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It was around 6 o'clock when her alarm clock rang. The persistent, annoying beep continued until a hand reached up and slammed itself down on the 'Snooze' button. Simultaneously, the voice of the ever-cheery radio announcer came on and spoke the words that everyone equally ignored, excluding a small percentage that were listening attentively in their cars.

The young woman turned over in her bed, hearing a quiet voice speak in her room.

"Sis, it's time to wake up!" The young brunette said, leaving the door open as she walked inside. She shook the sleepy girl until she sat up, rubbing her face.

"First day of school! And first day of being V.P. at your corporation! We don't want to be late, do we?" She asked, stepping back when the girl stood up.

"I'll see you downstairs!" The young girl quipped, wearing warm, flannel pajamas. She stepped out of the room and began to walk towards her own.

"Aaalright…time to get up. Get up get up get up!" The twenty-something sighed, walking to the bathroom/ Her big feat of the morning was getting up, but once she was out of the shower she would be good to go.

She emerged from the bathroom fifteen minutes later, a towel on her body and another on her hair. She stretched a bit before moving over to her closet and picking out her office-clothes; now that she was vice-president, she was required to wear a business suit on her first day. Afterwards, she could wear almost anything – as long as it was within reasonable limits and followed the small dress-code her position required, of course.

It took her about half an hour to finish getting ready. She wanted to look as business-like as she could, so she wore her hair up in a terra-twist rather than keeping it down.

Her skirt was fitting with her attire; she was wearing a white blouse along with a gray vest that matched her skirt. She looked enticing with the small amount of makeup she had on – blush, eyeliner, and makeup-free eyelashes, curled towards the sky. She was beautiful and single, a deadly combination.

She had had a boyfriend in high school, for a small amount of time, until the two let each other go. He had to move to another state, and with college the next year, they would be too busy to keep their relationship going.

The girl had an unusual name, unlike her sister. Since she was the firstborn, her mother wanted her name to be special, unlike her future classmates.

Her name was Saber. She liked her name; it had always given her an edge, or so she felt. Her sister, Alexis, had a more common name, but even still she was unique.

The two sisters lived alone in the two-story house their parents provided for them. Although there were only four of them in total, their parents had always enjoyed large, luxurious homes. The two sisters received a check each week, in Saber's name, to pay the bill sand get more than plenty of food. Although life was great, the girls missed their parents sometimes, when a photograph or phone call would trigger memories.

Saber had graduated high school early, got an early entrance into college, and was done with her schooling by the age of twenty. She was twenty-two now and vice-president of a major technological company that was responsible for the manufacturing of high-tech computers for important clients, such as the government. They also made and programmed almost all kind of electronic devices, such as PDA's, cell phones, and many other things. She was an extremely smart girl, and fort hat reason, she was mainly alone. Her main company was her sister, and sometimes even her sister's friends when she had to drive them somewhere. Otherwise, she was alone; nobody bothered her at her office, especially when she was working. The only time her secretary, a young college intern, called for her was to remind her of meetings or to tell her she had a call waiting on the line.

There was a board underneath her desk where people could put reminders and memos, if not available by email. She had an office assistant by the name of A.D.A.M. – AKA Advanced Digital Assistant Model -, whom she always turned to if anything was needed. Although he wasn't human, Saber had developed the company's primitive design into her own professional assistant, who, once in a while in her spare time, urged her into having a conversation.

Saber headed down to the kitchen, seeing her sister serving breakfast.

"Hey sis! I cooked us some breakfast." The younger girl spoke, grinning up at her older sister.

"I see that. Thanks! Do you have your stuff ready by the door for easy grab-and-go?" She asked, snatching a few napkins and setting them down on the table.

"Yup. Everything's ready."

"Come on sis…let's go!" Alexis called, waving from the car. She watched her older sister hurry before stepping into the passenger's seat and putting on her seatbelt.

"Got everything?"

"I'm ready."

"Alright then. We're off!" Saber spoke, switching on the ignition and heading out of the driveway.

Since their house was located on a secluded part of the city, if not countryside, it took them longer to get to their destinations. The two-story house had a large backyard, and a long driveway.

After half an hour of driving, the two sisters arrived at Alexis' high school. It was her freshman year, and Saber could tell exactly how nervous she was by the way her sister fidgeted with her hair and books.

"Relax, Alexis! Rad and Carlos are going to be waiting for you, right? Just compose yourself…take a deep breath…and go!"

The young girl looked at her older sister appreciatively before stepping out of the car and grabbing her books.

"Thanks, sis."

"No prob. Don't forget your lunch." She handed her the brown paper bag before glancing past her, seeing her two friends waving.

"Speaking of Rad and Carlos…" She smiled at Alexis, waving and watching as the girl turned around and ran up to greet her two friends.

Saber turned, smiling inwardly. She pushed down on the gas pedal gently, before moving out of the front lot, just as the buses began to drop off the nervous students.

At around eight-thirty she arrived at the office. She carried a cup of Starbucks in one hand, and a bag of office supplied in the other. Her purse was slung over her shoulder, and she smiled. She stepped through the automatic doors easily, watching as the receptionist looked up.

"Good morning, Miss Anderson." The woman stated, looking her over with critical, jealous eyes.

Saber smiled at her, ignoring her look and breezing past, to the elevator.

"Good morning."

She pressed a few buttons on the touchpad before entering, her heels clicking gently against the elevator's floor. The glass walls of the elevator surrounded her and she took a clear, elegant sip of her coffee, shutting her eyes.

Her office was almost to the top floor, and when the elevator stopped she promptly exited its glass door and entered the nicely illuminated room, glanding up to see a few smiling faces.

"Hello, interns! We both start new today." She stated, passing through the separated aisle that ultimately led up to her office. She stopped, turning to look at the young girl staring up at her, almost afraid.

Saber offered her a warm smile, motioning for her to sit down. The girl complied and nervously took a seat, fumbling about with some papers on her desk.

"Let's get to work, everyone!" She called out, looking up at the white, neatly printed letters on her office door: 'Saber Anderson, Vice President'.

She turned the knob on the door and entered the dark office, smirking when the lights turned on automatically and a deep, male voice spoke to her.

"Good morning, Isabella." A.D.A.M. stated, a holographic image of a dressed-up, fit gentleman appearing at one corner of the room.

"Why do you insist on calling me by my middle name?" Saber asked curiously, kicking her shoes off and walking up to her neat desk. The white, soft carpet felt nice beneath her feet.

"I enjoy it. It seems more personal." He replied, watching as she set her coffee down and scattered the office supplies on her desk.

"More personal, eh?" She asked, glancing up at the handsome, smiling hologram. "When did I add flirting into your programming?" She asked, teasing and moving her focus back down to arranging her supplies. She fixed the pens and sticky notes to her right, while the phone remained ready on her left.

"You didn't." He replied, crossing his arms and smiling at her. "Vlad did."

"Vlad?" She hesitated a moment, turning to look at him and raising a questioning eyebrow. "You're calling me by my middle name, and he's the only one that really knows it. Makes sense." She paused, following her eyebrows and quirking up a side smile.

"He installed that? How does that happen?...and why?" She muttered, looking at him again and letting out a laugh.

"I'll have to ask him about it later…probably another one of his ideas."

Saber heard the soft static of the loudspeaker, and the hesitated silence of a newbie. She held back a smile, glancing upwards from her work and setting her cheek against her hand.


She heard the girl clear her throat before speaking, quietly.

"You have a call on line one, Miss. She says she's your sister."

Saber looked at the blinking red light next to the button that said 'Line 1'.

"Perfect. Thanks." She paused, smiling, "Oh, and next time…"


"Feel free to talk a little louder."

The girl let out a sigh of relief before answering. "Yes, ma'am."

Saber heard a beep and turned to face the phone. She pressed the button that said 'Line 1', slouching back in her chair and fiddling with a pen.

"Hey sister."

"Sis! I'm calling you during lunch." She hesitated before speaking again, "Um…is it okay if I go to the mall after school? Rad and Carlos wanted me to go explore a cave with them, but I've got a lot of homework – even though it's the first day! - and I need to get some new clothes…"

Saber leant forward, putting her arms on her desk. She could hear Alexis' patient pause as she considered her answer.

"Sure. Call my cell when you need me to pick you up. I'll order some pizza for dinner so you can work and eat at the same time. Sound good?"

"Sounds great, sis! Thanks! I'll talk to you later!"

"'Kay sister. Let me know if you need some extra cash, alright?"

"I will, but I doubt I'll need any. Thanks though. 'Bye!"

"'Bye, Alexis." Saber pushed the 'Release' button on the phone before going back to work.

"I wanted to tell you…you look nice today." A male voice soothed, causing Saber to laugh.

"Don't be silly, A.D.A.M."

6:30 PM. That was when the earthquake hit. Loud, fast, and sudden – catching people off-guard. Saber raced upstairs to her sister's bedroom, entering and locking gazes with her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. But the place where the earthquake originated from…that's where Rad and Carlos are!" She exclaimed, worried. Saber hesitated a moment before answering.

"Let's go. Get in the car."

The two arrived at their destination quickly. Saber parked near the cave, and her sister opened the door.

"Go find them, Alexis. Bring them back and we'll take them home."

Alexis nodded at her before running off, jumping over and onto rocks before disappearing from sight.

Saber was about to get out of the car when her phone rang. She reached into her purse and answered it, not bothering to check the ID, her voice firm and stoic.

"Saber Anderson speaking."

"Oh! Saber! You're alright…I'm so glad. How are you and your sister?"

"We're fine," She paused, smiling at her boss' honest worry over her and Alexis' safety, "The earthquake hit over in the mountains. Some of Alexis' friends were there, exploring some cave…she's out there looking for them."

"Well that's not good. I hope they're alright." He hesitated a moment before speaking again, "Well, I was just checking on you to see how you were. I have to call some other employees, you know, the regular stuff. It was nice talking to you."

"Same here." She paused, grinning, "Oh, and I need to talk to you about those 'upgrades' you made to A.D.A.M."

He hesitated again. "Oh…about that…" He sounded as if he'd just gotten caught red-handed, "We'll talk about those later. Be well, Miss Anderson." He waited for her to say goodbye before hanging up, his voice lingering in her head.

"So strange." She said finally, shaking her head and spotting some movement out of the corner of her left eye. However, strangely enough, when she turned, there wasn't anything there.

"I must be going crazy." She muttered, hearing some commotion out of the corner of her right eye and looking in that direction instead. She saw her sister, along with the two boys, all looking shocked and secretive.

"Hey guys! Get in, I'll take you home." She smiled, not wanting to probe about their behavior and figuring her sister would tell her eventually.

The two boys settled into the back seat, and Saber drove off. She pushed her curiosity back, not wanting to push them into saying something they didn't want to say.

"Guys…I can't keep this from my sister any longer!" Alexis called out, throwing her hands in the air. It had been a month since her and her two best friends had gone back to the cave, and discovered something phenomenal. They were struggling to keep silent, making sure that they would show their trustworthiness.

The two boys looked at her, then each other. They nodded once before looking at her again and smiling.

"We were wondering when you'd cave in. You held out for a while there." They chuckled, "But don't worry. We already talked to them about this and they said that as long as she can be trusted, she can know." Rad explained, smiling at the look of delight on Alexis' face.

"Oh, thank you guys! You won't regret it! I'll have her come with us after school and meet them." She ran off excitedly, hurrying to her class.

At two forty-five in the afternoon, the bell to dismiss school rang, loud and clear. Students poured out of the school like water from an upturned bottle, and once Alexis exited, she hurried over to the bike-rack, removing the scooter she claimed her sister had 'bought' for her, and waited for her two friends.

When they arrived, the three left toward their respective rendezvous place, where they would meet Saber. Since the three had their own rides, she didn't need to go and pick them up from school.

They arrived quickly and sat on top of a large rock, hearing the soft rumble of a car in the distance. They hopped off the rock and onto their feet, waving at Saber as she arrived.

"Do you think she's ready for this?" Carlos asked, looking at Alexis.

"Psh. Of course! My sister's ready for anything."

Saber parked the car, stepping out and setting the keys in the pocket of the comfortable, form-fitting jeans she was wearing. She also pushed her phone into one of the front pockets, waving at the kids and stepping forward onto the dirt-trodden rocks.

"Hey guys! I'm here. What's all this about this cave you wanted me to see?"

"Here we are!" Alexis spoke proudly, standing in front of an opening. She crept inside, smiling at the dim light in the distance. They traveled for a few minutes, finally arriving and stepping out into the light.

It was all metal. With the exception of the cave she had just left, everything around her was metal. Saber blinked, glancing around before hearing an unfamiliar beeping. She heard the sound of gears whirring, followed by the same, robotic beeping noise. She turned around and found herself face-to-face with a robot slightly shorter than her.

"Oh!" She jumped back, startled. There was a brief pause when the two of them stared at each other, before Alexis' head popped out from behind the robot's frame.

"Um…yeah. Sis, this is Grindor." She said nervously, watching the varied range of facial expressions her sister gave off. Saber, after getting a moment to regain her composure, cleared her throat and tossed an awkward smile onto her face.

"Sure…Nice to meet you, Grindor. I'm Saber, Alexis' sister." She held out her hand and the small robot mimicked her, giving her a cold, firm handshake. Saber laughed, closing her eyes before freezing when she heard loud, metallic footsteps advancing toward her. Her eyes widened a bit and she looked at her sister, who simply smiled reassuringly. When the footsteps ceased, she slowly turned around and blinked at the sight. Her eyes traveled up the robot's large figure to meet his gaze. She let out a nervous chuckle as her sister spoke.

"Optimus, this is my sister, Saber. Sis…this is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots."

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