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Chapter 11: Break Away.

Allen calmly walked down one of the many streets within the ark, juggling three Innocent fragments as he goes a young man and woman following along behind him both of them cradling in their hands a single fragment of Innocents.

Bringing up the rear of the group was a single Finder who was carrying a statue of an Angle like figure a soft bluish glow coming from the statue every now and then the design looking like something from France.

The group had just rounded the corner of another street within the Ark when Allen paused at the sight of Lavi running up to them his hammer out and ready eyes sweeping all around as if afraid that something was going to jump out and attack at any time.

"Lavi what's gotten you all worked up?" Allen called out waving a hand to the three people following him making sure they stayed put while he moved forward to his friend side the red head giving Allen a look of both relief yet also worry as if afraid that what he was about to say was going to have Allen marching off on the war path which he more than likely was when he told him what was happening in the Orders main HQ.

"Well for one thing that kid of yours decided that her Innocents was going to activate her first day of school and that some Akuma's needed to be taken out instead of calling for help and running like we taught her." Lavi says moving to Allen's side only giving the three people following Allen one look before looking to his friend.

"Well that's a good thing then as it means she can protect herself better now, or once we train her a little to control the power, so what's really got you worried?"

"Ah this is where it turns bad, Link and Malcolm showed up not long after Lenalee got back from helping clean up the rest of the Akuma's attacking the school and helping Emma retract her wings back into her body… they both demanded that Emma be handed over to them the moment she got back and that you and Lenalee were to have no more contact with her until they finished her training."

"His insane if he thinks Lenalee is just going to hand our child over to him after what he did to her, and I would tear his head off if he tried anything on either of them." Allen says sharply signalling the others to follow along as they moved a little more quickly now as if Malcolm was there then it could only mean that a fight would break out in a matter of time.

"I think he believes that the dozen or so Vatican Guards he brought with him is going to be enough to get that charming wife of yours to hand over Emma without a fight." Lavi says as the group moved that little bit faster.

"Those want to be Akuma hunters wouldn't stand a chance ageist any of us no matter how many they throw at us," Allen says coming to a stop when the doorway to HQ came into view the sight of two red robed priests being what greeted them, both of them had a innocent white full helmet with gold trim around the eyes and mouth areas both of them currently unarmed.

What made Allen pause really was the fact that the moment the two men came into sight his eye activated but the image wasn't like it normal was when he looked at Akuma's, normally the soul was tied to the body with purple flames and chains, the soul looking to be in great pain.

These ones however were bathed in a light blue almost white flame that didn't seem to hurt the soul one bit, in fact the soul seemed to be in an almost bliss like state a light weight looking rope tided the soul to the body.

"What on earth have they done?" Allen says in shock and horror at the two priests that were now starting to move towards the group the robes ripping in back as large metal wings rose up the fingers on one hand changing to long metal blades while the other hand turned into a shield.

"Douse it matter, they have trapped souls in them as such it's our job to deal with them." Lavi says bringing his hammer up and ready silver runes being all over the upgraded weapon.

"Indeed, you three stay back there and find someplace safe." Allen says as his Innocents activated as well as his Noah armour and body the black cross and gray skin showing up ageist the silver armour and white clock of Crown Clown.

"Pitiful demons let your soul be set free and know piece." He says as he charged forward clawed hand leading the way while Lavi brought fourth his Fire Serpent, another slamming of the hammer brought froth one of the new Serpents he could call up with the upgrade to his Innocents a huge Ice Serpents rising up the body reflecting all light around it giving off dozens of rainbows

Both of them seeming to dance around each other before coming down at the same time on one of the Priests while Allen jumped up onto the ice Serpent, sliding along its surface to jump down right on top of the other Priest.


Komui regarded the dozen red robed priests that were within his office with Malcolm and Link, both inspectors for the Vatican just calmly seating there waiting for Lenalee to get back from picking up Emma as in their minds they had already won, Lenalee would do as she was told no matter what.

'There is something off about those Priests, but what?' Komui thought to himself while looking over the group all of the Priests looking to be indicial right down to the last detail on the gold trimming on the helmet which was just wired as their height and build all looked to be the same.

"So when well Lenalee to be back with our newest recruit?" Malcolm asks a large smile on his face as he looked over his shoulder at the dozen Priests all of them standing at all of the exit points from the room including the windows.

"She well be back with her daughter soon enough as even with the Ark it takes time to get from place to place, but I can tell you now that none of us here are going to just let you walk away with Emma no matter what your orders are." Komui says leaning back in his seat regarding the two men one hand moving to rest on the table close to a hidden button that controlled the full defences system of HQ.

"If your order wishes to keep its funding then you'll do as your told directory chief." Malcolm says back his hard cold voice showing throw now at the disobediences of Komui.

Before anyone else in the room could say anything how ever there was a loud explosion as dust and a few books fell to the floor all around them a formulae cry of an attack being used sounding a moment later.

Without even thinking Komui slammed his hand down on the button as the windows were quickly covered by metal shutters six panels on the walls opening up as talismans came out and locked onto half the red robed priest which was all Komui needed to see to know who Allen was fighting.

Before either Link or Malcolm could do anything to the sudden lost of half their forces a doorway into the ark opened up and Allen came walking out in his full Noah armour dragging along behind him a single angelic Akuma tied up by Clown Belt.

"I think that our plan is going to have to be pushed ahead Komui as these things are Akuma's with voluntary souls bound to them according to this one, the church promised him a place at Gods table if he did this… in other words all of them are Religious Zealots" Allen says calmly throwing the Akuma before Malcolm.

"They get the job done and are true warriors of god unlike you Exorcists as you have made little to no progress ageist the enemy forces as such the church has decided to take things into our own hands." Malcolm says looking down at the Akuma the church had made the armour and other features really looked to be that of a level three Akuma under the Earls control only the face was hidden under the same white and gold mask like all of its brothers.

"They are just an insult to God for making them in the first place." Allen says Crown Clown driving two spines into the chest of the Akuma at his feet the whole thing turning into mist a moment later Allen turning to look at the others in the room as more fighting sounds started to sound out through the Order building.

Komui quickly reached out and pushed another button on his desk the moment Allen jumped forward slicing one of the red robed Akuma's in half his voice sounding out through the whole base as he also pulled his own personal talismans up and frizzing another one of the priests. "Attaching all Order Members, plain Break Away is underway, I repeat plan Break Away is underway."

Malcolm and Link just looked at Komui for a moment as if he was some crazy guy for saying something like that into the speaking system only for the main door to his office to be kicked open Lenalee standing there quit calmly Emma just behind her mother hugging her around the hips.

"If this is how the Church is going to fight this war now I have to agree with you brother, time to break away." Lenalee says her eye activated as she looked at the few priests left after Allen had gone to work on most of them.

Emma just looked around the room for a moment her eyes going wide at the sight of her father in full combat mode taking down another enemy without a problem, the little girl's eyes going even wider through as two of the remaining Priests moved in to attack Allen from behind Emma welling and wishing to stop these monsters from hurting her father.

The sudden ripping of cloths was the only warning as her snow white wing came shooting forward and slamming into one of the Priests the sharp edge of the feathers slicing deep into the armoured body of the enemy Lenalee's jumping across the room doing a spin kick to finish off the Priest that her daughter had just pined to the far wall.

"Now that is daddies little girl." Allen called out with a smile to Emma her eyes showing a spark of pride at her father's praise of her using her Innocents.

Link not seeing an end to this fight any time soon as more Vatican Guards or just Priests as everyone called them would be marching on the Black Order by the Ark, getting to his feet he pulled one of his weapons and started to charge at Emma only to suddenly find the webbing of Crown Clown wrapped around both arms and his neck pulling him to a stop.

"Where do you think you're going Link… didn't you once say that you wanted to fight a Noah just to prove to yourself and them that you were better?"Allen says with a smile looking over his shoulder after cutting in half another Priest.

The young blond hair man just looked at Allen for a moment before giving a small nod as he had said that once when he had been following the younger man around as he was sure he could take out Allen should he transform and was still sure to this day that he could do it.

Malcolm however was more interested in getting to Emma as in his mind both Allen and Lenalee would back down and behave themselves if he got there little girl or even killed her if they were going to disobey the Church, his hand giving a flick he had a gun in hand as he moved to aim at the little girl who was using her wings to deflect attacks from one of the reinforcements from the Vatican.

His finger was paused on the rigger and was about to fire when suddenly he felt a single blade enter his back his eyes going wide as he had always believed that no one would dear lay a hand on him because of his money and power within the church.

"I'm not about to let you lay a finger on my niece you bastard, think of this as payback for all those years you tortured my sister." Komui says into Malcolm's ear a angry glint to his eyes being the last thing Malcolm saw as he fell forward Komui's family blade that had been one of the few things to survive the fire and attack that had taken both his and his sisters parents sliding out of the man who had caused so much suffering for the Exorcists in the past.

Link just looked in shock that Komui had dared attack the commander and chief of the Dark Order and main funder for the organization his moment of dictation however cost him as Allen slide forward and slammed his fist into his chest winding the older man and even lifting him off the ground and into the back of a chair.

"Where are you looking at? I'm only just starting to have fun." Allen says with a smile as his more blood thirsty side started to push forward the Noah markings and such just adding to his intimidation level as Link started to know real fear and its name was Allen Walker, the father of Emerald Walker and the Fourteenth Noah.

Before Link could say anything to that Lavi pocked his head out of the doorway still active to the Ark yelling down to Allen and Lenalee the later just getting to her husband's side after helping Emma deal with the Priest she was fighting. "Allen we need you to shut down all entrances to the Vatican now we are being swamped by these Priests." Lavi's head vanished for a moment as an explosion sounded out bits of Akuma falling through the doorway as his head come back, "Yu Krory and the old man are with me but we can't keep this up forever."

"I'm going to need a clear path to the Piano to do something like that Lavi so start clearing… Lenalee dear are you going to be able to handle everything here?" Allen asks stepping towards the doorway pausing long enough to kick Link in the head and knock the man out cold.

"Oh the girls and I should be able to handle anything that gets by you lot, go have fun dear." Lenalee says as a rifle shoot sounded out metal bouncing off stone sounding not long after that to show that Moa was in the area and had used what she called her bouncing bullet.

Cloud and Cross both came running into the room just as Allen enter the Ark Cross giving one of his trad marked smiles as he jumped into the Ark himself to join in the fun of the main fight going on inside it, Cloud just shook her head and turned around a snap of the whip had Lau Jimin jumping into the thick of a large battle down the other hallway his mistress only a few steps behind him whip tripping up any enemies that got close to her.

"Emma I want you to stay put while we take care of this, protect your Uncle should anything get by us ok." Lenalee says to her daughter before kicking off and out of a nearby window that Komui opened the shutters on just in time as she could see that Tiedoll was the only one outside the building holding off an unknown number of enemies.

Komui just smiled at his niece before going back to his disk and started demanding progress reports from everyone as they had to win this fight or they wouldn't be able to do anything ageist the Earl and his growing forces.


The inside of the Ark looked like a warzone, buildings being blown to pieces and couples armour parts from Priests being taken out by the six Exorcists running through the city, Cross only really pausing to light another cigarette while Bookman and Lavi seemed to be working together for once and were leading the group through the city.

Krory was currently running on a energy high as he had drained two of the Priests dry and was now bouncing from wall to wall clawed finger tips ripping heads from shoulders and arms off leaving the wounded ones in his wake for either Allen or Kanda or one of the others to finish them up.

"Thirty-two." Kanda says jumping over another Priest slicing it in half down the middle as he goes blade coming up to block another attack from the side his golden trimmed uniformed being stained with Akuma blood as was everyone else's.

"Forty-one, forty-two, forty-three." Cross says calmly firing three shoots in quick secession three of the Priests going down to one side.

Allen just shook his head as everyone was keeping count in their head on how many they had taken down so far his own personal count being at thirty-three, Exorcism was nearly dripping with Akuma blood on the number of wounds and such he had left in his wake as they had to close the doorways into the Vatican or they would be fighting an unknown number of enemies.

"Thirty-five here." Lavi called out his Ice Serpent slamming down and through another building taking with it the single Priest that had been hiding there trying to pick them off with its morphed hand of a rifle.

"I have to rebuild this place after all this is over guys so try and keep the damage down." Allen called out on seeing Lavi destroy another building jumping over the next blockade of enemies' sword swinging in a wide ark slicing through the three that had been firing on them from behind the barrier, "Thirty-six"

"What! No way in hell I'm letting you beat me Bean-Sprout." Kanda says sharply slicing up two more Priests before running ahead to get in front of the bookman team and get more kills.

"When did this become a contest?" Krory asks landing just behind Allen watching as Kanda started to cut down anything that got in front of him at near blinding speeds.

"I think it started the moment we all jumped into the Ark and found it full to overflowing with these guys." Cross says with a laugh as he pointed his gun over his shoulder four gun shoots sounding out followed a moment later by just as many suits of armour being blow apart, "Also that puts me on sixty little people."

"Well if it's a contest then let's get this party really started." Krory says with a laugh jumping into the thick of things again his voice sounding out with every new Priest he took down.

"Lowest score has to buy drinks for everyone else." Cross called out with a laugh starting to run with everyone else now as everyone save Bookman was calling out there kill count now Allen not helping but laugh at the fact that the Order was under attack yet they all didn't seem to care, just enjoying this little game of one upmanship.


Komui looked up from the latest explosion as Emma used her Innocents to first pin the Priest that had gotten by everyone else out in the hallways to the wall with the wings, she then jumped forward and sliced its head off with her sword.

"Eight." Emma says with a happy smile looking over at Komui the look on her face and spark in her eyes clearly said she wanted to make both her parents proud with how many she had taken down in protecting her Uncle.

"Very good dear keep it up as I'm counting on you to protect me." Komui says looking over at Link and Malcolm, the later still alive despite Komui's earlier injures on him both of them tired up and placed to one side Link just looking at Emma in surprise that a child was taking out the Vatican's so called perfect weapons.

Emma just nodded and went back to watching the door and open windows now the pair every now and then looking out to see how the fighting was going outside the sight of Lenalee kicking off the latest Priest she had taken down being what greeted them this time a few minutes before hand being Tiedoll jumping away from an attack and summing up another of his Giants.

"Finder's teams report in, also I want a status report from all branches now!" Komui nearly yells into his headset turning away from all of the fighting and moving to his desk as with a single sweep of his arm had it totally cleared showing a map of the world and marker on it in four locations showing the locations of all Order bases not counting the main branch.

"Asian branch here we are holding back the few Priests to try and enter here by the Ark we only have a total of five Exorcists here at the moment." Came Bak's voice over the com's a moment later the Ark acting as a very good relay system for commutations the world over.

"Australian branch here, everything is ok only a few have shown up and we have three Exorcists now within the base waiting orders." Came the voice of a young woman who had only just been made a branch head Komui forgetting her name at the moment

"America branch here no attacks as yet and we have four Exorcists on base watching the Ark entrances closely." Came another new voice the Order basely having all new branch heads save Komui and Bak the others having moved onto other things or couldn't get to the mikes at the moment Komui figured.

"European branch reporting under heavy attack, the Vatican has sent a large force through the Ark entrances and are currently in control of forty present of the base, our four Exorcists are hard pressed to keep them out of vital areas could do with some reinforcements as soon as possible." Came the slightly panicked German accent of the branch head the sound of explosions sounding out in the background.

"The enemy has so far taken control of the Ark gate room here in the main branch sir, we have them mostly contained there but one or two well slip by every now and then we have Cloud hunting them as best she can while Miranda and the others here work on keeping them in that room." Came Reever's voice next the sound of gun fire and such showing that Moa had gotten to that area.

"Main Branch is under siege as well but we do have upwards of twelve Exorcists on base six of which have enter the Ark to try and shut down some of the entrances the Vatican is using. Has someone called all field Exorcists to report in as fast as they could to the closes branch?" Komui asks looking towards the Ark entrances that was still open in his office not wanting to turn his back on it for long if the Priest were using it to get around more quickly.

"We have sir and a total of ten Exorcists of the twenty field agents out at the moment have answered so far, most of those however are trapped in the Ark fighting the enemy while trying to get to their defiant branches." Came Toma's voice over the com's the ex-finder now the communications head of the Ark as all massagers and such were relayed through it now. "Also we are only just holding off the Priest attacks on the centre building with the two Exorcists we have here."

Komui sat down in his chair for a moment looking up suddenly when Emma gave a war cry her blade slicing through a Priest that had tried to enter the room by the Ark entrances, "Damn it all, listen up all branches and Exorcists listening in, I want you all to push and gain control of all Ark entrances into your branch as fast and safely as you can, European branch just hold out as best you can and we'll send help as soon as Allen shuts down all entrances to the Vatican."

"Understood." Was the only answer from everyone Komui looking out the window to see Lenalee diving down and through the Ark entrances that Allen had set up outside of the main branch for new comers to see the base from the outside.

"Mummy… be careful." Emma says softly having seen her mother do that as that entrances had nearly seen a never ending flow of priests all of them having discarder there robes and just kept the helmets on weapons out and firing away for slicing at anything that wasn't one of them.

"She'll be fine dear, next to your father she is one of the toughest Exorcists and people I know." Komui says suddenly spinning around his family sword coming up and blocking the attack from a new Priest to just enter the room by the Ark entrances.

"UNCLE!" Emma screamed out her wings swinging forward and digging into the back of the new enemy making it give a scream of pain before she silenced it with a quick sword strike to the heart area.

Komui gave a nod of thanks to Emma before looking at the Ark entrances saying into his headset calmly as another Priest stepped in his sword coming up and ready to defend both himself and his niece. "Reever if you can spare one of the Exorcists from down there that would be good as we have an open ark entrances here and they are now using it as I don't think Emma well be able to hold out ageist the numbers we could be looking at."

Emma just nodded in agreement with her Uncle hoping and praying that her father would be able to shut down those doors soon and given them all a breather before they were all overpowered by sheer numbers


Allen gave a small nod at this information he had been listening to while running the doorway to the Piano coming into view now but the whole street and the surrounding buildings were crawling with Priests.

"Toma can you see the piano room from where you are at the moment?"

"I can Allen sir, and I can say this much, the whole area is swamped with Priests with more coming in by the Vatican entrances I can just see near the door, also I can't be sure but I think I saw a couple of humans enter the room a few minutes ago but I could be wrong."

"Okay thanks for the heads up, I want you to get in touch with some of the Exorcists in the Ark at the moment and tell them to make as much noises as they can in a minutes time I want to see if we can draw a few of these guys away as the sooner I can close those doorways the sooner we can start clearing the Ark."

Toma just gave an okay reply before the radio went silent, Allen looking over his shoulder at everyone with him as he says softly resorting his arm back to normal and just activating the talons "I'm going to need a few minutes to seal all of those doorways into the Vatican are you guys going to be able to hold this street for that long?"

"Don't worry Allen we'll give you all the time you need and then we'll complete our headcount to see who's buying the first round to celebrate our independences from the Church." Lavi says with a smile as he brought his hammer up and ready for the charge as did everyone else the sounds of multiple explosions sounding out through the Ark. The group as one charge into the ranks of enemies after seeing some of the Priests breaking off to go help their comrades in other areas of the Ark.

Allen wasn't sure how they did it but in little to no time he was being pushed through the doorway into the Piano room the sight of a few Vatican researches trying to play the piano just having him laugh as he ran forward three quick punches had all three researchers out cold, he quickly went before the instrument and started to play thinking on closing all doorways save the ones leading into each Branch of the Dark Order and those close to the last reported location of the Exorcists still out in the field.

Lenalee had fought her way to one of the Vatican entrances by this time and couldn't help but laugh loudly as she hoovered there looking at the entrances close the sound of the piano sounding out over all of the fighting, "You losses you dogs of death, revenge for all the death you have brought use Exorcist in your belief we aren't human and just weapons." Lenalee whispers softly her laughter sounding out for all to hear as the other three entrances that lead to the Vatican started to close other entrances starting to close a few moments later.

Allen gave a small smile as the final note wounded out through the Ark his hand coming up to grip his wriest to pull Exorcism out for the clean up to come, "This is Allen Walker to all Exorcists and Branches of the Dark Order, the Ark is sealed from the Vatican we are now free of their control leaving only the clear up of these affronts to God's will. Time to clear house people." Allen finishes with an evil looking smile and given that he was still in Noah form that just added to his intimidating factor.

When he stepped out of the piano room Allen just gave a nod to his friends and comrades as all of them just looked at the large force of Priests still within the Ark all of them just smiling evilly at the attackers before looking at each other all of them saying at the same time even Bookman, "Let's get this party started."

Up in the main tower in the middle of the Ark Toma just laughed as he saw the huge explosion marking the start of the some of the most Powerful Exorcists in the Order cutting losses now that they know that the enemies numbers would be dropping.

"Alert all Exorcists save Allen's group to make their best time for the closest Ark entrance to Branches nearest them and offer aid to them all see to it the European gets as many as we can get to that entrances." Toma says over his shoulder watching as some of the Finders there used their talismans to hold back some of the Priest while there Exorcists took a breather having been fighting up the whole tower sense the moment Komui order Break Away start.


Komui hissed in pain as he slammed into a wall nearly an hour after Allen had set out the message that the Ark was seal, his light across the room thanks to being thrown by one of the Priests now in his office Emma slumped to one side her wings shielding her from the slashing blade of the Priest that had her pinned the look on her face telling Komui that she was at her limit and couldn't fight any more only stop the enemy from killing her.

Moa and the dozen Finders to come with her working as fast as they could to protect both Komui and Emma but for ever Priest they shoot or contained another one would enter the room.

"Emma just hold on a little longer, your fathers on his way back I'm sure of it." Komui says bringing his sword up and blocking the stroke that could have easily cut his head from his shoulders, Emma just looking at him with tears in her eyes wincing in pain when the blade came down again on her white wing.

"I'm scared Uncle… it hurts so much now to keep my Innocents activated." Emma cried out in pain as the blade came down again Komui just locking eyes with her trying to tell her with his eyes to hold on just a little longer.

The sudden loss of the head of the Priest that was attacking Emma was the only warning as Allen stepped out of the Ark Clown Belt returning to wrap around his arm as he looked at the other the few Priests in the room were quickly cut down as Krory and Lavi jumped out of the Ark themselves Moa giving a smile of thanks as she had been using her rifle to block the wild swinging blades of two Priest as such she hadn't been able to help in getting the others away from Komui and Emma.

Komui just gave a small smile in greeting to Allen and the others as the rest of his team came through the doorway his whole body going limp as he feel to his knees leaning ageist the wall as he says into his headset pushing up his glasses a little as they had been knocked a little off centre, "Main Branch reporting all enemies cleared and beginning final sweep and clear up, report in all branches."

There was a few moments of silences Komui just looking on as Allen and Lenalee who had just came back from the Ark moved to their daughters side Allen holding her close while Lenalee cheeked her over for injures.

"Australian Branch here, all clear and nothing major to report, also we found a small team of Vatican soldiers trying to break into the Innocents vault here."

"Hevlaska here with a large group of Finders, we had a few of the Vatican's elites try and steal the Innocents fragments down here but we have stopped them all otherwise lower levels of the main branch are care." Hevlaska's miseries sounding voice came over the line before anyone else could report in.

"Nothing else to report here in Asian branch no other Priests have entered the base and we can safely say that none of the Vatican's elites got anywhere close to the Innocents stored within the base." Bak's voice came next the slight sounds of cheering coming from the background a clear sign that the base was partying there independences.

"Still fighting here in European Branch but we should have everything under control soon now that we have had reinforcements show up by the Ark… also the Vatican has stolen the three Innocents fragments we had stored here and have vanished into the city search teams are looking for them now but I fear we may have lost those fragments." Came the German voice next Komui and the other branch heads all cursing at the stolen fragments.

"Nothing major here in America, we had a few Priests try and enter the base but our forces were able to fight them off, all Innocent Fragments stored here are safe and sound."

"The Ark is free of all enemies and a team is sweeping any and all building to make sure even as we speak sir." Toma says finally signalling the end of the report ins.

Komui just sighed as he looked around his office a small smile at the sight of Allen and Lenalee hugging Emma between them everyone else from Allen's team in the Ark seating around taking a break from all the fighting Cross already somehow gotten a glass of wine and was seating back to one side.

Lavi looked up after a few minutes having heard Komui start to organise the chaos that was the Dark Order now, taking a deep breath he calmly says leaning back ageist the wall he was resting on, "My count by the end was one hundred and thirty-six kills how was your Panda?"

Bookman didn't even bother with punching Lavi for calling him Panda, he just gave his evil little half smile and says calmly bringing his cup of tea he had just finished making up for a drink, "One hundred and fifty-seven."

"One hundred and thirty eight." Krory says from his spot on one of the rafters of the office smiling down at everyone his hair still spiked up from all of the Akuma blood he had drained in this fight.

"Wait a minute, you guys were counting your kills?" Moa asks in surprise at them boy who all just looked at her for her with questioning looks that clearly said 'her point being?'

"Never mind of cause you did, Lenalee what do you say we take Emma to the Head Nurse and her grandmother to get looked over while they finished totalling up there kill tally?"

"I think I well take you up on that, Allen you stay here and help Komui should he need it we'll be back once you guys are done and Emma is cleared." Lenalee says moving to leave the room holding her little girl close Emma picking up a little at the thought of seeing her grandma but looked over her mother's shoulder and shouted out at the guys.

"I got Twenty-seven." The look on her face showing how proud she was to take out so many in her first major battle. Lenalee just smile at her daughter and kissed her on the head as they left the room all of the guys hearing her pride on such a good job protecting her Uncle.

Allen just looked at his daughter with such a proud look that the others were afraid he might start to glow with his pride in his daughter, Kanda cutting in before his goddaughters father could start to crow with pride, "Two hundred and seven."

Cross just laughed and says poring himself another glass of wine having just finished his current one, "Two hundred and seventy eight." He finished by throwing the now empty bottle to one side and just looked at his gun with a happy little smile.

Allen seemed to work something out in his head for a moment before saying calmly the evil looking smile that normally only showed up when he was playing poker coming through all of them being thankful that he had changed out of his Noah body by now as he says looking Kanda dead in the eyes, "Two hundred and fifty even."

There was silences for a moment before everyone looked at Lavi who just sighed and got to his feet muttering about going to go to the nearby bar in the small town the Main Branch was near and starting to pay for the drinks all of the guys laughing loudly all of them save Allen moving to follow the young bookman.

Allen watched his friends leave the room knowing that later on he and Kanda would be having words about him winning the little contest only coming second to Cross, his thoughts however at the moment were on his daughter and wife hoping both would be ok but for now he had to help Komui sort out this mess and then he planned on having a nice quiet evening with Lenalee and if he and Lenalee got their way maybe working on a brother or sister for Emma.

'Let's hope mum and Sarah are up for baby setting for a few hours tonight or even until morning.' Allen thought moving to help Komui into a seat picking up the family blade of the Lee's and putting it before Komui a moment later while the man kept on organise the Order only giving Allen a nod of thanks for helping him up the pair quickly getting to work.