"These humans all suck, I'd rather be home feeling violent and lonely." Together We'll Ring in the New Year by Motion City Soundtrack

Angie yawned as she stepped into the living room around 10:00 in the morning. Jake had been up since 7 waiting for her to leave, he jumped to his feet as soon as she entered.

"You're up!" he exclaimed excitedly. Angie nodded, and slumped down on the couch where he had been sitting, his face dropped a little at her lack of movement. She picked up the remote and turned on the television set.

"When are you going into the city?"

"I don't know," Angie shrugged, as she began to flip through the channels.

"Well, do you think soon... or later?" Jake asked. Angie sighed at his refusal to drop the subject.

"When is your date?" Angie asked. Jake flinched at the word "date" it felt so strange lying to his niece about it.

"Oh... uh... I'm not sure... later I guess..." Jake stammered wishing Chance had given him more to go on.

"Are you going to eat lunch or dinner with her?" Angie asked.

"Lunch." Jake said, the sooner he got in the Turbo Kat the better.

"Then I'll get ready now and leave in about an hour, I'll go drop off the movie, grab a bite while I'm out, and look around the city. Anything you guys need while I'm there?" Angie asked in the middle of a yawn.

"No." Jake responded.

"Hmm... okay. What time do you think your date will be over?" Angie asked.

"Probably 5 or so." Jake said.

"Alright, I'll aim to be home for around 6, and while we're on the subject, what's my curphew?" Angie asked.

"Oh... uh... I don't know. What curphew did Matt give you?" Jake asked.

"11:30." Angie said.

"Well that sounds good I guess, just try and be careful around the city past 9, that's when the freaks come out." Jake smiled.

"Of course Jake," Angie returned the smile as she got to her feet and skipped out of the room, yawning once again. After her third yawn, Jake remembered something.

"Ang! Angie wait a second!" Jake called. Angie stopped and stepped back into the door frame.


"Um... how's that nightmare of yours? Are you sleeping alright? I'm only asking cause you're yawning a lot." Jake noticed. Angie chuckled.

"Stop your paranoid babbling, everyone yawns in the morning." Angie grinned.

"Talk to me, I'm your uncle." Jake requested. Angie sighed.

"It's nothing, you're making this into a bigger deal than it has to be." Angie insisted.

"Come on, please?" Jake asked. Angie rolled her eyes.

"Maybe later. I gotta go get ready." Angie patted his back, and kissed the top of his head, and then added, "Stop worrying about me."

Razor breathed a sigh of relief as he sat back in the leather cushioned seat of the Turbo Kat, his uniform felt like velvet against his fur, he gripped the missile controls, and smiled. After nearly 36 hours away, he was home. The sky was clear and bright, as T-Bone flew beneath an underpass.

"Man, this is not a good day for patrolling, everything's clear." T-Bone complained as he sat back anxiously.

"I'm just happy to be up in the sky." Razor grinned at his impatience.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Feels like it's been forever." T-Bone agreed as he increased the speed, then sighed as he pulled back slightly, "How will we deal with a month out of the sky?"

"I don't know T-Bone. The weekend might be easier, we'll just have to see how today goes, maybe she'll make friends." Razor said.

"With her cooking skills? She could make friends with the entire homeless community for sure." T-Bone stated. Razor grinned.

"Get some more altitude, I wanna try out the replacement Octopus missiles." Razor requested.

"You got it buddy," T-Bone pulled the controls up.

Angie stopped the big truck on the side of the road, then groaned as she felt every crevasse of the seat. She had forgotten the movie she was meant to return. She sighed loudly as she looked at the clock on the truck, 12:15. She could go back, maybe Jake's date wasn't punctual, then again maybe she would be interrupted them. Then decided she would go in through the garage and sneak into the living room that way. She turned around the truck and made it back to the house in 20 minutes. But as she pulled into the driveway and saw all the lights off and the garage closed. She grabbed the spare key Jake had given her, from her back pocket and opened the door.

"Hello?" she called, there was no response in the empty house, "Is anybody here?" No answer. Angie's eyes narrowed suspiciously, maybe he had gone out to lunch. But if he had gone out, then why was it necessary for her to leave the house? The movie was on the counter where she had forgotten it. She grabbed it and skipped out of the house. She opened the truck door and threw the movie on to the passenger seat, and jumped in. She'd have to confront Jake about this later, because she wanted to stick to her schedule. She pulled out and was back on the road again. Only 40 minutes had passed before she reached her first destination. She walked into the video store, pleased to see the same cat working behind the counter.

"Hello Casey." Angie greeted. The tan cat looked up and smiled at Angie.

"Hey, Angie... right?" Casey smirked.

"Correct, and I believe I have something of yours." Angie smiled.

"Yes, you do." he said, Angie slid Rosemarie's Kitten across the counter, and he grinned "Great, now I'll be able to sleep at night, knowing that this movie has returned here safely."

"You must lose a lot of sleep worrying about all these poor defenseless movies." Angie laughed. Casey sighed dramatically.

"Small price to pay in this business." Casey grinned.

"Well I require some assistance; I'm looking for a really good horror movie that'll scare my uncle, could you be of any help?" Angie asked.

"Of course not, this is MegaKat Video, we don't "help" here." Casey scoffed sarcastically.

"Darn." Angie snapped her fingers in defeat. Casey sighed dramatically again.

"I suppose I could always make an exception for a pretty she-cat like yourself." Casey said.

"Who says chivalry is dead?" Angie chuckled, as he hopped over the counter. As he stood next to her, she couldn't help but notice that he must have been a half a foot taller than her. Angie twirled a piece of hair and began to walk with him.

"So Angie, you aren't from around here are you?" Casey requested.

"Caught me, I'm from the suburbs." Angie smirked.

"You look like you're from the suburbs." Casey noticed then added, "So what are you doing in the city?"

"My dad's a doctor, and he's in another country right now helping the less fortunate. I'm staying with my uncle Jake and his buddy down in the salvage." Angie smirked.

"Oh yeah, I know those guys, the Ex-Enforcers." Casey said. Angie sighed.

"Yeah, that's them. What about you Casey? Are you anything special?" Angie asked. Casey smiled.

"Not really, I'm just the same as any other guy in this city... How about Hair Raiser? That one was scary." Casey suggested.

"Yeah, I almost got that the other day; I haven't seen the second one yet." Angie said.

"Well, sounds like we have a winner." he handed the box, as they headed back to the counter. Casey rang up the movie, and when Angie reached to pull the four dollars out of her pocket, he quickly stopped her, "It's on me."

"How generous." Angie smiled and put her wallet away.

"You can make it up to me if you want," Casey smiled back, "What are you doing Saturday?"

"Nothing. Being a complete stranger in the city has made me accustomed to indoor living." Angie put an elbow on the counter and rested her head.

"Well, if you feel up to some outdoor living, I know a great hiking trail." Casey informed her.

"Okay, sounds like a fun time... I'll ask my uncle." Angie said.

"Here," Casey wrote down his number on her receipt and handed it to her. "Give me a call, and if you're uncle says no, we could always do something else, we seem to have the movies in common."

"He won't say no, he spent all day yesterday trying to convince me to get out of the house. He'll be thrilled. Well he'd be more thrilled if it wasn't a guy, but oh well, he'll settle."

"And are you settling? Making plans to escape your indoor living with the first video store clerk you see?" Casey asked.

"Not really, there was a cute gas station worker, but he made me pay. So you win." Angie teased, "Besides, you're the one who's settling, for the suburban she-cat."

"You're quite different from the girls in the city, maybe I'm looking for a change." Casey said.

"Tailson! Stop socializing and get back to work!" a light furred cat with glasses snapped. Angie laughed.

"Yeah, get back to work Tailson, I'll call you when you're off duty." Angie smiled.

"You'll have to wait a while Angela, I have the night shift, until 2." Casey said.

"Who would rent a movie at 2 in the morning?" Angie asked.

"You'd be surprised. There are a lot of freaks in this city, like you."

"Whatever... "Angie grinned, and headed for the door, "Call you tomorrow."

"Razor! We got company!" T-Bone announced. Razor felt his heart nearly jump out of his chest in excitement.

"Who is it?" Razor asked.

"It's Dark Kat, coming in on our six." T-Bone informed him.

"He picked a good time the octopus missiles are working phenomenally." Razor told him. The dark flying craft came close enough and Razor launched a missile, it grazed the left wing of Dark Kat's jet. In response, Dark Kat launched a missile that hit the middle of their right wing. Jake went to go fire another missile, but a spark of electricity coursed through him when he touched his controls.

"Ah!" Razor yelled, holding his singed paw. All of a sudden 3 buttons randomly started lighting up. The missiles started firing off, Razor hadn't touched a thing.

"What are you doing Sure Shot?" T-Bone yelled.

"It's not me! There's something wrong with the..." Razor was cut off mid sentence and the TurboKat began to plummet down towards the bay, "T-Bone! Bring us back up!"

"There's something wrong with the controls!" T-Bone finished Razor's previous statement.

"Do something!" Razor shouted. T-Bone pressed an over ride button, and that seemed to do the trick. The Turbokat steadied in the air, when they both looked up, Dark Kat's jet was out of sight. T-Bone yelled out and smacked his fist against the control panel.

"How does he keep doing that?!" T-Bone growled.

"I don't know, but he managed to hack into our controls… How'd he manage to get past the security system?" Razor asked out loud. He touched the missile trigger and suffered another electric shock, "Ah!... There are still some bugs apparently."

"We better land before the bugs land for us." T-Bone groaned. Razor sighed in defiance even though he knew his friend was right.

"Yeah, Angie will be home soon anyway." The tan furred cat agreed with a grimace as he noticed his watch read 5:15. The Turbokat made a sharp U-turn, and Razor pinched the bridge of his nose, he was having a serious case of flight withdrawal.

"Kill me romantically, fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum, bitter and dumb, you're my sugar plum! You're awful... I love you! She moves through..." Angie began to sing along with the song very loudly, when the radio died and cut off mid song. Angie smacked the radio in defiance, "No! You're worse than my dad, you stupid..." The sound of the loud TurboKat zoomed over the top of her truck. Angie swerved as the dust from the road rushed up and obscured the horizon. Dust rushed in through her open car window, and she coughed as she pulled over to the side of the road.

"Whoa... where's the fire, SWAT Kats?" Angie asked the empty sky, between coughs. Her eyes narrowed when she noticed how low they were flying. They could have hurt someone. She shrugged it off and pulled back onto the road, and resumed driving home.

She pulled into the driveway and pulled the keys out of the ignition. She grabbed the stair railing and opened the door. Jake was at the table reading the paper and Chance was seated on the couch, his feet resting on the coffee table.

"Hi guys, I'm back." Angie announced. Chance smiled and waved but put his attention back to the television a micro second later. But Jake was on his feet, ready with a parade of questions as Angie had predicted he would.

"Angie! How did you like the city?" Jake asked quickly.

"The city… it's something all right. It's cool for visiting but I can honestly say I have no clue how you live here Jake." Angie smirked.

"It takes some getting used to," Jake agreed.

"Nice little shops though, I got this interesting book about a dude who has cancer, but it's told from the tumor's point of view, I rented another movie, and I got this really cool looking bracelet for like 2 bucks." Angie held up her wrist to show of the blue beaded trinket around it. Jake nodded his head, and Angie smiled at his false interest.

"That's good. Did you make any friends?" Jake asked. Angie made a slight hesitation.

"Yeah, actually… I was gonna ask you, would you mind if I went hiking on Saturday with a friend I met today?" She leaned against the table. Jake perked up enthusiastically.

"Of course, do you need to borrow the truck or we'll you have a ride?" Jake asked.

"I don't know."

"Well, where are you going hiking?"

"I don't know."

"What time will you be leaving, when will you be home?"

"I don't know…"

"What do you know Angie?" Jake tilted his head. Angie shrugged.

"I know that Casey's shift ends late, so I'll call him tomorrow and we'll sort it out from there. I promise." Angie said, and then added, "Did you guys eat? I'm making dinner." She began to gather the supplies, but Jake had heard the one part of her sentence she hadn't wanted him to hear.

"Casey? You never mentioned it was a guy." He confronted her.

"You never asked," Angie asked, "Is pasta okay?"

"Pasta's fine…" Jake waved his hand, "This isn't a date or anything is it? Are you going to get me in trouble with Matt?"

"Oh please, I'm perfectly trustworthy, he only told me no guys, because he told Hyde and Aidan they can't have girls over." Angie scoffed.

"Who is this Casey kid anyway? Where'd you meet him?" Jake asked suspiciously with folded arms.

"A dark alley outside a rehab center, he was trying to sell me some illegal…" Angie started in a mocking tone.

"I'm serious." He interrupted. Angie rolled her eyes.

"He's the video store clerk you accused me of allegedly "flirting" with." She grinned. Jake kept a stern face, Angie began to boil the water and then decided to turn the conversation around, "Speaking of alleged dates and junk, how was your date?" Jake tensed, but he had been planning on countering questions, he started out as brief and simple as he possibly could.

"It was fine." Jake shrugged. Angie leaned back on the counter.

"What'd you do?" She asked.

"Oh um… we just stayed here, watched some TV, and had some leftover salmon." Jake said.

"Is she a keeper?" Angie asked. Jake's face fell, he hadn't considered her asking him this. A few possibilities entered his mind. If he said yes, then he could use the date excuse to go flying again, but then again Angie may want to meet the imaginary she-cat. If he said no, then he would have to find a new way to get Angie out of the house. Jake bit his lip.

"Yeah, I might see her again." Jake said.

"That's good…" Angie smiled, she grabbed a few plates and began to set the table, she paused for a moment, and decided to ask what was on her mind, "So you guys didn't leave the house at ALL today?"

"No… um you had the truck." Jake lied, he began to get nervous, "Why do you ask?"

"Well… when I left for the city, I realized I forgot the movie, so I turned around and no one was home." She explained.

"Oh well um… before she got here, me and Chance were looking for this car part, and we were pretty far back in the salvage so...you…you must not have seen us." Jake rambled nervously. Angie picked up the tone, she looked at him skeptically.

"You were digging through trash, right before your date?" she asked.

"Yeah, well I took a shower after; I mean she ended up being late." Jake explained.

"Huh… oh, and um I don't think you mentioned her name." Angie realized. He drummed his fingers against the counter.

"I didn't? Oh um… her name is… Sarah." Jake said. Angie nodded her head.

"Right… hold on a second." Angie smiled sheepishly; she walked to the living room to find Chance on the couch still watching television, "Chance, what was the name of Jake's date?"

"Huh?… oh it was…uh… Cindy." Chance thought off the top of his head.

"Cool thanks." Angie said, she returned to the kitchen, "Jake, I have a feeling that you're not being completely honest with me."

"Wha… What do you mean?" Jake stuttered.

"I live with four guys; I can tell when a man is lying. You're stuttering and you're nervous, you're making up things off the top of your head, and you can't get your girls name right." Angie crossed her arms. Jake sighed and looked away from her.

"Okay… you're right. There was no date." Jake said.

"Why would you lie to me?" Angie accused.

"Chance lied first." he mumbled.

"Sure get Chance in trouble, that's very noble of you. That doesn't matter to me, you're my uncle. Jake, you're letting me live in your house and I'm completely appreciative, but I thought we had an open mutual trust between us…"

"We do Ang, it's just sometimes I need some time…" Jake started, Angie pointed her finger at him.

"Don't interrupt me, and I understand that you want some time to yourself. If you need Jake time, just say the word, I will leave. I just don't want you to lie to me okay?" Angie finished.

"Okay… you're right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lied." Jake apologized and threw an arm around her shoulder. He kissed the top of her head.

"Don't dwell on it, now be a sport and point out where your strainer is." Angie requested. Jake pointed to the top left cupboard; she punched his arm playfully and reached up for it. As she crossed his arms and leaned against the counter something came to his mind.

"Hey, since we've established an open trust, do you feel like sharing your nightmare with me?" Jake asked. Angie let out a deep breath.

"Why are you so curious?" Angie shrugged.

"Why are you so keen on hiding it?" Jake asked. Angie smiled.

"I don't hide. I'm an open person, and it's about Liz." Angie said. Jake's eyebrows lifted.

"Liz?" He repeated. Angie nodded.

"In my dream, Liz kills each of my brothers just because I left them alone with her... and then the police won't do anything, so I try to find the SWAT Kats, but they won't help either…" she started, Jake looked down at the floor, "So I'm forced to try and find her myself and take my own revenge. But she always finds me first and then she attacks me and leaves me for dead. But my dad always finds me, and he takes me to a hospital. And then while I'm in my hospital bed, my mom comes in dressed as a nurse, and I start screaming but no one will listen to me. She'll pull out a needle… and that's usually where I wake up." Angie finished, and then she shook her head, "It's a stupid dream anyway."

"Hey, it's not stupid... anything that upsets you isn't stupid," Jake said as he threw an arm around her. She half heartedly returned his hug. She smiled sheepishly.

"It doesn't upset me, it's not like think Liz would ACTUALLY do something like that. But it's just the thought of losing any of them… it's enough to make me avoid sleeping."

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