Naruto Unleashed

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Chapter I: Naruto vs. Sasuke, the aftermath

This story begins right after the first fight between Sasuke and Naruto. Naruto stood as he was being consumed by the nine tails' chakra, while Sasuke was being eaten alive by the power of the curse mark in it's second stage. Sasuke put his arm towards the ground as he prepared his chidori and Naruto put his arm out to the side while his other other swung in a lifeless motion, he also prepared a Rasengan. They both yelled the names of their jutsus and dash at each other in the air as they prepared to clash their spheres of chakra at each other; the impact created an explosion of force so powerful that even the rain made a sphere surrounding them as proof of the power of both young men.

Naruto and Sasuke both fell and landed on the rock hard ground, that reminded them that even falling would cause them a large amount of pain. Neither Sasuke or Naruto moved an inch, they both lied on the ground in a life less motion that would have made most people believe that they had both died. When Kakashi arrived at the scene, he gazed at both of them as they lied on ground; he knew he was too late to stop their fight. He then saw Sasuke twitch a bit, since saving Sasuke was his mission he had no choice but to picked him up and carried him back to the village and leave Naruto on the ground.

Kakashi called one of the medic teams and gave them Naruto's location so they could recover his body. When the medic team arrived at the fighting grounds, Naruto's body was gone. Not willing to search for him, they labeled him as passed and they recorded that his body was eaten by the wildlife. Of course when they arrived at the Hokage tower to report in, they reported that everyone expect for Naruto survived the mission.

As Tsunade listen to their report, she asked them if they had recovered his body; the mention that his body was consumed by the wildlife. Tsunade slammed her fist on her desk and ordered them to leave. As they walked out, she then began to cry her eyes out; Naruto was like a son to her and not to mention he was the only reason she had decided to become Hokage.

As reported, Neji and Choji were in the worst shape, however they were able to pulled through. Kiba, Lee and Shikamaru did not suffer as much as the others. However when word got out about Naruto's death in the battle against Sasuke, almost everyone felt like a part of them died. Shikamaru blamed himself for the death of his friend since it was his first mission as a chunin; Shikamaru took it really hard but not as hard as everyone else would.

They succeed in their mission, but they lost one of their dear friends in the process. Word of the boys arrival and them being under intensive care didn't take long to spread. Naruto's death even got out to the village. Not a single person showed it but deep down inside they were excited and joyous to hear that Naruto was killed during the mission.

Sakura had receive the news of Naruto's death as well; she felt bad but she also couldn't help but be excited about the fact that Sasuke had returned. When she arrived at the hospital, the first thing she did was ask where Sasuke was located. The nurse told her that he was in the upper level rooms since his injuries were not as bad as the others.

Sakura then began to walk towards Sasuke's room, when she arrived she walked through the door of his room only to find him covered in bandages. Sasuke awake and sitting up on his bed as he stared out the window.

"Hello Sasuke" said Sakura


Sakura then ran over and gave Sasuke a really tight huge. Sasuke tried to break free but Sakura was just too strong for him, since his body was still weak from his fight.

"I'm so glad you are back" said a crying Sakura

"Yeah I'm back but at a cost" said Sasuke

Sakura leaned back and stared at him with a puzzled look in her face…

"What do you mean" asked Sakura

"You know what I mean' said Sasuke staring at her

"Listen Sasuke, you can become more power here in the village… maybe Master Jiraiya can train you to become as strong as the 4th Hokage" said Sakura

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT" yelled Sasuke as he pushed Sakura to the side

"Then what did you mean" asked a crying and scared Sakura

"Naruto, because of me… he is dead now, I didn't kill him but… he died because of me" said Sasuke

"Don't worry about that Sasuke, no one is blaming you… everything will be fine" said Sakura

"How can you say that, he is gone and you don't even give a shit about him" said a furious Sasuke

"Sasuke" said a crying Sakura

"Don't Sasuke me… I didn't even hit you, so I don't understand why you are crying… one of the closest people to us is now gone and you don't give a shit… I bet it was you who made him go after me, right" asked the angry Sasuke


"WELL" yelled Sasuke

"Yes… I asked him to bring you back to Konoha" said the crying Sakura

"I knew it, Naruto made you a promise… so guess what, he kept it… and look what that got him, he died trying to make sure you were happy… and now that you got what you wanted you just push his name to the side and pretend he never existed" said Sasuke

"It's not like that" said Sakura

"Shut up… just leave this room, you are the last person I want to see" said the angry Sasuke

Sakura runs out of the room as she cried…

Sasuke then spits on the floor and turns his head to see Kakashi standing out the window…

"What do you want" asked Sasuke

"Sasuke I know how you feel… it was like me and my friend, Obito… I had to save Rin and leave him behind to die, so in a way Naruto is like Obito… there was no other way" said Kakashi

"Say what you want, but if I hadn't decided to join Orochimaru he would still be here laughing and annoying me, like he always does" said Sasuke

Flash Back…

Naruto and Sasuke laid on the cold dirt as if they both had died during the explosion. Naruto began coughing up blood while Sasuke just lied there. When Naruto turned his head to face the woods he saw Kakashi running towards them.

"Kakashi sensei, you made it" said Naruto as he pasted out

Kakashi arrived only to find both of them lying on the ground lifelessly, his mission was to retrieve Sasuke at all cost no matter what, when he saw that Sasuke still had life in his body he had no choice but to carry out his mission and leave Naruto for the time being. He picked up Sasuke and carried him towards the village, but about half way there he spotted a medic team and informed them of Naruto's location.

Naruto laid there for a while until he was able to opened his eyes a little, he saw a man standing in front of him wearing a long black hoodie with red clouds on it.

"Akatsuki" whispered Naruto

The man picked him up the boy and carried him away, he soon disappeared into the woods. Naruto couldn't move or say anything since he lost a large amount of blood. When the medic team arrived at the battle grounds were Naruto was located, but when they got there he was already gone. They decided to label him as passed on and they also decided to just tell the Hokage that the wild life got his to his body first. The medic team arrived too late since Naruto was the last person they decided to save.

End of Flash Back…

Deep inside of an unknown cave, Naruto began to wake up from his harsh battle with his once best friend. He sat up on the hard bed that felt as hard as rock to find himself in a room that used the cave for walls and the floor was pure dirt. He saw someone standing at the door; it was a woman with long blue hair and a paper flower in it. There was a man standing right next to her with orange hair and a huge amount of piercings.

"Who are you" asked Naruto


"I am Konan, and this is our master, Lord Pein… he saved you from your near death" said Konan

"Why did you save me" asked Naruto


"He saved you because he could sense the despair and darkness in your heart, you have also felt Pein just like him" said Konan

"I don't understand" said Naruto

"Naruto, your entire life people have been miss treating you… even the pink haired girl named, Sakura… treated you like a dog and sent you to bring back her true love at the cost of your own life" said Konan

"But…" said Naruto before Konan cut him off

"They claim to be your friends but they left you for dead, if Master Pein hadn't brought you back here in time then you would have died" said Konan

"Why me" asked Naruto

Pein then turns and answers Naruto…

"I want you to become my apprentice, you will do my biding… and in return I will help you destroy Konoha of the Leaf" said Pein

End of Chapter

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