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Meanwhile across town at the lab, Danny was showing up two hours later for work making it the third time in the past week. Mac was getting frustrated with Danny's current lateness problem and finally figured that he should do something about it before the higher-up's hear about it.

"Danny, my office now" (Mac)

"Sure thing, Mac" (Danny)

"I've been noticing a problem with your sign-in sheet lately, care to explain?" (Mac)

"Bike problems, can't seem to get it starting properly for the past few days. Sorry if it's been a problem" (Danny)

"Yeah it's been a problem Danny a big one. Once in a week is fine but three times is a problem and your bike isn't at fault for all three" (Mac)

"Aren't we on the prowl, this morning" (Danny)

"Watch it Danny, I'm trying to help you I can't do that if you don't let me in" (Mac)

"What's there to help? The girl I'm in love with wants nothing to do with me and my best friend hates me. And this…this is nothing just another place that will turn its back on me, sooner or later" (Danny)

"Not true Danny. I'll always be here for you so will, Stella, Hawkes and everyone else" (Mac)

"Not Lindsay or Flack. The two of them both want nothing to do with me" (Danny)

"Can you blame them Danny? There daughter is fighting for her life right now, and Don just found out you've been sleeping with his girlfriend. Why'd you do it in the first place?" (Mac)

"Tell you the truth Mac, I don't know. I've had a crush on Lindsay since I met her at the zoo…" (Danny)

"There has to be more, Danny. You and Don have been friends for way to long to make a stupid mistake like what you did. How did it start?" (Mac)

"I know Mac, it was a stupid thing. Montana and I went out for drinks one night after work, while Flack was out of town and the kids were at his parents place. We got really drunk and one thing led to another and we just started" (Danny)

"You had to of known it was wrong, she's your best friend's girl, the mother of his kids, it should have ended with that one night. Not lasted for over a month" (Mac)

"That's the thing Mac, after that one night it was like an addiction I had to feel that way with Lindsay again and again, I just couldn't stop and apparently she couldn't either" (Danny)

"I'm trying to help you Danny, but the best thing for you would probably be to focus on your work and forget about everything with Don and Lindsay. I thought I heard Adam say something about you having a girlfriend a nurse or something like that, what about her?" (Mac)

"What about her, there's nothing really to say" (Danny)

"How is she going to feel if she finds out about you and Lindsay sleeping together during your relationship" (Mac)

"Who cares, she's only a means to satisfy my needs till Lindsay decides she wants me instead of Don" (Danny)

"Not going to happen, Danny. Lindsay made a mistake something that she's working on fixing. Her life is and always will be with Don and the life they created together" (Mac)

"Everybody says that Mac, but it's not true. Linds has been so much happier since her and I have been hooking up. She smiles more, something Flack hasn't gotten her to do much lately and she flirts all the time with me and hasn't been doing that with him so it means something" (Danny)

"Don't do this to yourself Danny, she's not going to leave Don and the life they have together for you. It just doesn't work that way" (Mac)

"What does everybody have against me being happy?" (Danny)

"We don't have anything against you being happy Danny. Its just that the one you want to be happy with, is already happy with somebody else" (Mac)

"But what if she's lying to everybody Mac and she isn't happy or in love with him anymore?" (Danny)

"Then it's not your place to continuously throw yourself in the middle of her current relationship. Let Lindsay decide what she wants and if she wants you she'll come to you after Emily is better. Just don't forget she'll come bearing the children from hers and Don's relationship and they probably won't like being taken away from there dad" (Mac)

"They probably won't be, but they love me" (Danny)

"Yeah as uncle Danny, not as daddy replacement. Those two children love there dad so much, I remember going over to there house for there birthday party the twins never left Don's side the entire time" (Mac)

"Things can change Mac; you know that I know that. And eventually the twins will have to learn that, so if you don't need anything more, I have work that I need to do" (Danny) "Fine, but just remember this Danny…if you ruin Lindsay and Don's life just for your own gain. I will not be held responsible for whatever might happen to you" (Mac)

"Understood" (Danny).

In a sense Danny knew that what Mac was saying was true he was in for serious trouble if he kept trying to interfere with Lindsay and Don's life, like he has been doing. Now all he had to figure out was how much does he actually care for Lindsay, because if he cared about her as much as he says he does then he'd have no problem ruining her relationship with his former best friend. Danny knows that the next move to be made wasn't exactly his to make but he needed Lindsay to know that he wanted to be there for her and the twins when ever she or them needs him, even if Don is still in the picture. All he had to do was figure out how he was going to tell her this without having her or anybody else go off on him for trying to interfere with her current family problems. All that Danny wanted to do was to be happy himself and that meant having Lindsay in his life, he decided it doesn't matter if he hurts his ex-best friend in the process because he was already hurt by the guy himself. For Danny the day three years ago when he found out that Don and Lindsay were dating, hurt him but he was alright with that because he could still have a chance with her. But then they announced she was pregnant and he knew his chances were over, yet he still held out hope he watched the two of them raise the twins. But then that fateful night came when Danny got his chance and he took it and he wasn't going to let go of her again.

Mac was concerned for his friends, colleagues and his goddaughter and brother because they all are bound to be hurt by what's to happen next. It didn't take much for Stella to notice that something was up with her husband especially after the conversation he had just had with Danny, so she decided that Mac needed a small distraction and she was just the one to provide it.

"Hey, sweetheart. You alright?" (Stella)

"Yeah I'm fine. Just got a few things on my mind at the moment" (Mac)

"Anything you care to share and by share I mean tell me?" (Stella)

"It's just this thing with Danny and Lindsay is worse then we thought, at least from Danny's side of things" (Mac)

"How so?" (Stella)

"He's in love with her" (Mac)

"Of course he would be she's one of his closest friends why wouldn't he be in love with her as far as friendships go?" (Stella)

"No not that kind of love, he's head over heels crazy in love with her. The kind where you don't care what happens to anybody else as long as you get what you want kind of love. Meaning he's willing to risk everything just to be with her; and the worst part is he doesn't care about who gets hurt in the process to make it happen" (Mac)

"This is not good Mac, we need to stop him, from causing anymore harm to those two. If this was to have happened two years ago, fine. But it's been three years Lindsay has a life, heck a family with Don and Danny want's to ruin that for her, just so he can be happy. We can't let him do that Mac" (Stella)

"Yeah I know we can't but it's hard to stop Danny when he's willing to do what ever it takes to get what he wants and I mean whatever it takes" (Mac)

"Yet Mac, we've got to try and stop him. So how are we going to do that?" (Stella)

"I don't think there's anything we can really do other than to be there for them and help them when they need us" (Mac)

"I know that, but I wish there was something else that we could do, and onto another matter was Don at our apartment this morning?" (Stella)

"I know I wish for that too, and yeah he was" (Mac)

"Honey, why was he there?" (Stella)

"He needed somebody to talk to and I was it" (Mac)

"Okay, as long as you were providing him with advice and not telling him what he should be doing" (Stella)

"Yeah, I was giving him advice. He's in a really bad place, Stella" (Mac)

"I know Mac, he loves Lindsay and there life but the whole Danny thing and Emily being in hospital are not helping him at the moment" (Stella)

"True" (Mac)

"I just wish that his parent's knew about what's going on, between him and Lindsay. And not just about their granddaughter being in hospital" (Stella)

"What? They don't know yet?" (Mac)

"Nope and somebody needs to tell them. Because they can talk some sense into there son and help them out with Robert" (Stella)

"I know, but you know Flack. He hates appearing weak" (Mac)

"I know that, yet his parents need to know" (Stella)

"So who do you think should call them?" (Mac)

"I'll do it, Mac. His mom; adores me" (Stella)

"Really; and why may that be?" (Mac)

"That would because I am very motherly to him and she loves it" (Stella)

"I see so you go ahead and do that. While I have work to get done" (Mac)

"I'll see you later?" (Stella)

"You better Mrs. Taylor" (Mac). And that was the last thing said between Stella and Mac for the rest of the day.

Today was slightly different then the day before when Lindsay looks at her little girl and when she starts to think about it she realizes that the difference is that her little girl doesn't appear that little anymore. It's knowing that in her little lifespan of fifteen months, this little girl has been through so much more than either of her parents have gone through and is still going through it. Just looking at her they knew she was fighting for her life and that's what truly scare's them more than anything else, is not knowing whether or not there little girl will ever wake up from this nightmare.

"Emi, it me. Wake-up now" (Robert)

"She's trying really hard to buddy" (Lindsay)

"Why can't she come home with us?" (Robert)

"Cause she can't at the moment. Remember when Uncle Adam was in the hospital?" (Lindsay)

"Yeah, he hurt working" (Robert)

"Yeah and you wanted him to come home from the hospital then too, you remember that?" (Lindsay)

"Uh huh" (Robert)

"And he couldn't because he wasn't allowed to, that's the same thing for Emi" (Lindsay) "Dada, momma saying Emi can't go home?" (Robert)

"Yeah buddy, that's what momma's saying. You understand?" (Don)

"Tiny bit, but me still want Emi, home with me" (Robert)

"I know buddy boy, I know. I want her home with us too" (Don). It was during that conversation that hope shined through for them, little Emily Aiden Flack balled her little hand up into a fist for them.

After calling a nurse over to see for herself they called for a doctor to come in and take a look for himself. Sure enough the moment turned out to be a normal reaction that comes about when a body hasn't actually moved itself in so many days or hours. By the time lunch arrived neither of the people standing around the bed wanted to move, until they were ordered out by one of the nurses. Resulting in Bobby getting his diaper checked and getting a meal from his parents before being taken back to the daycare, under duress.

"Alright little man, you've been fed and changed. You know what that means" (Lindsay)

"Not going" (Robert)

"Yes you are buddy, it's nap time" (Don)

"Me not sleepy" (Robert)

"Robert Donald Flack, don't make me…" (Lindsay)

"Not going; can't make me" (Robert)

"Robert, you have to listen to your parents" (Mac)

"Uncle Mac?" (Robert)

"Yep, it's me buddy. Now you should really go down for a nap" (Mac)

"Don't wont to. Me not like the center" (Robert)

"Why not?" (Mac)

"Lady like daddy, daddy like lady. Momma mad" (Robert)

"I see…what did you do Don?" (Mac)

"Nothing I was just being nice to the lady in charge of the daycare nothing else" (Don)

"For crying out loud, Don…never mind, Bobby you want to spend sometime with me and aunt Stella tonight?" (Mac)

"Want to stay with Emi, but want to stay with you too" (Robert)

"How about this you take a little nap for me at the center then when you wake up we'll spend some more time with Emily then well go to mine and aunt Stella's apartment how does that sound to you?" (Mac)

"Alright" (Robert)

"Great, now…who do you want to take you to the daycare for your nap?" (Mac)

"Momma. Dada would stay with lady if he goes" (Robert)

"Alright, and I promise I'll be here when you wake up" (Mac)

"Okay and you promise we stay with Emi?" (Robert)

"I promise; I'll see you in a little while" (Mac)

"Yep…love you dada and uncle Mac" (Robert)

"Love you too buddy can I get a hug?" (Don)

"Okay" (Robert)

"I'll be back soon Mac" (Lindsay)

"Don't worry Lindsay take your time I wanted to talk with Don anyways" (Mac)

"Sure thing" (Lindsay). After hearing that Lindsay knew she didn't want to come back anytime soon to hear what Mac has to say to Don.