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Author's Note: FUTURE SLASH ALERT! If you don't like it, turn back now. Also, this could be considered a slight AU, since the majority of the Bots mentioned in here started out more or less Neutral. I'll explain how they get where they are in the show later on.

Part One: Noticing


Late night at the Laser Hub, the only dance club in the Neutral territories, which would explain why it attracted a wide variety of bots, and why it was always so crowded you couldn't even take a step without running into someone. Many a Mech and Femme went there, to drink, to socialize and to listen to the music. The music was the main attraction of the club. Well, with DJs with an audio for music and a talent for spinning records, it wasn't too hard to imagine why.

"Y'all ready to slice and dice the dance floor?" A red and orange Mech called out over the loud speaker. "I wanna see all y'all out on the floor, shaking your afts!" He pressed a button at the crowds cheering, and a popular Techno remix poured out of the speakers.

"You really know how to rally the crowd, my man," A black and white bot said, a smile plastered on his face as he manned the turntables.

"That's why they hired me." He beamed. "Otherwise, why else would be here?"

"'Cause you love loud music?" Jazz quipped, spinning the records in time with the music.

"Well, they don't call me Blaster for nothin', Jazz." He said, sticking out his chassis in a proud gesture, earning him a laugh and a good natured shake of the head from the Mech beside him.

As Blaster's optics roved over the writhing crowd, a Mech caught his optic. Actually, it was a glowing visor that did. He couldn't see the rest of the Mech through the darkened shadows.

"Hey Jazz, y'think you can handle the music for awhile?" Blaster asked. Catching the curious tone in his voice, Jazz cocked his head to the side. "Sure."

"Thanks," Blaster grinned, making his way out of the DJ booth and onto the crowed dance floor.

"Look out now," He said, nudging his way through the crowd until he made his way to the Mech that caught his optic. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that he was a dark blue color, which would explain why he blended into the shadows so easily.

"Hey, why aint'cha dancin'?" Blaster said to the Mech, using the encouraging tone he used when he noticed others not dancing. "You gotta move with the groove." He was glad the music was muffled enough over here that he could keep his voice at a normal decibel level.

The Mech turned his visor towards him, face mostly hidden by a shining silver mask, making it impossible to read him just by observing him. That made Blaster a bit uncomfortable, but it wouldn't be good customer service to show it so he hid it behind a friendly smile.

"Dancing: Unnecessary. Music: Adequate enough." The Mech answered, his voice low and monotone, but not without a certain musical quality of its own. Blaster actually found it more interesting that the music playing around him currently.

"So, does that mean you…like it?" Blaster asked, not quite sure how to take the Mech's response.

The Mech stared at Blaster for a moment, the nodded slowly once. "Harmony: Acceptable and audio pleasing. Rhythm: Above average." He turned back to the crowd, studying them.

Blaster raised an amused eyeridge. He never heard anyone describe his music that in depth before. Usually it was just a superficial comment said on the fly. He was beginning to think he and Jazz were the only Bots on the planet that actually heard music, and not just listened to it.

Until now…

"Amusement: Misplaced." The blue Mech spoke up again, not taking his visor off the crowd.

Blaster startled a bit as the Mech's voice cut through his musings. "Oh…am I that easy to read?" He joked, not wanting to admit he wasn't paying enough attention to respond with anything more intelligent.


"Hey Blaster, I'm callin' it a night. Scratch came in early." Jazz's voiced crackled over his intercom, causing him to flinch slightly.

"Alright," He acknowledged as he heard Jazz announcing the switch of DJs to the crowd, which earned a nice chunk of disappointed groans from the crowd.

"So, what do ya think of this music?" Blaster asked, trying to make small talk and the music started back up. Also, he wanted to hear what this Mech thought, since he seemed to hear what other didn't.

"Style: Different. Harmony: Grating. Rhythm: Off set. Conclusion: Substandard."

"Y'know, I thought the same thing. Jazz likes it, but he likes anythin' you can move too." Blaster said, more to himself than his newly found companion.

"You bet your aft I do." Came Jazz's good natured response to Blaster's comment. "So, who caught your optic down here?" Jazz asked, slyly prodding Blaster in the chassis.

"Oh, this is…" He paused. He didn't even ask the Mech his name.

The Mech turned towards Blaster, sensing his hesitation at introducing him and decided to answer himself.


"Love the name," Jazz commented, ever present smile widening.

Soundwave said nothing, just studied the two Mechs in front of him. Blaster started feeling uncomfortable again. There was something about being looked at by a practically faceless Mech that made him want to cover his aft and run.

Jazz, sensing an awkward silence rising up, broke the silence. "I'm Jazz. This here's Blaster." He introduced them, pointing at each of them respectively.

Soundwave didn't say a word, just nodded in silent understanding.

"Well, since we're off, you two wanna go listen to the music? Surprisingly enough, I'm too pooped to party." Jazz broke the silence, his natural easy going nature making Blaster relax a bit.

"Yeah sure." Blaster turned to Soundwave. "How's about it? Wanna make some more comparisons?" He half joked, willing away that uneasy feeling out of the pit of his holding chambers.

Soundwave nodded, letting the two music loving Bots lead him off to a more music friendly spot.


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