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I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry for everything that has happened between you and me. I know I can not repair the damage I have caused to you, but I want you to know that I love you all very much and that I will never harm you all again.



I placed the pen down and looked out my window. It was raining again. Both outside and inside. The inside rain is from that liquid in my eyes that can not be stopped. I just don't belong. This world is not right for me.

Everything is not the way I was born to know. I'm not use to it and I might never understand it. Yugi and the others adapt easily because this is their life time, not mine. Mine was in Egypt three thousand years ago. They don't need me now. I don't have to save anyone.

What a lovely night.

I think I'll go and kill my self.

I know I won't be missed. No one will care. I'm just a shadow to them all. I am…


I open the door and I can hear my aibou laughing with his friends. HIS friends not mine. I don't own anything here, I'm borrowing from Yugi. Everything I own, it was and is still his. I lay the note on my bed and went out the window.


I walked in silence in the early waking moments of the day, I knew the fastest way for the end was through the park so I cut through it by scaling the gate and walked on. What caught me by surprise was a butterfly that landed on my out-stretched finger.

A butterfly in late autumn?


I look at the little blue insect. Should I kill it or let it go? I lift it above my head and it flies off into the foggy horizon, with that done with I continue onward.

Why I let it live, is because it would die in the cold but I must let nature take care of that for me, I will not kill it, but myself…

Well, now that is a much different story.


I continued to walk through the dew covered grass of the early morning thinking over everything. I saved the world, I kept it safe. I even gave up my own soul to save everyone, only to be trapped in the hell-hole of an item for three millennium, without so much of a simple thank you or you did great. No, not once. People just continued on with life as if nothing ever happened.

What a bunch of fucks.

I finally left the park and no one was around. Perfect. No one to stop me.

I walked another few minutes and came upon the Domino Bridge; many people had jumped from it, 12 to be exact, which means I'll be number 13. I walked to the middle of the bridge and walked to the right railing and began to climb upon it, hanging onto the lamp post to balance myself.

I look down at the water and then at the sunrise. Tears begin to stream down my face as I smile for no reason. To die with a simple smile, how nice. This is such a lovely morning.

A beautiful dawn.

I wipe my eyes as I hear a car come to a stop a short distance away.

No one can stop me. I let go of the pole and get ready to dive into an icy cold coffin.


What the deuce? I'm not falling, in fact, I've stopped moving. Something or someone has my shirt. I turn my head, only to find cold-blue eyes fully of worry looking at me. Kaiba? He's holding on to me?

"Yami! What the hell do you think you are doing?! Trying to kill your self?!" He screamed at me.

"That's the jest of it, yes. I am trying to die Kaiba and if you don't mind, I would like it if you let me continue."

The next thing I know is that he pulls me to his chest. "Like hell I'm going to do that Yami. Suicide is one of the easiest and worse ways to die and I'm not just going to let someone die in front of me… again."

I blinked. What did he mean by 'again' did he watch someone die?

I pushed away from, though I some what missed the warmth.

"I'm sorry, but I would like to live if there was something or someone who would help me when I need it, but no one will because they think I can handle everything on my own because I seem to always have the world's problems on my shoulders. That and a little gratitude once in a while, but people are always so wrapped up in their own little universe so there is no need for the likes of me to be around to bother them because I have a strong doubt that the world does not need me for anything else because now I am just dead weight."

"Is that all? Do you really think that is why you should die?"

I simply nodded and started to walk away. But he grabbed my wrist. "Yami, you are going to stay with me until this suicide idea leaves your silly little head. And I'm sure you must have written a note explaining that you would be gone forever."

I looked into his eyes, how could he have known that? Maybe Kaiba really is as smart as they say he is. He pulls me over to his car, which was the one that stopped. I didn't complain I just followed him for reasons beyond those that I can understand. I got in the passenger's side while Kaiba sat in the driver's and he drove off.


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