bones intact. Sam rushed over to his brother to check on him. He then looked across at Jenna, who seemed to have gained some life in her eyes and colour in her face. James turned his attention back to his sister. He gripped the blade firmly and lifted it over his head.

"James..." Jenna croaked hoarsely.

James seemed to be frozen like a statue. The blade was still hanging over his head, ready to come down at any moment.

"It's me... Jenna. Please don't hurt me. I know you're in there. Jimmy... please." Jenna said. The blood lust had receded and she regained control of her senses.

The smile was gone from James' face. His face was utterly passive. Then, all of a sudden, he cringed in intense agony. The blade fell from his hand and landed inches from Jenna's face. James staggered back a few steps, clutching his heart. He let out a roar of pain, as he shook his head violently, as if he was trying to shake the demon out of him.

"Stay... down... you bastard..." the demon hissed. He continued to let out growls of agony as the two beings fought for control of the one body. He staggered around the room, barely able to stay on his own two feet. Leaning against the wall, James began breathing heavily. He lifted his head so that his blue eyes were looking at Jenna. She let out a weak smile as she looked up at him from the ground.

"Jenna..." He moaned. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

"It's okay James. You just have to be strong for me. Push the demon back."

James fell to his knees. His eyes were shut tightly again, as the pain radiated from his core into every part of his body. He suddenly began charging towards Jenna, roaring at the top of his lungs. His black eyes casting a shadow of despair on Jenna. But before he could reach her, he collapsed to the ground in a heap. He thrashed around on the ground for a while, clutching at the seal over his heart. Eventually, he made it onto all fours. This time he looked up towards the two brothers, his eyes back to their original colour, but with a shade of black which was fighting to engulf him.

"Sam... Dean... I need your help." He pleaded.

The two brothers looked at James a little taken aback. They had no idea how they could help.

"I need you to get the colt. It's on the table over there." James indicated by looking directly at a table near where Jenna lay. Sure enough, all of Dean's weapons were scattered on the table, including the very powerful colt pistol. "Take the colt... and help me end this. You need to help me save all of you... You need to save me."

Dean and Sam stood transfixed for a moment. Neither really knew exactly what to do. On the one hand, they could all die if the demon managed to take back control, which was threatening to happen any second. On the other hand, in order to kill the demon, James would have to die too.

"Dean... please." James begged, looking right into Dean's eyes. "For Jenna. It's up to you now to protect her."

Dean looked back into James' eyes and realised that there was no other way and James knew that. He had accepted his fate which had been coming for a long time. Dean began to make his way over to the table, but Sam grabbed onto his arm.

"Dean... you're not seriously going to..."

"Sammy!" Dean interrupted. "It's the only way." He shook himself free of Sam's grip and made his way purposefully over to the colt.

"Dean! Please don't listen to him. Don't do it!" Jenna wailed. She gingerly got to her feet and tried to stop Dean from reaching the colt, but her legs gave way. Sam rushed over to help her to her knees.

Dean reached the table. He picked up the colt, feeling the cold metal press against his skin. It felt heavy in hand, but that could have been because Dean was exhausted. He turned around to face James, who was now on his feet, but just barely. His legs wobbled and looked as if they would give way any second. But he stood strong, ready to finally be set free from the curse that plagued him for almost all of his life.

"Dean! Don't! For god sake put the gun down!" Jenna yelled. She tried to get back on her feet but Sam held on to her. He too was beginning to feel like there was no other way as he could see the blackness in James' eyes getting stronger. But Sam wasn't ready to abandon all hope.

"James!" Sam called out. "James, this isn't the answer! You asked us to think of your sister... you need to do the same. Think about how it's going to affect her if you kill yourself right now. She needs you James. She loves you and she needs you to be strong. When someone kills themselves, it's the people they leave behind who hurt the most."

James turned to look at Sam and his sister. "It's the only way. I'm sorry. Jenna... I love you but I'm sorry. It has to be this way."

"No it doesn't James!" Jenna called out. "How do you know killing yourself is even going to hurt the thing inside you?"

"The gun that Dean has in his hand... it's a special gun that can kill anything. The demon will die with me."

"No James no! There has got to be another way. I'm going to find another way I swear! Just give me time James." She pleaded, her desperateness evident in her voice.

"I'm sorry Jenna... I don't have any more time left. The time that I did have... I spent training you Jenna. Taking you on hunting trips with me... it's been for a reason. Because I've been preparing you for this precise moment. This is the only way to end it and I've known it for a long time now. It was never going to end any other way Jenna... I'm sorry. But you're strong now. You don't need me anymore. You can take care of yourself. That's all I could ever ask for."

"I still need you Jimmy! I'd be lost without you! You're my big brother for god sake! I need you here... watching over me. Protecting me."

"I will be Jenna. I'll always protect you." James turned back to Dean. His mind was set and his face was focused. "Do it Dean."

Dean hesitated for a moment, and James spotted it.

"Dean... do it. Shoot me. Hurry, I'm losing control. When I let it take control of me, it's almost impossible to suppress again. Even the seal isn't strong enough to do it. The seal only works if my will is strong. Since I let it posses me, the seal has lost its power. You have to shoot me and you have to do it now."

Dean looked over to his brother and Jenna. Sam looked back at him. He still had hope in his eyes. Jenna was wailing. Tears were flowing from her eyes as she continued to beg with James. Suddenly James began running towards Dean with murderous intent in his black eyes. Acting on instinct, Dean raised the colt and aimed it at James' chest. He only had one shot so he had to make it count. He wrapped his finger around the trigger and gripped the gun tightly when James collapsed to the ground again a couple of feet in front of Dean. Dean backed away swiftly, gun still aimed at James. His heart was pounding and his palms were sweaty. He backed himself into a wall as James slowly began getting to his knees. He had once again managed to suppress the demon, but for how long was the question.

"Dean..." James wheezed, his chest heaving with every laboured breath. "Dean... shoot me now..."

"No!! Dean please don't!!" Jenna wailed.

"Dean... for god sake do it. We don't have much time... shoot me..."

Dean was torn. He couldn't decide what to do. His extended arm began to shake. He gripped the gun tightly with both hands but he still couldn't stop the trembling.

"Dean... I need you to do it. I need you to do it now." James said, still on his knees. The black in his eyes was creeping in from every corner.

Sam was holding on to Jenna. He too was torn. On the one hand, he felt for Jenna. He could only imagine what it would be like to lose a brother. He almost did when Dean was in the coma after the crash. He felt helpless. He felt like if Dean were to die, there would be nothing left to live for. Luckily for him, Dean pulled through and he didn't have to go through it. On the other hand he saw James. He saw how hard James was struggling and he knew it was only a matter of time before the demon took over, and he knew what James was capable of once under the control of the demon.

"Dean... just do one thing for me. Look after Jenna. You and Sam and Serena need to look after her for me..." James said. He turned to Jenna. "Jen... tell Serena that I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately. Thank her for looking after me and putting up with me. And tell her I love her."

"No Dean!! You can tell her yourself!! Just stop this please..." Jenna replied.

Dean could see in James eyes that he was slowly weakening. He could see the blackness getting stronger. He knew that time was almost up. He looked over one last time to Sam and Jenna. Sam returned the gaze and nodded. He understood what was at stake and knew that they couldn't risk it. Jenna was still crying and pleading. His heart was breaking for her, but he had no choice. It had to be done. Turning his attention back to James, he steadied himself. His face became stoic as he mustered all the resolve he had in him. James saw this and let out a weak smile of acknowledgement and gratitude. James forced himself onto his feet. When he was standing, he looked over one last time to Jenna and mouthed the words 'I'm sorry. I love you.' He turned back to face Dean who raised the gun and aimed it at James' heart.

"Thank you Dean... thank you." James said, his voice surprisingly strong.

Dean took a deep breath and wrapped his finger around the trigger.

"NOOOOO!!" Jenna wailed one last time. Suddenly James dropped to his knees as his head snapped back. He let out a blood curdling scream as thick black smoke expelled out of his mouth. It shot out from his body like water out of a fire hose. The smoke lingered in the air for a second before slowly materializing into a human being of sorts. He was completely naked, with long, lean limbs. His body was hairless, just like his head. It was his face which gave him away as being not quite human. Most strikingly obvious was his eyes. They were like small slits. They now knew where the blackness in James' eyes came from. This demon thing had the same black, evil eyes. His nose hooked up at the end and his nostrils were thin like a snake's. Even his mouth was evil looking, like it was always curved into a crooked smile.

After the demon had exited James body he collapsed to the ground. Sam let go of Jenna who rushed over to him. Sam followed her over, never taking his eyes off the figure in the middle of the room.

Dean stood in shock as the demon stood butt naked, looking around the room at its occupants. Even though the demon was the one who was totally exposed, it was like he was the most confident one in the room. He sucked in a big breath of fresh air as he extended his arms and looked to the sky, relishing the feeling of being free. The demon then looked down at James, Jenna and Sam with a sadistic grin on his face. He began to laugh. It was a chilling laugh, deep and full of evil intent.

"20 years on and here we are again." The demon said. His voice was gravelly, and sounded almost exactly like James' voice when he was possessed. Yet another one of the demon's traits which James adopted when under his possession. "I've been waiting a very long time for this moment. I had you in this exact same position all those years ago but your wretched mother trapped me. Now that she's not here to help you, there is no way out."

Jenna had managed to lift James into an upright sitting position, but he looked as if all his energy had been drained from his body, like it had been expelled along with the demon. Jenna was kneeling next to James with a look of pure hatred in her eyes as she returned the demon's gaze without fear. Sam too was kneeling next to James.

"Who are you? What do you want? Why are you so intent on ruining our lives?" Jenna demanded answers. There were so many questions she wanted to know the answers for and felt like now was the time to get them. Now that the demon was out of her brother, she could hate it with every fibre of her body. "Why us? Why our parents?"

"Little Jenna... so naive. So innocent." The demon drawled. "You really don't know the history we have together do you?"

Jenna had no idea what the demon was talking about. She just stared at him with hatred in her eyes.

"My name is Raphael, and it all started the minute I was born." The demon began. He had them right where he wanted them so he didn't mind telling them the story. He had waited for this moment for 20 years, he could wait another 5 minutes. "From the minute I was born, I was destined to be an outcast. A reject from both worlds. My father was a demon but my mother was a human. Naturally, you human beings saw me as a freak, while the demon world cast me aside because my blood wasn't pure. I was tainted by my wretch of a mother. I grew up alone... isolated from the rest of the world. My mother said it was to keep me safe... to protect me from the cruelties of society but I knew the truth. She was embarrassed of me. Ashamed of me. The only person who really accepted me... who really loved me, was my father. My father, the great Malthus, servant to the ruler of the underworld, and victim to your parents."

"Your father was no victim." James said. At the mention of his parents, James seemed to regain some of his energy. It was like a small fire which was on the brink of being extinguished was now burning with feverish intensity. "He was a demon. The real victims were the hundreds of people he killed. He got every bit of what he deserved."

"Quiet you insolent fool!!" The demon bellowed. "My father was a great man and a loyal servant to Lucifer and your parents murdered him. My only dream was to follow in his footsteps. But as I said before, I was a castaway. The only way I could reach my full potential was to sever the last remaining tie I had to your dirty species. So I killed my mother."

Jenna looked at the demon in disgust. "You killed your own mother..."

"Yes. I killed the woman who was supposed to be my mother, but to me, she was nothing more than a restraint. An animal holding me back from fulfilling my true destiny. She begged for her life. Begged me to forgive her. The minute I tore her heart from her bleeding chest I could feel the power coursing through my veins. I was complete. Then I set out to avenge the death of my father. It took years to track you down but eventually I did. A small suburban neighbourhood in New York City. You remember your old house don't you James. I know you dream about it all the time. You dream about your childhood, when you and your sister were still so young and innocent and oblivious to beings such as myself. You dream about playing football with your father in the front yard and having picnics with your mother and your sister. To tell you the truth it made me sick."

"You son of a bitch..." James hissed. "I'm going to do to you what my parents did to your father. I'm going to finish the job that they started and I'm going to kill you I swear it."

"You are going to do nothing of the sort. Now that you don't have me anymore, you are just as weak and just as tiny as every other human being on this disgusting planet. I will dispose of you just as easily as I did your parents. Your father was first. He tried to save you all he really did, but in the end he was just as weak as everyone else as I slit his neck and watched the blood drain from his feeble body. Then your mother tried to grab you two and escape but I caught her and I drove that knife straight through her heart as you two watched. It should have been an instant kill, but I must have missed. And the rest you know. But no matter. Tonight I will make up for my mistakes and finish you off, ending the pathetic legacy of the Cooper family and completing my revenge."

The demon Raphael, began advancing slowly towards James, Jenna and Sam. Dean was standing behind the demon, and raised the colt, aiming at the demon's spine, but before he could get a shot away, the demon spun around and knocked the gun out of his hand with an invisible force. He then sent Dean flying backwards and crashing into a wall with the flick of his wrist. Dean hit his head on the wall hard, knocking him into unconsciousness. The side of Raphael's mouth curled up into a wicked grin. Turning his attention back to the three hunters, the demon began advancing again. He was about 8 feet away before Sam sprung to his feet. Standing in between the demon and the Coopers, Sam rushed at Raphael, only to be sent flying across the room as well. He landed right next to Dean, crashing shoulder first into the wall. He felt his right shoulder pop out of the socket. James got to his feet. Before Jenna could grab him, he rushed at the demon, fist clenched and arm cocked. He took a wild swing at Raphael's face, but the demon blocked James' shot with his left hand. He then wrapped it around James' arm, taking control of it. With his free hand, the demon grabbed James by the neck and lifted him off the ground. Jenna hurriedly got to her feet as well and came running in a futile attempt to save her brother. The demon extended his long arm and caught Jenna in the neck as well, before she could even get within striking distance. He lifted her off the ground too, and held both the Coopers, side by side, by the neck, choking the life out of them. The demon looked straight into James' eyes.

"I'm going to make your worst fear come true. I'm going to make you watch as I kill your beloved sister. Then I'm going to tear your heart straight out of your chest just like I did to my mother." Raphael said with a cruelness which would make even the meanest of demons shudder. He slammed James into the ground, knocking the wind out of him and making him gasp violently for air. He then planted his foot down firmly on James' chest, pinning him to the ground. Still holding Jenna up in the air, he tightened his grip around her neck, choking her slowly. Jenna's legs flailed around wildly as she fought desperately to break the demon's vice like grip, but to no avail. James saw his sister's eyes roll to the back of her head as her struggling began to die down. Mustering every ounce of strength left in his body, he grabbed Raphael's leg and twisted it, causing him to lose balance. Jenna's feet touched the ground as the demon fought to keep balance. Revealing her fangs, Jenna sank them into the demon's hand, which had released its grip from her neck. He recoiled his hand as he shrieked out in pain. His sadistic grin had transformed into a furious glare. Raphael then slammed his fist into Jenna's torso, the impact sending her slight body flying across the room. Crimson blood dripped from his wounded hand and onto James' face. The demon picked James up off the ground and punched him flush in the face, breaking his nose. Blood streamed down James' face as another punch was delivered, the demon holding onto James' shirt which was the only reason he wasn't flying around the room under the weight of the heavy punches. Raphael lifted James off the ground once more, this time by the shirt collar, and charged into the wall. The plaster nearly crumbled as James was being beaten to within an inch of his life.

Unbeknownst to the demon, Sam had crept over to the Colt. However, his damaged shoulder prevented him taking accurate aim. He only had one shot so he couldn't risk taking a wild one. He looked over at Jenna who was sucking in deep breaths, wincing each time, probably suffering from broken ribs. Their eyes met and she nodded upon seeing the gun in his hand. There was a mutual understanding as to the desperate nature of the situation. Sam slid the gun across to her and she picked it up, gripping it firmly in both hands.

The demon held James against the wall by his neck. James' head hung limply to one side as he was slipping in and out of consciousness. Raphael brought his free arm back as far as it would go. Every single muscle fibre in the demon's exposed body was tightened to the max as he prepared to impale his hand into James' chest. A loud bang rang out through the room as an eerie silence descended upon them all. At first, Sam didn't know if Jenna had hit her mark. Raphael stood motionless, his arm still cocked in the strike position. Jenna was still sitting on the ground, both arms extended, smoke rising from the barrel of the colt. The demon then let go of James, who collapsed to the ground. He staggered backwards, arms hanging limply by his side. Turning around to face Jenna, Raphael's face was surprisingly calm. There was smoking hole in the demon's back, as the bullet penetrated the skin and severed his spinal cord. The hole began to grow bigger, as thick black smoke began to pour out of the hole. Closing his eyes, the demon Raphael disintegrated into thin air. Jenna dropped the colt and rushed over to her brother. Sam did the same, making his way over to Dean. With the help of Jenna, James managed to get himself into a sitting position against the wall. His face was bloodied and bruised, but nothing could hide the relief on his face. Dean eventually came too as well.

"What's going on... is it over?" He said groggily.

"Yeah... it's over." Sam replied. He looked over to the Coopers. They were locked in a cheerful embrace, smiling, laughing and crying at the same time. Jenna looked over to the two brothers.

"It's finally over."

After the brutal war inside the barn, the four hunters collected all of the weapons which were strewn around the room and put them in the back of Dean's car. They then replaced all of Dean's tyres with the ones on the rental Mitsubishi. Pushing the Mitsubishi into the barn, they set the building alight, burning it, as well as the events of that day, to the ground. Driving to the nearest hospital, they were all checked out. Dean was still suffering the effects of the concussion, but would make a full recovery in a matter of weeks. Sam's dislocated shoulder was put in a sling and he too would be fine. James received stitches to the nose, cheek and chin, and along with the massive amounts of bruising, swelling and a broken nose, looked as if he had just come out of a bare knuckle boxing match with Mike Tyson. But he too would be okay. Jenna it seemed, had miraculously suffered no injuries whatsoever. Her broken ribs had healed during the 20 minute car drive to the hospital. There were no bruises, no swelling, no nothing. The doctor called it a miracle that she could walk out of a car accident that would do what it did to the other three passengers, but Sam, Dean and James knew it was one of the very few perks to being a vampire. But they also knew that while she may not have had any external injuries, she was the one who was hurt the most in that battle. While the rest of them would make full recoveries, Jenna would carry her injury with her for the rest of her life. And for her, that could be a very long time. The three of them now sat in a diner, as they shared a silent moment of reflection. Sam then looked up at James.

"There's still one thing I don't get... how did the demon manage to break the seal?"

James', not entirely sure himself, lifted his shirt to inspect the seal. The lines were no longer fine and detailed. It now just looked like a disfigured piece of skin. Like a small, circle shaped burn on his chest.

"I'm not too sure. I mean seconds before it escaped, I could feel the demon getting desperate. Like it truly believed Dean would pull the trigger. Its will to live, coupled with the fact that the seal had lost some of its power earlier when I let the demon take control of me must have gave it enough power to break free..."

"Well, then the plan worked. It was my intention to fool the demon all along. You didn't really think I was going to shoot him did you Jenna?" Dean said with a grin.

"Oh whatever..." Jenna replied, laughing along.

"You know what I realised?" Dean asked with a smile on his face. "I can't remember being in a situation as messed up as the one earlier today. I think my life span would be exponentially greater if I never ran into you guys again." Dean joked.

"And that's saying something because let me tell you... we've seen some things..." Sam said.

"Well I'm glad you guys were there if it counts for anything." James replied.

"Yeah. I wouldn't have gone into what we did today with anyone else by our sides but you guys." Jenna responded.

There was a comfortable silence between them as they all realised how much they actually enjoyed each other's company. There were no secrets, no false pretences between them. It was all very natural. They had grown into genuinely good friends.

"Well... we better get going huh?" James said, placing his hands on the table.

"Yeah. I have to get those tyres changed on my car. I can't believe I agreed to let you guys defile my baby like that." Dean said as he stood up.

"Oh yeah? And how else were you going to get your 'baby' out of there huh? I swear, with the amount of cars me and my brother have trashed, we'll be blacklisted by every car rental in the country." Jenna joked. They were all laughing and joking as they made their way out of the diner and towards the Impala.

"Well guess this is it." James said.

"Yeah... guess so." Sam replied.

Jenna shoved her hands into her jeans pockets as she swayed side to side. "So where are the ghost busters off to next?"

"Wherever the road takes us... wherever we are needed I guess." Dean replied.

"How heroic." James said with a smile.

"What about you guys?" Sam asked.

"We'll take a taxi to the airport. Fly back to New York. I think a long break is in store for us." James answered. "I know the job probably won't allow it, but if you guys are ever free, or ever decide to take a holiday, feel free to drop by. There's always room for the Winchesters at our house. We got that cosy room in the basement which I won't be using anymore."

"Thanks. I think a holiday is in store in the near future for us too." Sam replied.

As a taxi approached, James hailed it. It pulled up next to them as they said their last goodbyes. They all hugged, with Dean and Jenna's embrace lasting a little longer than the rest. Dean felt a little heartbroken that there was probably no way that they could ever be together, but took solace in the fact that she had grown into a strong human being who was very capable of taking care of herself. She proved that in the barn earlier in the day.

"Take care of yourself. Dean whispered in her ear.

"Yeah you too. I'll see you soon." Jenna answered back in his.

They broke off eventually, with Sam and James sharing a little grin behind their backs.

"Take care of yourselves guys. And thanks again for everything." James said as they got into the taxi.

"Thank you guys." Dean replied with a smile on his face. It was a bittersweet moment, as it always was when they had to part ways with people that they had grown to like. James and Jenna Cooper had left a lasting impression on both of them. But both Dean and Sam had no doubt in their minds that this wouldn't be the last time they would see the Coopers.

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