Twenty-five Ways to Irritate the Chronos Numbers (Part 2)

Kranz Maduke (IV)

Offer to polish his helmet. With butter.

Have everyone scream "Oh my god, it's Robocop!" whenever he walks by them.

Force him to drive on the busiest freeway.

Blush and giggle hysterically when he tells you that his knife vibrates.

Ask him to cut your deli meat.

Paint a face on the back of his helmet.

Land him a job at the floral shop, then sit back and watch him take color-specific orders.

Get him a seeing-eye dog, but don't tell him it's actually a Chihuahua that hasn't been housebroken.

Baldor S. Fanghini (VIII)

Tie Heimdall's chain in a knot.

Sign him up for an anger management class led by Jenos.

Give him Juicy Fruit gum instead of his usual coffee-flavored gum just to see his reaction.

Cut off his goatee and maybe some of his hair while you're at it.

Replace his gum with sticky tack.

Switch out the booster button on Heimdall's handle for one that's connected to a bicycle horn.

Ask him why he doesn't have two balls like normal guys.

If you're a girl with a death wish (like the Authoress), give him a massive hickie where his VIII tattoo is.

Lin Shaolee (X)

Train the dog from #8 to pee on his scarf.

Address him by using girl names that have Lin in them, like Marilyn, Linda, Carolyn, etc.

Sing the Monty Python song "I Like Chinese".

Request for him to disguise himself as George W. Bush and run around Democratic National Headquarters.

Tell him that Glin is a gay-ass name and that someone as dumb as Lil Wayne could have come up with something better.

Fashion all of his Chinese clothing into short-skirted dresses.

Ask him how he could have gotten to know River so closely in such a short time, telling him that everyone else is convinced that he molested him.

Trade out his Seiren for a regular old grey scarf right before sending him out on a dangerous mission.

*Bonus* Anubis (VI)

Give him a flea bath and put him up for adoption.