It was funny how the drunker they all got, the more the world made sense. Ron was currently thinking up a question, having just waxed philosophical on how the moon had to be made of cheddar cheese, rather than Swiss, because it was sometimes orange when it came up at night. Harry looked out the window; the moon was shining directly in it, which meant it was one in the morning. They'd been playing for the past… four hours.

"Mmmkay," Ron slurred. "What…er…how…if you see a heat wave, should you wave back?"

Ginny giggled and slid off the couch.

"It's…er…wossname? Polite," Harry nodded, pleased he'd remembered the correct term. "I think Hermione's…er…passed out…Maybe we should…wait, till next time to play more?"

Ginny giggled again.

"Good 'dea mate," Ron nodded vigorously, spilling beer down his front. "Er…can we…?"

"Stay? Yeah. Night Ron," Harry said as he helped Ginny to her feet.

Ron was already passed out…

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