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Chapter 1 – Him

I was down in my lab working on a particularly difficult tissue sample that had been delivered from Ducky's autopsy, but my mind was elsewhere, with him to be specific. I fully knew it would be a few more minutes till he arrived, exactly an hour after the tissue sample did, but I couldn't help but look over my shoulder towards the door in anticipation. He, obviously, wasn't here yet. I went back to the tissue sample.

My heart raced a few minutes later as the usual large Caf Pow! was set by my right hand. I could hardly breathe as he lingered, his body so close to mine, as he looked over my shoulder at what I was working on.

"Got anything for me yet, Abbs?" He said as he backed off, much to my dismay.

I turned to face him, my breathing going back to normal, but my heart still pounding on.

"No, sorry," I said mad at myself for letting him down, "No matches yet."

Was my heart beating really that loud? Could he hear it too? I rectified my dilemma by sipping my Caf Pow!

"Ok," said Gibbs with a small smile to me before he turned to leave, then calling over his shoulder, "Call me when it's done, Abbs."

It broke my heart when he left, but he had a job to do, and so did I. I reluctantly turned back to my tissue sample. At least now I had a little initiative to get this finished. When I got a match, I got another visit from my silver haired fox, and a possible kiss on the cheek for a job well done. I smiled at the thought.

A few hours later I reached for the phone with a smile.

"You got it, Abbs?" asked Gibbs walking into the lab, a new Caf Pow! for me in hand.

Shivers ran down my spine as I heard him say my name, I smiled, and turned to him.

"Yes," I said as he handed the Caf Pow! to me, our finger tips touched, and I could feel the goose bumps on the back of my neck, "Actually, I do, the blood on Sergeant O'Neil's knife matches the tissue sample from Tiffany."

Gibbs shook his head and smiled in amazement, the butterflies in my stomach all did back flips when he did that. Then he took my breath away once again as he leaned in and kissed my right cheek. He left silently as my cheek burned where his lips had just been. I smiled to myself. As I got back to work I wished he knew just that I was in love with him, and that he felt the same way. However I knew wishing would do nothing for me.

A few hours later I was ready to leave for the day, I had already given up on seeing my silver haired fox again that day. What did people just decided to stop killing marines for the day? Whoa, Abby, not good thoughts, a little selfish I may add. Calm down you'll just see him tomorrow. I slipped on my coat and got half way to the door, then collapsed in a chair at one of my lab tables, and put my head in my hands.

Why doesn't he like me like that? What's wrong with me? I've known the man for years, yet he's never looked my way.

"Abbs, you ok?" He asked as I heard him walk in, my heart began to race once more.

I was immediately thankful I had said nothing out loud. Then I began to panic. Holy crap! What am I gonna do now? Pull yourself together, Abby, calm down. He pulled up a chair next to me.

"You wanna talk about it, Abbs?" He asked softly.

If only he knew how much of a turn on it was for me when he called me Abbs. He's just so perfect, and he really does care about me. Ok, Abby, pull yourself together.

"How did you know I was still here?" I asked trying to play it cool as I turned to face him.

"I saw your car still in the parking lot," said Gibbs looking me in the eye, "I just wanted to make sure you were ok, you usually leave before me."

"I'm fine," I said almost gasping for breath as his eyes were still locked on mine.

"No, you're not," He said, apparently his knowing eyes did their job to some extent.

"Fine, I'm not, can you just drop it?" I said knowing full well he wouldn't, but I stood and he grabbed my arm.

The hairs on my arm stood on end: I hoped he didn't notice the goose bumps. He pulled me back down into my chair, and then he just watched me.

"It's nothing really," I said in a last attempt to get him to drop it, as my heart droned on, he just kept watching me, "Fine. It's just this guy, I like him. I have liked him for a while; he just doesn't seem to get it."

He nodded slowly.

"I have never seen you let a guy get you like this," said Gibbs not taking his eyes off me as I turned to look into his eyes, and my heart skipped a beat as his crystal blue eyes returned my glance, "Must be some special guy, try telling him, Abbs. Any guy would be lucky to have you; you're beautiful, funny, and smart. Total package."

He stood up and kissed the top of my head.

"And if worse comes to worse DiNozzo and I can pay him a visit if you would like," said Gibbs into my hair, and I turned to watch him as he left, signing 'I love you' over his shoulder.

I just wish he meant it the way I needed him to.