Okay dudes, first SWAT Kat story. Because I just recently re-discovered this show! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger, and then it was cancelled so I kinda forgot about it. But me and my friend were listing off all the good cartoons we used to watch: Johnny Quest, Captain Planet, Animaniacs, Gargoyles, Dark Wing Duck, Freakazoid, Flintstones, The Jetsons, Original Pokemon, all those good shows.. and I remembered this show, but I could not figure out the name for the life of me, so after like an hour of googling 90's cartoons I found it! And then I youtubed a couple of episodes. So woohoo! All is cool.

Disclaimer: I don't own SWAT Kats. If I did, I don't think I'd forget the name of the show for like 10 years.

"But I get carried away with every page in every magazine. The cheaper the thrill, the deeper I fill my head with blasphemy." Broken Heart by Motion City Soundtrack.

"Sweet! I love this song!" Angie Clawson shouted in excitement.

Matt Clawson was driving his car with the top down. He truly hated the city there was too much noise and traffic everywhere and it was giving him a headache. His teenage daughter Angela did not help the headache as she cranked up the volume and began singing along with the rock music.

"I'll start this broken heart, I'll fix it up so it will work again, better than before. Then I'll star in a mystery, a tragic tale of all that's yet to come. Finger's crossed, there will be love. But I get carried away!..." Matt tuned the volume to zero and stopped Angie mid song.

"Oh come on! That's the best part of the song!" Angie argued.

"Ang, I need you to listen alright. You really need to be on your best behavior when you're there, Jake never really did know how to handle kids and he's doing me a favor by watching..." Matt started to explain but Angie cut him off.

"I got it, I got it, no pranks, no shennanigans, no crazy antics, no vandalism, no hoolaginism, and no tom foolery. I'll be an angel, now if you don't mind." Angie put that volume back up all the way and resumed her singing. "I'll express myself with ease, with confidence and character complete. With fingers crossed they'll talk to me. But I get carried away with every..." Matt silenced the radio again.

"What do you have against the chorus?" Angie asked.

"I really need you to listen to Jake when he tells you to do something, he's really doing us both a favor, you should be with your brothers a your mother's house." Matt said. Angie made a face.

"I'd rather be on the streets than in the same house as that stupid she-cat." Angie said.

"Ang, do you really want to end up one of those 40 year old nut cases in therapy that blames all their problems in life on their mother?" Matt asked.

"Dad, mom is one of those 40 year old nut cases in therapy, only she blames all her problems in life on her kittens, especially me."Angie said.

"She blames her problems in life on everyone, I don't know why you take it so personal." Matt said.

"Blah, blah, blah, this time could be spent listening to music. And I will do so." Angie said as she turned up the music once more and began to sing along. "...so it'll never beat again. Not just for me but for anyone. But I get carried away, with every phrase and made up malady.The longer I hide behind these lies, the more I disintegrate...There's so much to say..." Matt turned off the radio for the third time.


"Hey I let you get through the chorus this time. Now, I have about 200 dollars for you, it's for emergencies only. I don't want you to invite any boys over, no driving, and don't play your music too loud, try to stay away from eating too much junk and listen and obey to all the rules of their house..."

"And go to bed before 8:00, and brush my teeth twice a day, oh and stand up straight. You can be such a she-cat, you know..." Angie turned up the volume to the radio, a new slow jazz song was now playing, Angie groaned in frusturation, "Ugh! You see? Couldn't we have had this discussion during this cruddy song?"

"Really Angie, you're uncle Jake doesn't know how to deal with a teenage she-cat, I don't want you manipulating him." Matt mentioned.

"Dad, I'm gonna be staying in the city salvage, what could I possibly manipulate him into doing? Not to mention Uncle Jake can be a tad on the boring side." Angie smirked remembering the 1000 page book, he had gotten her for christmas.

"Hey you know he used to be an Enforcer," Matt reminded her.

"I think I can handle a month with my uncle, pops."

"He's moving too fast I can't get a lock on him!" Razor shouted. Dark Kats jet was faster than them and he kept swirving out of the way. The Turbo Kat was having trouble steering out of the way of buildings let alone catching up to them.

"How are they going so fast? I can't catch up!" T-Bone yelled.

"We're losing feul fast! If we don't slow down, were going down!" Razor shouted.

"Tell me something I don't know!" T-Bone yelled back as he desperately pulled the controls back sending them up higher, he groaned in frustration and hit the brakes, the Turbo Kat slowed down and Dark Kat was quickly lost from sight. T-Bone yelled out, "Just great!"

"I guess I'll make some improvements on the Turbo Kats speed. We'll get him next time pal." Razor reassured him as they turned the jet around and headed back home.

"So... where are they?" Angie asked as they stepped out of the car and got a look around. Matt looked around, there was a red car the skateboard was still partially under it and all the tools were out. It looked like the car had been abandoned pretty quickly which made him a bit nervous.

"The door's unlocked!" Angie shouted from the stairs to their house. She stepped in the house, and took a good look around. They certainly lived the life. The garbage was packed past the rim with empty milk cans and used plastic plates. The floor had some sticky substance plastered all over it, it looked like it hadn't been mopped in ages. The curtains were faded and torn revealing windows covered in mud. As she stepped her way into the living room she saw a red couch with a spring sticking out and there were wrenches and tools sprawn out all over the place.

"I've heard of work interfering with your home life, but this is just a little ridiculous. Are you sure you still don't wanna go stay with your mom?" Matt smirked.

"Dude, I'll go insane slower here." Angie said.

"How is that even possible?" Matt asked lifting a rotting apple core covered in tuna by the stem.

"Jake may be a slob, but he's my uncle and I love him." Angie said as she lifted a plate and a bug crawled out from underneath it.

"You know you're girl aren't you supposed to be closest with your mom?" Matt asked.

"I will give you 20 bucks if we can drop this conversation right now." Angie said pulling out a 20 dollar bill

"Where'd you get 20 bucks?"

"What are you a cop?"

"You worry me, my little kitten. And so does my little brother, where did he go?" Matt asked as he checked a few of the other rooms. He pulled out his phone and dialed his brothers number.

"If I can improve the engine, that will make sure that we don't burn through feul so fast, but the thrusters will need..." Razor's thinking out loud was interupted by the ringing from the dashboard in front of him. He hit the talk button and answered. "Hello?"

"Jake, Matt. I'm at your house with Angie, where are you?" Razor slapped his head in frusturation.

"That's today?! I'm... I'm in town picking up a sparkplug for this car we've been working on... and uh... I'll be back in about 2 minutes. Bye." Razor hung up quickly. "Ah crud! T-Bone, my brother and my niece are at the salvage! How are we gonna land without them seeing us?"

"I'll eject you when we're over the salvage, just get the kid out of the house for a bit so I can make a U turn and land the Turbo Kat. Hey, have you thought about how were gonna be able to fly the Turbo Kat without your niece noticing?" T-Bone asked.

"Well... uh. She's young, she'll probably want to go and explore the city, and if not, we can take some time to upgrade the Turbo Kat, maybe get some work done around the salvage too." Razor suggested.

"Yeah, having a she-cat around the house... that's gonna be weird." T-Bone said.

"I don't think you have to worry about that, she's come from a litter of 4 brothers, and she's the only girl." Razor reassured him, as they flew across the salvage.

"I guess. Ready buddy?" T-Bone asked.

"Go!" Razor said. T-Bone ejected him above the house, Razor landed on the roof and groaned when he noticed he still had his SWAT cats uniform on.

Angie was inspecting a broken picture frame, it looked like a while back Chance and Jake still had their Enforcers uniforms on, she was attempting to wipe away some of the dust with her sleeve, but there wasn't mush use. Like everything in this house it refused to clean. This was going to be a long month.

"Hey there's my favorite niece!" Jake smiled as he came out in his blue uniform and hugged her.

"Hey, dude. Where's the sparkplug?" Angie asked.

"Oh um... I dropped it off in the garage before I came in." Jake tensed.

"Hey Jake, how have you been?" Matt asked as he came in from the hallway and hugged him.

"I've been great, how are the boys?" Jake asked.

"They're giving me my grey hairs."

"Sure, you're getting old and you blame it on the sweet innocent kids." Angie smirked.

"I'm not old."

"You are the oldest brother..." Jake pointed out.

"Like you'd know, you'll always be the kitten of the family." Matt said.

"Don't you have sick people to help, pops?" Angie asked.

"Yeah I do, and I'm gonna be late for my flight. Alright, I love you." Matt kissed the top of Angie's head. "Behave."

"Bye Jake, take care of her." Matt smiled and headed out the door. The car revved up and zoomed out of the yard.

"So... wanna grab a bite?" Jake asked.

"We aren't gonna eat with your buddy Chance?" Angie asked.

"Nah, we'll bring him back something."

"I'm not really hungry."

Come on let's go, you can see the city." Jake tried rushing her out the door.

"I'd rather just get settled in." Angie said as she pushed past him.

"Alright, we'll get you settled in... after we rent a movie." Jake grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her backwards.

"Oooh! can we get HairRaiser?" Angie asked quickly.

"Whatever!" Jake yelled as he quickly shut the door.