It was night time in Davy Jones Locker as Jack walked into his cabin, after a long day of arguing with Barbossa about whose captain of the Pearl. Even though neither man liked only being captain of half the ship, they liked that the other wasn't captain of the whole ship. Jack walked into his sleeping quarters, and found Barbossa was already there. "Hector, I think you're in the wrong cabin!" Jack said, opening the door for his enemy.

"Nigh, I'm thinking you're the one whose mistaken." Barbossa said, smiling. "You're the one what should be in the crew's cabin, not I." Then Jack the Monkey swung in, screamed in Jack's face, then hopped onto Barbossa's shoulder. Barbossa took out a peanut and handed it to his pet, who threw it at Jack.

"Little demon." Jack mumbled to himself. "One of these days I'm going to set him on fire." He laughed at the idea. "Wonder how well the bugger will get out of that!" Barbossa glared at Jack, since Jack was talking loud enough for him to hear. "Let's see how well Jack Sparrow will swim when tied to a cannon!"

"Get out, the captain needs to sleep!" Jack said, smiling. "Afterall, I'm captain of the port side, and look! The bed is on the port side of the ship!" Barbossa looked, and sure enough, the bed was pushed all the way to the left side of the cabin. Barbossa left, grumbling about how he's going to get back at Jack.

Later that night, Jack woke up, on the floor. He looked at the bed, and found that Barbossa had moved it to the other side of the cabin, then fell asleep with Jack the Monkey. Jack looked at the bed, then picked up the monkey and threw him across the cabin. "Ugly little beastie." Then Jack leaned over and pushed Barbossa over the edge of the bed, waking him up.

"Jack Sparrow, when this is over, I'm going to strangle you with my bare hands!" Barbossa threatened, pointing at him. Jack smiled. "No you're not, you're probably going to maroon me on the first island you see and sail away in my ship. Then I'll find you, shoot you, sail away with my ship, only to find you, alive, and we repeat it, over and over again!"

"I'm not in the mood for this, Sparrow." Barbossa said, trying not to strangle him right now. He could tell that, at the moment, there were plenty of pirates on the ship loyal to Jack, and if he was killed, Barbossa knew who would be killed next...

"Well, I'm not sleeping on the floor!" Jack said. Barbossa rolled his eyes. "Well if yer going to be a little girl about it, why don't we share the bed." Jack gave him a surprised look. "WHAT?!" He said, rather high pitched. "There is no way I'm going to share a bed with you!"

Twenty minutes later, Jack and Barbossa were in bed, with Jack the Monkey in the middle. Jack was just about to go to sleep, when Barbossa grabbed his wrists and held them over his head, placing himself over the surprised pirate. Jack gave Barbossa a surprised and frightened look. "Hector, what are you doing?"

"You're a smart lad, you'll figure it out." Barbossa said, leaning down to him. Jack looked over to where Jack the Monkey was, only to find that he left. Jack turned back to Barbossa. "Hector, will you back off a bit?" Barbossa shook his head. "But Jack, don't you want to have some fun?"

Two minutes later, Mr. Gibbs was walking to the Rum Locker, when Jack ran past him. "Jack, why are you running?" Mr. Gibbs asked. "Is the kraken after us, again?" Jack shook his head. "You don't want to know, mate."