Title: Nullus Reverto Tergum

Author: Emily Carter (carter.emily/tucker529)

Beta: Flynn

Words: 1,511

Time-line: Roman Holiday

Pairing: Chuck Bass/Blair Waldorf (hints of Blair Waldorf/Nate Archibald)

A/N: Well, as some of you may know, this was originally written and "published" this past Christmas season as Never Coming Back. After rereading it, and debating for a while, I decided to rewrite it, more detail, a bit more plotline to it, and maybe another chapter or two.

I'm going to keep the original up for the time being, but there's a good likelihood that I'll probably end up deleting it eventually.

Nullus Reverto Tergum is Latin for No Return Back, which is because, well, Latin doesn't do English words like I wish it did, they don't have Never Coming in there, so I had to... figure out a different way to show what I meant. No Return Back ended up being that.

Dedicated to my beta Flynn, who, although she hasn't had a chance to watch the entirety of Gossip Girl (GG2 to her), is still able to read this.

Do you miss him?

As Blair read the text message, the scrunched her nose and thought that it was one of the most ridiculous things that she had heard in a while, even more ridiculous than when Nathaniel had told her that he loved her, even if she needed to wait for the time being. Slowly, it occurred to Blair that she didn't honestly miss Nathaniel, just felt as though a girlfriend was supposed to miss her supposed boyfriend and not his best friend.

Do I miss who, C?

Quickly pressing send, Blair flipped her phone closed and lightly tossed it onto the table that was setting across from her, pausing her actions for a moment, she glanced across the room where her mother, father, and Roman were all laughing and taking pictures of each other. She almost jumped as her phone started to vibrate across the table before running into a stack of napkins that was stacked on the table, slowly pushing them further and further away from their original place.

Grabbing her phone, she reopened it, the text automatically opening and showing on the screen. Your dear Nathaniel, of course.

Smiling at his obvious jealousy for a moment, she slowly typed out a reply, choosing each word carefully, knowing that anything she sent could change everything that would later happen.

C, we didn't sleep together. She quickly powered her phone down; afraid of his reaction, but also finally understanding why Chuck had left and gone to Monaco for Christmas and leaving school after the Debutante Ball. If Blair was really honest with herself though, she would realize that she missed Chuck's presence, his smile, the smile that he would seemingly only give to her, and the fact that he had tried so hard to be with her, to prove that he could 'behave himself'.

She desperately wanted him to come back to the Upper East Side, to explain things, but the last thing that he would do would be to answer Blair's phone calls, or return them for that matter; just the fact that he had even replied to a text message had surprised Blair, especially after the last one that had sent to her days previous. Only 1 question: How did you fake ur virginity for N?

Closing her eyes for a moment, and leaning back up against the couch, feeling Dorota's weight disappear and her legs brush up against Blair's as she went to continue some chore or other, Blair squeezed her eyes shut, pushing the memories of Chuck's body hovering over hers. Or the way he always held her and placed small kisses all over her shoulders and neck after they'd had sex. Blair felt a pang in her chest for a moment as the images flashed through her mind, cementing themselves into her memory even more, twisting the knife that she had inserted into her own back as she realized that it was her fault that he had ran away and left the country. She had been the one that told them what they had, whatever it was, was completely over, not to mention that he disgusted her; she had never wanted him to really believe that, just had this ridiculous desire for him to fight for her love in a way that Nathaniel had never managed to do.

"Daddy! When is the next flight leaving?" Blair suddenly questioned.

"I don't know Bear, but we'll be here for as long as it takes," he paused and smiled over at Roman for a moment before turning his head and letting his eyes land on his daughter. "Where is Nate? I thought that he was going to get here last night."

"So did I," Blair said quietly, her gaze falling onto her cell phone, as if she was afraid that it would portray her minds call that all she wanted was for Chuck to be the one that walked through the door.

"I was hoping to met him," Roman suddenly pitched in from beside her father.

"Well, it's possible that he got hung up with something to do with his father, so he might get here later," Blair quickly rationalized, focusing on the situation at hand. "Hopefully," she stated louder for her father and mother to hear.

"I'm sure that everything is fine," he mother's voice floated towards them from behind the tree.

"I know."

C, we didn't sleep together.

Three text messages and two calls later, Chuck was sitting in his father's hotel in Monaco staring at the screen of his cell phone disbelievingly. Blair was either toying with his emotions, or telling the truth; but that this point in their saga, he wasn't sure which one would be worse for their relationship. Focusing at the young man that was sleeping on the couch, Chuck glared at him; Blair Waldorf had not slept with Nathaniel Archibald. Letting a genuine smile sneak onto his lips for a moment, Chuck's eyes glowed as he continued to stare at the screen, Blair had yet to turn her phone back on to let all of his messages float through.

Nate had made it seem as though the two of them had managed to "seal the deal" when he arrived in Monaco, something that Chuck was tempted to maim him for. Not to mention the fact that he made it seem as though Blair wasn't as amazing in bed as his other conquests like Serena had been. Living up to the legend, not to mention that he knew Chuck had seen them entering the room, their intentions of what they planned to use the room for very clear, it made Chuck wonder why they hadn't slept together, although it explains how Nate hadn't realized that Blair wasn't as "untouched" as she had been before.

Chuck smirked as he thought about the look on her face when he had finally entered her for the first time while they were in the limo. To both of them, it had felt like it had taken an eternity due to the fact that Blair was the last person that Chuck ever wanted to hurt; after all, she is a Waldorf, a delicate flower that deserved to have the best of everything no matter what.

All of the other girls were morphing into her, but weren't her at the same time. They didn't managed to smell as good as her; nor would they kiss like she did, with equal passion and pressure every time, as though they were in sync every moment; and none of them had managed to make the pressure build in his system like she did, none of them made him climax like she had managed. Blair was a high that Chuck would spend his time trying to obtain again, the highest of highs.

Chuck quickly glanced at the clock that was currently hanging above selves that held bottles of alcohol, something that he had personally requested when he arrived at the hotel. He went over the set helicopter schedule that he and his father had managed to memorize over the years; Monaco was their favorite spot to disappear to even if most people weren't privy to that information. Pondering for a moment, he debated whether or not to try and catch the first flight out that he could, or just leave Blair hanging and wondering whether or not he wanted to give them a second chance.

Nodding his head to himself, he walked over to the closest, quietly pulling his two suitcases out and before folding the clothes and setting them into the bag neatly, like his mother had taught him so long ago. Settling the last piece of clothing into the back, he quickly zipped them both up and sling them over his shoulder, quietly stepping over to the bar before grasping a pen that someone had set there. Scribbling eighteen words onto the napkin, he silently walked over to the couch, setting it on top of Nate's cell phone, making sure that he would see it when he woke up.

Looks like I'm still her first. This time I'm not going to be second in her book, Nathaniel.

Smirking, Chuck walked out the door, sliding it closed, making sure to not make any noise as he shut it before walking towards the elevator before he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. When are you coming back? Blair had finally replied, causing a smile to spread onto Chuck's face before he morphed it into a smirk at the realization that he was within sight distance of anyone.

I don't think that I'm going to come back, B.

Stepping onto the elevator, Chuck held the phone in his hand, staring at the screen for a moment before it flashed 'Message Sent' onto it. A few minutes later as he was walking out the door of the lobby, he felt the phone vibrate in his hand, quickly moving it within his eyes view, he opened the message. Fine then Bass, your choice. It's going to be quite boring without my partner in crime though.