Confortably Numb

AN: Its been a loooooooooong time since i've wright anything. I have a pretty special writing hand and all, but when i saw the Ipod Shuffle Challenge, i couldn't resist, i had to try, so tell me if it sucks or if you liked it, then i'll maybe do more. Anyways, got the inspiration all of the sudden.

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Confortably Numb

Randy was laying on the ground of his hotel room, staring at the ceiling, out of it, once again.

He couldn't understand where it came from.

It just happened. One day, like this, before he even noticed, he had fallen.

Fallen for the sweet blue eyes, fallen for the golden hair, the walk of a confident but lonely man.

First of all, he thought it would just go away.

But it never did.

And what he was afraid of finally happened, he got alone with him. With others people it was easy controlling himself. But just the two of them, alone? Why should he even control himself?

He didn't want to.

Fuck, he couldn't. It was just too much. And at a moment or another, it would exploded.

Before he even managed to think about what he was doing, his hands were running on the body of the man. Before he even realised it, his lips were pressing to Shawn's.

Before he even knew it, he was laying in the bed of the Heartbreak Kid.

Before he even formed the thought in his head the mixed pain and pleasure that burst inside of him blew all away.

Before he even had the chance to say ' I Love You' He was standing at the door, thrown out by a confuse and panting HBK.

And now, there he was, staring up with his empty eyes, unable to name what the hell was going on in his heart, in his body, on what had happen in Shawn's room.

But it didn't matter. He was cold,empty. Couldn't feel a thing.

And it was just the way he wanted it.

Instead of having to think, or decide what he was feeling, he prefered the emptiness.

He was numb.

But it was alright.

Yeah just... Comfortably Numb.