Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

By I am a fan of Jack Heath

Entry in .au fanfiction competition

The alarms have been ringing for over a minute. Agent Six of Hearts is at it again.

But this time he was in trouble.

Already, his oversensitive ears could hear dozens of guards approaching. In moments they would arrive. But Six wasn't ready yet.

Kyntak was still binded. The files weren't completely downloaded yet. And worst of all, Six had two bullets in his left shoulder.

The door broke down.

The guards, eight of them, looked around the room. The prisoner was still there, the computers were still working, and there was no signs of damage. If it wasn't for their boss lying unconscious on the ground, there could have been no problem with the room.

Seven shots were heard around the Lab. Six jumped down from the ceiling and before the last guard still standing could react, Six knocked him out.

Flight time- 6 seconds. His best record

Six walked over to the computers. The screens showed guards in every corner of the Lab, with twenty just a few corners from the room.

Beep. The files were ready. Six pulled out the USB.

'Put that down boy,' Retuni Lerke began standing up. Worse, he was holding one of the guard's rifle. A Flacon, the latest type too. Two hundred bullets. Too much.

'I will not let you ruin me again.'

'Too bad' Six replied. He had also picked up a rifle.

Lerke smiled 'You were always the weaker of the three original clones'

Two hundred shots were heard throughout the Lab.