Greetings fan girls. This is Genesis, and I shall now employ extraordinarily elongated vocabulary to confound you into belief that I am essentially smart. Come on populace! I get my titanic lexis from the reverse of an apple. I have truly on no account tried to consume myself, even though Sephiroth has… Ah, upbringing playfellow…we bite.

Zack: Dude, what are you saying?

Genesis: I contain no indication.

Angeal: Huh?

Genesis: pardon?

Sephiroth: Hello, good to see you. I am here to say I can sermon a lot longer than Genesis. Observe…

Hello. Evil mental villains in this entire succession all appear identical. We all distribute the similar chronicle as well. We are all dense, mental, and monotone. Has anybody yet perceived that? The mere sole of us that has any expression in our voices is Kadaj. That is not fair! I resemble the major function here; nonentity cares about, Cloud, Vincent, or Zack. It's all about us silver-haired freak shows. Bizarre yaoi fans out there, please impede. Those anecdotes are even making the respite of my relations ailing.

Sephiroth: So ha!

Everyone: O.o

Sephiroth: What?

Genesis: I had no proposal you suffer in that manner.

Zack: Will you stop reading from that piece of fruit?

Genesis: Why?

Zack: because, it is irritating!

Genesis: oh, truly?

Zack: yeah. You are so exasperating. I cannot even get a break from you people, look, now you are making me use this pointless terminology as well. You guys suck. I loath you all. I will be at the church. I require eradicating something imminent.

Angeal: Have you all gone nuts? Am I the only sane one here?

Genesis: agreed.

Sephiroth: Fair enough.

Angeal: I was not asking!

currently for all of you to depart and leave me unaccompanied I have to bewilder the reader as well to conclude the account. Well, I am not the brightest, but perceptibly I am the smartest one here. Therefore, subsequent to you're done anglicizing this you'll see that the narrative is ended and you can set out to your abode. Oh, how poignant. Go occupy yourself with Crisis Core or something.

Everybody: Does this mean it's the—


This is what happens when I bored. If there was any errors in how the words were done, they were arranged to confuse you. I do not own the characters, but I do own the idea. Hope this made you laugh.