My Madness, My Saving Sanity


By: Nightelfcrawler

Author's note: And here is the final installment. Hope you all enjoyed! I may be doing something with this line of fics in the future.

The mood in the brig was less than enthusiastic. But then, this was to be expected of several dozen imprisoned Decepticons crammed in a tight space for days.

"I don't get it. How'd he trick us ALL?!"

"Cause you're as dumb as a post."

"Shut up."

"Frag… Megatron's going to be pissed."

"It's been nearly a whole cycle… what do you think the Autoscum did to him?"

"Probably got away, knowing him. Left us all to rot."

"Ok, now I know he'd leave behind a few of us if we're stupid enough to get caught, but his whole fragging army? Come on, even HE'S not that stupid."

"Good point."

The brig was not only crammed to full capacity, but it was quite uncomfortable to be herded into each cell, five cons to a bunk. Not only had this prevented them from recharging, but it had put every single one of them in a very bad mood. Coupled with the fact none of their weapons worked within the dampening field, and you had a very grumpy army.

Their mood wasn't lifted any when the doors into the brig subsequently opened, revealing their least favorite mech.

It was quite amusing to note the myriad of reactions to seeing the former Decepticon Air Commander waltzing in well and alive, with Megatron's head in one fist. No one dared say a word as Starscream stopped in front of the cell block and shifted his gaze to scan every single one of them. Needless to say, their attention was riveted on him as he began to speak. "Megatron is dead." He said unnecessarily, holding up the severed head, staring at it with a small smirk. "And you all have a choice now." His optics slipped back up to regard them all. "You can either accept the fact that I am now in charge of your sorry afts…." There were several short snorts of mirth at that statement. "…or…" Starscream continued as if he'd never heard their laughs. "You can remain here as prisoners, return to Cybertron and face a full inquiry into war crimes."

That shut them up quickly.

"What the hell…" Dead End snarled. "You'd let us all rot here!? Who'd you lead?"

Starscream didn't smile. Instead, he lowered his arm, Megatron's head dangling lifelessly at his side. "I couldn't give a flying frag if you all chose to stay here." He said simply. Dozens of confused optics regarded him. "Today as official Leader of the Decepticon forces, I signed a non-combatant treaty with the Autobots. As of today, the war is over."

"WHAT!?" The cacophony of angry voices filled the room.

Starscream waited patiently without speaking until the protests died down. Then, he shot them all a sharp glare. "We have lost sight of our goal, Decepticons. We once dreamed of ruling Cybertron, of peace through war. Through the ages, Megatron lost sight of that goal and our mission, our end motive turned into hatred. Mech against mech, bloodlust and power alone driving us. We lost sight of our focus and let our hatred drive us. And I ask you, where has that left us?" He gazed through the ranks, optics sharply daring anyone to protest and interrupt him. "It has left us broken, disorganized and has finally lead to the one who led us in this direction to fall by the very sword he forged himself. Today, we focus our sights on our original goal. To rebuild Cybertron."

Starscream threw Megatron's head carelessly towards the wall, allowing it to drop with a dull thud as he began to pace in front of the row of cells. "Many of you may not know that long ago there was not just one Prime that oversaw the Council. No, before the Matrix was held by a single mech, there were two rulers of Cybertron. One who oversaw diplomacy and one who was responsible for the protection of our people. It is an ancient custom, one that even our own history has lost track of. And it is this that Optimus Prime and I have agreed is the best way to unite our people once more." He paused to face them all again. "Strictly speaking, there will be no more Autobots and Decepticons. While there is no way for either faction to ignore the millennia of history between us, hatred for faces we well know and hate, anyone who fires upon another mech will hereby be held as a prisoner of war and tried for his past crimes. And I do mean EVERYONE." His gaze bit sharply into the watching cons. "So I tell you once more. You have a choice. Step outside your cell…" He punched the release function on the door, and every single door opened swung open, energon charged force fields dispersing. "…and you accept these terms and serve under MY command. Those who do NOT accept it, remain seated please." A sarcastic smile flashed over Starscream's lips. "Someone will be along to shoot you shortly."

Despite years of hatred barring the two factions apart, when given a choice it was amazing how quickly the Decepticons decided getting along with the Autobots was in their best interest.

Of course… there was still the rest of Cybertron, not to mention Shockwave, left to convince.

But that would be dealt with another day.