The sounds were so loud! Everywhere he turned, he could hear those awful screams and he had nothing to silence them with. It seemed that even with no one but himself in that house, voices always filled the room. Nailbunny refused to speak with the Doughboys listening in. It was too easy to confuse and anger Johnny that things were better said in private. The Doughboys would scream constantly at Johnny to either kill himself or trudge on with his pathetic life. Everything was so confusing and there was so much pressure on what to do or how to handle a situation. Honestly, the only person he could really turn to was Todd. Yes, little six year-old Todd Casil was the only one that would let Johnny rant on about anything and everything until he wet himself. Surely he could sink no lower.

While days and nights passed, time seemed to go only slower. Torturing victims became less enjoyable and he found that as he looked around, no one was really worth killing. They could be the biggest assholes ever, but he figured it's more the people they're hurtings' fault for not standing up for themselves. People can be so pathetic and cowardly that, in the end, they're not worth saving. So many people become disappointments to the human race. It was a wonder why they all get to walk around so freely. Does anyone besides him see the damages and horrors of this reality, or are they just denying the fate that awaits them so they can live the remainder of their lives in a way that only makes them happy, not concerning the people around them? It seems... no one gives a fuck.

So to make matters even more complicated, its 2 A.M., and just when the voices start to die down, more screams become audible from the house next door. And what do you know... Mr. Casil was, once again, telling Todd what a worthless piece of shit he was. Honestly, that guy needs to pull the knife out of his ass and realize that if he didn't want to have a kid, he should have either had an abortion or not had sex. It's his own damn fault his life turned out this way. To make things worse, he was being extraordinarily loud.

That was all it took to get Johnny out of his house. He went to Todd's window and saw Mr. Casil yelling at him while he was on his bed with tears streaming down his face. His father took Shmee from him and took his pocket knife out and stabbed him and pinned him to the wall. That was probably why Todd was crying. He was used to hearing his fathers' hurtful words, but that bear was his best friend.

Johnny quietly snuck through the window and came around to face Todd. He was behind his father and he had a toy truck in his hand. In one swift motion, he struck Mr. Casil and he went crashing down. He hit the floor and was unconscious. Johnny dropped the toy truck and walked over to Todd. It was time for yet another intimate moment.


Squee looked up wide-eyed at Johnny.

"The voices in my head sound louder and louder with each passing day. I finally started to get some peace and quiet when your ignorant fuck-of-a-father started yelling. I guess my real question is... why don't you fight back? I know your scared, but I also know you have it in you to stand up for yourself."

Squee looked down and thought for a moment. Why didn't he fight back? Well, because it meant less of a problem for him. If he fought back, it would drag on and on instead of the usual screaming and leaving. He wasn't curious enough to see how well he could hold up in a fight.

"I don't know."

What, that was it? No, he knew; he just didn't know how to tell Johnny. In all honesty, he didn't want to try to change anything without being certain of the outcome.

"Well, I'm tired of it. Your old man is a pain-in-the-ass. I told you I could take care of him. It might take some time, but it'll be worth it. Hm?"

Todd got wide-eyed once again. He feared what Johnny would do to his father. Todd shook his head 'no' and went to retrieve Shmee from the wall. With him being so small, he couldn't reach his lifeless friend, but not to worry, Johnny was tall enough to get him. After tearing Shmee from the wall, Johnny looked back at the window and decided to try to enjoy what was left of the silence. Todd crawled back into bed and watched Johnny crawl out the window. Before he left, Johnny looked back at Todd and sighed. The kid really needed help. He closed Todd's window and ran back to his house.

His favorite late night show had ended awhile ago and now that everything was quiet... he had nothing to do. He wasn't hungry and the idea of a brainfreezy or cherry fiz-wiz didn't really excite him. He had no one to talk to and nothing of importance to attend too. He was alone and... bored.

He decided to take a late night walk. However, trekking along in this hellish town would probably do nothing for him. If anything it would only confuse him more. All the people walking around seemed so lost, others felt more superior than they really were, and, more than likely, people were just as confused as him. It wouldn't help him make up his mind on whether to die or not, or maybe even leave this hellhole. Everywhere else couldn't be any better than this. He walked anyway and all the people along the way made him want to scream in annoyance. Their lives couldn't possibly be as bad as his, so what could make them so depressed and suicidal? As if they had any real reason. It was probably becoming a trend and it sickened Johnny.

So he returned home, only to be welcomed by the screams and shrills that stained his walls. The Doughboys presence was made known and now he had to face them... again.

"This is getting old. Why make such a dramatic entrance Mr. Fuck? I don't see your partner, Psycho-Doughboy."

He just stared at Johnny, amused by his obvious annoyance.

"Well, why not make a dramatic entrance? It shows my character. Psycho-Doughboy is deciding to remain silent for now. Would you feel more comfortable with both of us engaging in this conversation?"

"No, no! Just wondering... And fuck character, you just want to annoy me. Sorry to say this, but everyone else in the whole damn world beat you to it. What is it that you have to say now?"

"Hah. You make me laugh, spunky boy. I just simply must give you my reasons for killing yourself. The list got updated since we last chatted."

"You mean last night?"

"Yes. Now, hasn't it occurred to you that this life really isn't worth living? All of the bad people that don't care will just cause you more pain with their careless mistakes. Their ignorance makes you cringe. Face it, you have nothing. Without killing, you've become an empty shell. You have no love, no one who cares for you, or someone for you to care for, no job, and absolutely nothing to give you fulfillment. Why keep on going with life?"

"You're wrong! I do have someone to care for! Squee..."

"What, that timid, little neighbor boy? Honestly? Why care for someone who won't stand up for himself? Isn't he one of those people that you blame for being a target for other people to pick on?"

"He doesn't know how! Anyone over the age of nine knows how to bitch at their parents and fight for what they want. The same can be said for any person being harassed by an asshole. But he's only six, what can he do?"

"He knows how people in the world are going to treat him because of his screwed up parents. Shouldn't he know that they're actually helping him by giving him that knowledge? He should fight back!"

"No! I don't have the slightest idea as to why, but he has faith in people. Maybe he can see the good in people, but I can't! He's innocent and the only good person left in this world. He doesn't know any better, so what do you expect? Huh?"

"But aren't you seeing the good in him right now by seeing his innocence?"

"What made you want to step in, Psycho-Doughboy?"


"Whatever, this conversation is over! I'm going to stay alive, Mr. Fuck, so get over it, and Psycho-Doughboy, I'm not living for you, but you should be interested to know that I don't live for myself anymore."

After those words escaped his lips, Johnny walked away. He went into his bedroom and, for once, decided to try to sleep. Who knows, maybe this time it'll help him. Only if he survives his nightmares, though.