Lorelai stood looking out her window as the last rays of the sun sunk behind the horizon. Today was April 12, her 16th birthday, her sweet sixteen. But instead of being happy and carefree like she should, she was upset and filled with worry and guilt. She turned away from the window and stared at her dollhouse. She walked up to it and ran her fingers of the perfectly polished roof. She lowered her eyes and fought back tears. She was scared, more scared than she had ever been. She turned back to the window and looked out at her balcony.

Her balcony

The balcony where her and Christopher had sex four weeks ago. She quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed even though no one was in the room. Lorelai walked over to her tootsie drawer and dug her hand in to hundreds of tootsie rolls until her fingers wrapped a long thin cardboard box and pulled it out causing a dozen of the small brown candies to tumble out of the drawer. She always kept everything she wanted to hide in this drawer deep under the innocent candy. She unwrapped one and popped it in her mouth. She opened the small box for the hundredth time and pulled out a thin white plastic piece that had a small grey screen. The stupid grey screen, the evil grey screen. Lorelai hated that little grey screen, because four days ago it showed her the worst shape in the world, a plus sign.

Lorelai threw the pregnancy test across the room and collapsed down to the floor in tears. She cried for ten minutes, wrapping her arms around her legs and buried her face in her knees. She couldn't be pregnant, she couldn't, but she was. She started to see the signs that pointed to pregnancy. First, her period didn't come, but she didn't think much of it, her period had always been irregular. Lorelai had never paid attention to her period or counted the days; on of the luxuries of being a virgin. She had pushed her late period to the back of her mind, ignoring it. But than she started to gain weight, some of her shirts and dresses were getting tighter. Last week she couldn't zip up her new debutant dress. Of course her mother just thought the dress was made to small. But after that Lorelai couldn't hid from it any more, she took a pregnancy test.

She hadn't told anyone. How could she? How could she tell her parents that all the plans and dreams they had for their only child were going to be thrown out the door. How could she tell Christopher? She groaned and looked up from her knees to the picture on her dresser. It was a picture of her and Chris at the winter formal; Lorelai was grinning at the camera, Chris was grinning at her. She wiped another tear from her cheek. Everything had been going so perfectly between her and Chris, she loved him so much and now… And now she had to tell him his life, as he knew it was over. She pressed her hand to her stomach and closed her eyes. Her child, her daughter or son was growing inside her. She opened her eyes and stood up. She was going to have to do this, she was going to have to tell her parents and Chris she was pregnant, and than she was going to have her child and raise her child, with or with out Christopher's help. She walked over to her vanity and wiped her eyes and tried to hid the evidence that she had been crying.

A soft knock came from the other side of her door. Lorelai took a deep breath, "Come in" She called.

Emily opened the door and stepped inside. "Lorelai, I know we had a fight, but you can't hid up in you room all night, there are lots of people down stairs who are here for you. Now come down stairs and talk to your guests." Emily's voice was stern but quiet, she wasn't trying to start another fight with Lorelai.

She sighed and turned to her mom, "Ok Mom, I will be right there. Just give me a moment" she replied softly. Emily nodded and closed the door. Lorelai walked across the room and picked up the pregnancy test and buried it safely under the tootsie rolls, straitened her dress, and headed out the door and back to her party.