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A/N: This is somewhat a mixture of both movie and book references. My main idea came from the book, but I never quite finished it, so some parts were taken from the movie. It's from Victoria's point of view. Because in all truth, she never meant any harm.

Just A Silly Shop Boy

by Miranda Panda-chan

I hadn't meant to be cruel, but he was just so silly. Ridiculous, even. No one crossed the Wall, never—well, except during the faire that happened every nine years, but even then! It was just to buy the miracles, to look at them and see that they were real—not to go off galavanting around searching for hunks of celestial rock!

How was I supposed to know he was going to take me seriously? Any normal individual would have seen the tease behind the smile that I gave him that night. I had no faith that he'd do as he said, rightly so—because it ranked very low when it came to self-preservation. The other side of Wall was a dangerous place, filled with things we couldn't possibly comprehend.

The silly boy had to ask me to marry him almost immediately after Mr. Monday. I couldn't break his heart. I just couldn't. I thought if I let him down with an impossible quest, he'd give up…decide I wasn't worth it…or more—I hoped that's what he would do. But he didn't. He went off to find the star.

Now, whether or not this was a bad thing in retrospect, I've yet to decide. Perhaps it was for the best, he found his own true love, stopped pining after me, and was perfectly alright with my marriage—he did wish us a happy one after all. But the time he spent away worried me, worried me horribly to the point of sickness. I stayed in bed for months, almost, worried, literally, sick over his seriousness on my deed. It would be all my fault if he never came back—how would Louisa Thorn ever forgive me? And his father surely would say such wretched things behind my back, all of which I deserved…but that was rather far-fetched I suppose…Mr. Thorn was such a nice fellow. I couldn't see him bearing me too much ill will for the loss of his son, for it was he who also took part in poor Tristan's downfall, letting him through the Wall like that.

But it was mostly my fault, of that I was for sure. And then I actually met the star, by accident, or by fate, I'll never know, but talking with her worsened my guilt. She was such a nice girl, and despite knowing that she wasn't human, she seemed to have the qualities of one so much so that at first glance, one would mistake her for one of us. She seemed much brighter, happier at the fact that my marriage to Tristan Thorn had been cancelled. He was such a good fellow, doing what he did. Most men would have used my obligation, my irrational and joking promise that turned out to be more binding that I had assumed it would be, and used to get what they pleased by it marriage or other things that only married people did and thus taking away my status as a well-mannered lady.

And now I'm happily married to Mr. Monday, all thanks to that silly little shop-boy who wasn't actually a shop boy, he just was working as a shop boy temporarily. He's King of all Stormhold, and married to his bonnie lass, Yvaine, and was a much more agreeable person then ever a boy, no man, than I've ever come across in my life.

Well, except of course, Mr. Monday.

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