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Chapter 25 – The End Is Only the Beginning

Abby watched the monitor in horror, three vs. two? This cannot end well with those odds. Why are they talking so long? He's stalling.

"He's stalling, Ziva, go help them," I said, failing horribly at hiding my worry, Ziva looked around to Jen, who took out her own gun.

"I've got Abby covered, go help them," Jen said, "You are better at fighting than I am."

Ziva was gone in a flash, and I continued to watch the laptop's screen intently, and Jen came behind me, and sat down next to me.

"How did you know he was stalling?" She asked, I couldn't even tell that with the lack of microphone, and picture quality."

"Well, I couldn't read his lips because the picture quality is pretty bad," I said, not taking my eyes off the screen, "But if he thought he and Tony could've taken them by themselves, he would have already fired. He was stalling and trying to figure out a plan."

"Very wise," said Jen, and we watched as Ziva appeared unseen by everyone but Gibbs and Tony, behind the three men that had their guns pointed at the guys.

We watched as Ziva took out the extra guy, immediately causing a shoot out. Soon Tony, Gibbs, Ziva, and DiStalle were the ones left standing. The wind shield and most of the windows on both cars were shot out, but DiStalle didn't back down. He shot at Ziva and missed, he was immediately shot by Gibbs, and fell. As Tony pulled out his cell phone, because he was required to at least call an ambulance, Ziva stepped up and took his pulse, also because she had too. Gibbs however ran right by them.

A split second later there was a banging on the door, and Jen let him in, I couldn't stand up quickly enough. He walked in and took me right into his arms; he dropped his gun on the counter behind me, as he lifted me almost literally off my feet. He pressed his lips against mine almost violently, as I heard Tony and Ziva enter the apartment, Gibbs pulled away.

"Let's get out of here," He said and he took my hand.

"Of course, my silver haired fox, my offer from earlier still stands," I said and he smiled mischievously, and led me to the door.

"Um," said Jen from behind us, "I think you two are forgetting something."

We turned on our heels to look at her.

"You need to finish with the police and write up a report, sorry," she said, and she really did look sorry, I was sure she could see the longing in both of us.

"Fine," said my silver haired fox as he twirled me to face him and kissed me, so passionately I could feel my knees start to go out, but he held me close, and in affect he held me up, "Go home, you look so tired, I'll be there in a few hours and we can finish this."

I smiled so that my dimples showed magnificently, and he returned my smile, and kissed me quickly once more.

"I'll be waiting," I said as Ziva handed me her keys, but Gibbs stopped me before I could leave.

"I love you, Abbs," He said, and he gave me one more sweet kiss.

I left the apartment, and I knew he meant those words the way I needed him to.