Sleep tight, my love

Sleep tight, my love.

Summary: I'm insane, aren't I? I'm going to straight up and STRONGLY warn you: This is PlutoxLizard. No likey, no read-ie! OneShot.

After slaughtering the Carter family and quenching his bloodlust, Lizard fell asleep in one of the larger beds of Big Brain's house. Lizard was the type of guy who liked his space.

Pluto was pretty worn out, too. Yes, Lizard had done most of the work, but the adrenaline running through Pluto's body during the slaughter had really gotten to him tonight. Not knowing Lizard was asleep in the rather roomy bed, the dim witted Pluto plopped right next to him and started snoring.

Lizard was too tired to notice. He unsuspectedly turned to face Pluto. And when Lizard heard someone snoring, his eyes were forced open. "Pluto!" Lizard whispered loudly, "What are you doing in my bed?!"

Pluto reached out, giggling softly. He carefully grasped Lizard's chin in his hand. "Get off me Pluto," Lizard said gruffly, "I'm not in the mood."


Pluto planted a sloppy smooch on top of Lizard's head. "Awww," Lizard said to Pluto affectionately, and wrapped his arms around him. Pluto pulled in Lizard protectively, and started rubbing the back of his head. "Tired, Lizard?" Pluto whispered to Lizard, his voice dripping with honey. "Mmm-hmm." Lizard moaned into Pluto's chest. Lizard wrapped his arms around Pluto's upper shoulders, and buried his face in his neck. The two mutants just lay there a moment, enjoying each other's loving warmth. Lizard softly kissed Pluto's neck, and Pluto chuckled, stroking Lizard's hair.

Lizard cupped Pluto's cheek in his hand, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Pluto responded by crashing his swollen red lips into Lizard's. Lizard opened his mouth wide, allowing Pluto's tongue access to it. Pluto probed around in Lizard's mouth, tickling the tip of his tongue with his own.

Pluto closed his lips, and Lizard did the same. "I think that's enough for tonight, sweetie." Lizard whispered into Pluto's ear, kissing him lightly on the cheek. Pluto hugged Lizard tightly with his big, strong arms, never wanting to let go.


Please tell me I did good. If you don't, I will cry. :(