Hello all

Hello all!

I hate to say this, this story is going on hiatus. I hate to do that, I do…I'm just not inspired and suddenly I have to head back to the real world…I will finish this story eventually. Sorry.

However on another note…I want to thank everyone for ANY feedback you've given, good or bad. BUT. My reviews page is NOT, I repeat NOT some sort of forum. While yes, it was childish of me to reply to a negative review for all the world to see…reviews are for constructive criticism, not to say that you think bad stories shouldn't be allowed, whether you believe mine is or not.

Stories are stories; we create them and want to share ideas with the world, right? So why deny new ideas and minds from expressing themselves? First graders have every right to write a story, just as much as a college freshman does. This is fresh creativity flowing. ANYONE should be allowed to create and share their thoughts…

and again, apologies for not finishing this the way I should.

thanks all!