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The Platform

Edwards POV

"O Hell no I will not do this", Emmett exclaims as he parks himself in the middle of platforms 9 and 10.

"Come on Emmett we are going to miss the train", I tried to get him to move but he wouldn't budge.

"I may strong and immortal but I am NOT stupid. I am not going to run through a freaking wall to get to a platform that some kid with a lightning bolt on his forehead told us about. That kid must think I'm retarded but no I am smart no matter Rosalie says.", He then starts rocking back and forth in a fetal position.

"O my God" I sighed this was getting ridiculous., "Ok Emmett I think we should trust the kid with the funny forehead and Emmett has Rosalie ever called you stupid."

"No", he said in a quit voice ,"but she thinks it"

"Jesus Christ Emmett pull yourself together and think about it if you don't go through you won't get to ride a broom.", That there was my last hope if Emmett wasn't happy with that there was no way getting through the platform..

"Brooms OMG hell yeah lets go through that platform. Where is everyone else?", Emmett asks

"On the train they left me here with you to rot.", I was really getting agitated.

"O I'm sorry I kept you waiting", he lied.

I knew him better, "No your not"

"I know. Come on…….to the platform", screamed Emmett causing people to stare.

"Anxious our we", I mumbled

"What's that I can't hear you when you mumble like that your always so crabby when Bella is away well too bad Edward she is away for two whole months ha ha ha!", he teased.

I swear I could kill him, "Ok Emmett just walk through the platform"

"Ok, Ok let me try something", he sticks one leg through the platform., "Ya put your left leg in then take your left leg out ya put your left leg in and you shake all about…."

"EMMETT", I yelled. I swear If I could cry I would be sobbing with frustration. I was done I pushed him through the stone wall onto the damn platform.

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