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Author's Note: FUTURE SLASH ALERT! If you don't like it, turn back now. Also, this could be considered a slight AU, since the majority of the Bots mentioned in here started out more or less Neutral. I'll explain how they get where they are in the show later on.

Part Two: Walking Home


After a few songs and an Energon cube on Jazz later, the club started to die down a bit. What was meant by a bit was that a few bots left and the dance floor, leaving slightly more room to move around.

"All right y'all, I think I'm going to start headin' home." Jazz said, stretching his arms above his head.

Blaster, who shifted slightly under Soundwave's steady stare, nodded. "I'm off tomorrow, but I'm pretty drained myself. You wanna lift home?" Blaster offered their companion, not wanting to seem rude and seem like they were ditching him.

Soundwave shook his head once. "Transportation: Acquired in advance."

"Okay then. See ya around," Jazz smiled, waving a hand at him as he made his way to the door, Blaster in tow behind him.

"So, what did ya think of that Mech?" Blaster asked Jazz when they finally made it out onto the neon lit streets.

"He didn't talk much, but he seemed interesting enough," Jazz shrugged. "Very mysterious, y'know?"

"Yeah…He did," Blaster agreed, but sounded like he was distracted. Sure, Soundwave did seem interesting, but there was something about him that made him uncomfortable.

"You all right? You seem distracted," Jazz asked, picking up on Blaster's tone as they turned around a corner, heading down a semi barren street.

"Yeah…Why wouldn't I be?" He answered, putting on a forced smile and trying to make it look believable. Jazz didn't buy it for a minuet, raising a disbelieving optic ridge.

"C'mon, you know better than to lie to me. I always know when something's buggin' you, now spill."

Blaster pressed his lips together. Jazz always did have a knack for reading him like an open book. He sighed, rubbing the back of his helmet slowly.

"Soundwave's face," He finally admitted.

"What about it?" Realization dawned in Jazz's optics. "It bothered ya didn't it?"

"Yeah. It's like he was hiding something behind it. It's weird, talking to someone that you can't read easily."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it." Jazz put a hand on Blaster's shoulder. "He's probably just hidin' some old battle wounds or something. Like that Mech that comes into the club once in awhile, Optimus."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Blaster smiled. "I mean, no point in holdin' it against him if that's the case." He still felt unsettled, but he shrugged it off.

"Hey, you wanna crash at my place tonight?" Jazz offered out of the blue. "I mean, we're closer there than we are to yours. Besides, if you're that creeped out, no sense in you walkin' home alone huh?" He smiled warmly at him.

Blaster nodded, feeling relieved that he did offer. He really wasn't looking forward to walking home in that dark, especially since he had to cut through a few dark alleys to reach his own living quarters. He also felt a bit embarrassed, being a grown Mech and all, running to a friend's place just because he was a little freaked out. He knew Jazz didn't mind, he did offer after all, but still…

"Yeah, but you get the couch. I ain't sharin' a bed with you again. Last time I did, I ended lyin' on the floor with a dent in my aft," Jazz teased, chuckling slightly at Blaster's restless sleeping habits.

Blaster laughed right back, poking the black and white Mech in the side. "You're no hit number to sleep with either."

Jazz shrugged, laughing quietly. "Guilty as charged."

Forgetting about Soundwave for the moment, the two Mechs moved through the streets, laughing between themselves. What they didn't count on was two glowing eyes, watching from the rooftops. Those eyes belonged to a certain robotic condor.

Silently, Laserbeak took off, slicing through the air as he followed the two unsuspecting Mechs.


"Well, welcome home," Jazz joked, keying in the code to open the door to his apartment.

"Y'know the drill: Sit, make yourself comfortable. Wanna Cube?" He rattled off, walking over to a small dispenser, looking over at Blaster, who was making his way over to the couch.

"Yeah, sure." He took his friend's offer, sitting down on the couch. He still felt a little weird, being so scared of a Mech that he had to sleep at a friend's like some little one who just had a nightmare, but Jazz pushed that thought out of his mind when he sat down next to him, handing him his Energon Cube.

"So, feel better now?" Jazz asked, sipping on his cube, looking at Blaster. Blaster paused slightly, medenta gritting slightly. He was still a little on edge, but being with Jazz, coupled with the Energon cube would cure that.

"A little," He admitted. "I'll be fine in the mornin' though."

"Hey, wanna watch a Holo? I got a million of 'em?" Jazz suggested, wanting to offer something to do.

"Sure. Nothin' too freaky though," Blaster laughed as Jazz got up and went over to the Holo stand, running his hands over them, looking for something good.

"How about "Freaky Freaks in the Freakiest Places." Sound good enough for ya?" Jazz teased, laughing as Blaster stuck out his glossa at him.

As the two Mechs got comfortable, laughing and drinking their cubes, they didn't notice Laserbeak looking in the window. If he could, he'd be grinning like he just caught a petro-rabbit. Turning away from the window, he took off again, gliding through the sky silently until he reached an empty lot nestled behind a few abandoned buildings. Swooping down, he perched on a blue Mech's shoulder canon with the soft clink of metallic talons against metal, squawking affectionately as a blue finger stroked his head gently.

"Location obtained?" Soundwave inquired, earning a confirming hiss from his cassette.

"Excellent." Soundwave nodded, opening his chest compartment so that Laserbeak could nestle within.


Uh-oh, Soundwave knows where Jazz lives. Well, that's not a bad thing…yet.

Yeah, this has been sitting half finished on my computer forever due to a bad case of writer's block. Hopefully, said block will stay away now.