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Hello lovely readers! This is my first Gilmore Girls fanfic, I looove Gilmore Girls. This fanfic is about Lorelai when she was a teenager. It is around the same time as the flash backs during the episode "Dear Richard and Emily," so Lorelai and Chris are 16. I'm not sure how long it is going to be yet, but I promise to update as regularly as I can. Please please please please review, I need feedback!

Oh and author's notes are bolded and flashbacks are italicized

Disclaimer: If I owned Gilmore Girls, I would be hanging out with Milo and Alexis right now, sadly, I'm not.

Lorelai turned up the music on her walk man to drown out her mom's yells from downstairs, she was so not in the mood to talk to her mother. She picked up an old magazine off her floor and flipped through it absent-mindedly. She was laying across her large bed on her stomach. Even over her loud music, she could hear her mother pounding on the door. Lorelai decided she would simply pretend she hadn't heard her knocking. Soon the door swung open and a very angry Emily stood in the doorway.

"Lorelai Gilmore! You will answer the door when I knock! It is extremely rude to make me stand in the hallway" She ordered loudly. Lorelai stuck to her original plan and pretended her music was too loud to hear her mother.

"Lorelai! Do not ignore me!" Emily yelled. She marched up to her daughter and pulled the head phones off her head.

"Hey! I was listing to that!" Lorelai protested.

"Well you aren't any more. You will listen to me when I'm talking. Now you will come down stairs, and we will have a pleasant family dinner! Do I make myself clear!?" Emily hollered in such a harsh tone, Lorelai decided not to respond, but she did glare at her mother as she threw her magazine down and stormed out of her room.

Lorelai plopped down in her chair at the large elegant dinning room table and fumed as she stared at the seat across from her. No one ever sat in that chair, Lorelai thought it would be empty for ever. Maybe if her parents had another kid, they could sit in the empty chair. Maybe if I had a sibling, my mom wouldn't hound me so much and get off my back Lorelai thought to herself. She looked up at her mom and than turned to her dad and shuddered at the thought of them having another kid in their 40's.

"Lorelai, stop pouting and eat your salad" Emily scolded. Lorelai picked around the lettuce and stabbed at her tomato.

"Richard, did you call the carpet cleaners today? The spot on the rug in the foyer under the piano is driving me crazy" Emily declared across the table to her husband.

"Mom, your kidding right? You can't even see that spot unless you lay on your stomach under the piano with a flashlight" Lorelai retorted.

"It doesn't matter. I know it's there and it bothers me" Emily replied harshly indicating that Lorelai shouldn't say anything more on the subject. She rolled her eyes and pushed the food around her small plate.

"No I haven't Emily. I will call tomorrow" Richard replied in a tired voice. His movements were slow and his eyes droopy. He looked like he had been up about 12 too long. Lorelai often thought her dad over worked himself, but she never said anything. The less she had to start awkward conversations with her father the better.

"Lisa, come take the salad plates away," Emily ordered after a few more minutes of awkward silence.

"Lisa? Who is Lisa, what happened to Mary?" Lorelai asked referring to the short brunette maid they had for the past week.

"I fired Mary, and hired Lisa today" Emily replied in a bored voice. "Lisa, please bring the main course" she called in to the kitchen.

"Why did you fire her? I liked Mary" Lorelai complained. She did not actually like Marry all the much, but she felt like disagreeing with her mother tonight, well she felt like disagreeing with her mother most nights.

"I fired her because she was not fulfilling her duties as I asked them to be fulfilled. Plus she didn't water the fern on the patio and now it is dying" Emily explained impatiently.

"But that fern is hideous. It would make Jocelyn Wildenstein cover her eyes and say, 'wow I don't think I have ever seen anything quite as ugly as that" (A/N Jocelyn Wildenstein was an actress from the 60's who was plastic surgery happy and ended up with a face that looked like a pancake with a balloon for a chin) Lorelai joked, pleased at the impressive reference that she pulled up on the spot. That had always been an impressive talent of hers.

"That fern was Lorelai, we had it shipped from India. Bite your tongue" Emily scolded. Lorelai snickered in to her hand as Lisa, the new maid walked out to clear the plates.

"Thank you Lisa, the salad was delicious." Lorelai stated kindly as a plum women with short hair cleared her plates. She smiled in response. Lorelai always acted especially nice to the maids to make up for the wrath her mother put them through.

After the main course was brought out, roast duck, the Gilmores chewed in awkward silence. Usually at quiet dinners like these, Lorelai would try to start simple conversations to cut the stillness, but she wasn't in the mood for forced conversation right now. She ate quickly and put away as much of the duck as she could. After her plate was almost empty and her parents were slowing down also, she decided it was a good time to ask for what she wanted.

"Can I go visit Chris? We were going to watch some TV at his place" Lorelai asked as politely as she could.

Both her parents looked up, usually her mom would say no with out a second thought, but luckily, they liked Christopher. Lorelai knew they liked and approved of him because he came from 'and upstanding family' like they did, but like Lorelai, Chris Rebelled against the structured and pearl lined life. That ones one of the many reasons Lorelai loved him, was because he understood her and the difficult relationship she had with her parents.

"It is already seven thirty" Emily responded.

"Yeah, but it is Friday, I don't have school tomorrow" Lorelai argued.

"Well, I suppose if you are back by ten" Emily replied unwillingly.

"Mom! Ten thirty, please" Lorelai begged.

"Fine, alright. Ten thirty" Emily said giving in.

"Yes!" Lorelai exclaimed happily, "Thank you" She jumped up from her chair and hurried towards the door before her parents could change their minds. She grabbed her coat and keys and was out of the huge stone house with out a look back.

Five minutes later, Lorelai was pulling up into drive way of her boyfriend's house. His house was just as old and big as her house, and also had more rooms and old furniture you can't sit on as her house. She shut of her car and hurried up to the huge oak doors. Moments after she rang the bell, Christopher's mother answered the door.

"Hello Mrs. Haden, how are you tonight? Lorelai politely asked.

"Oh, Lorelai, I'm wonderful, now come in, it is freezing outside" She stepped aside to let Lorelai in and closed the door behind her. "I'm sure you are here to see Christopher. He is in the living room" Mrs. Haden replied with a smile. Lorelai thanked her and walked down the familiar hallway to the living room.

"Hey Chris, I escaped dinner with parents early" Lorelai explained happily when she saw Chris sprawled on the couch watching TV.

"Lor, hey! That's great" Christopher exclaimed as he rose from the coach.

Lorelai had know Christopher since she was five, and had been dating him since she was fourteen, but her heart still skipped a beat every time she saw him. He was still wearing his school uniform from earlier that day, minus the tie and with his shirt un-tucked. His light brown hair was mussed from laying on the coach and watching his blue-green eyes light up when he saw her made Lorelai's stomach flip.

Christopher crossed the room in a few long strides and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend's waist. She grinned as he leaned down to kiss her. She smiled against his lips and put her arms up around his neck; when she was with Christopher she always forgot her worries and troubles and felt her spirits rise.

She pulled away from him to look up at his face, she pulled her arms further around his neck.

"Hi" he whispered with a dazzling grin that made Lorelai melt.

"I'm hungry" She replied. Chris laughed a deep full laugh and kissed Lorelai again.

"Didn't you just have dinner with your parents?" He laughed as he walked back to the coach. Lorelai followed and sat down next to him. She pulled her legs up on to the coach and leaned on to his shoulder.

"Yes, but that was fancy rich food, I need junk food" Lorelai explained as Christopher put his arm around her.

"Alright, how about you find something good on TV, and I go get us some food" Christopher suggested. He began to stand up, but Lorelai pulled him back down.

"No, don't go" She pleaded wrapping her arm around his waist and burring her face in his shoulder.

He laughed and replied, "Well, I can't get you food if I can't get up."

"Get the food in a moment, I need this" Lorelai muttered.

"Hard night at the Gilmore house?" Christopher asked, understanding.

"Yeah" Lorelai sighed.

"Here, find something on TV" Christopher suggested as he kissed Lorelai's hair.

"Ok" She replied as she picked up the remote and began flipping through the channels. "Oooh! Breakfast Club, and its still at the beginning!" Lorelai exclaimed happily.

"Lor, you have seen that movie waaay to many times," Christopher complained.

"Chris, you can never see Breakfast Club too many times! It is like, the best movie ever!" She argued.

"Oh come on, you have said that about one hundred movies" He pointed out.

"Well I have the remote, which means I have the power of the TV so you will have to deal with Breakfast Club" Lorelai retorted as she clutched the remote and wrapped her arm back around Christopher's waist.

"Oh alright, if it will make you happy" Christopher replied sweetly. Lorelai smiled and wondered how she got lucky enough to have Christopher at her side.